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Sunday Press Books is an American publisher of comic strip reprint collections founded in 2005 by Peter Maresca. The company is known as a respected reprinter of comic strips and has to date won three Eisner Awards and two Harvey Awards. In 2019 the company entered into a joint agreement of distribution and marketing with IDW Publishing.


1. History

In 2005, Peter Maresca was working in the digital entertainment industry when he, as a hobbyist comic strip collector since his 20s, felt the call to do something important for the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Little Nemo in Slumberland comic strip. He turned to different comic publishers which had published Little Nemo strips before to find out if any of them had something special planned to commemorate this centennial, which he then found out none of them had. He then consulted his own collection of Little Nemo strips and realized that after almost a century after being printed, the collection was becoming very fragile and was beginning to fall apart. In order to save the material for the future he tried to take his material to different publishers to put it in print in order to conserve it and make it available to readers, but none of the ones he contacted wanted to print the material in its original full publication size due to current low demand for the material and also difficulties of finding a suiting printer for the physically large material, the latter a matter which Maresca considered to be an essential aspect if he would allow his material to be put in print.

After the initial trouble of finding a publisher wanting to print his Little Nemo material, he turned to Art Spiegelman to find out if they could accomplish something practical with Marescas Nemo material. They tried to downsize it to get it to fit a smaller format than its original size, but in the end they both agreed that the material would have to be in such a large format as it had when first published, no smaller format would do it justice. Later the same year Maresca visited the Angoulême International Comics Festival, where he talked to Fershid Bharucha of the French publishing company fr:Editions USA. Bharucha proposed him to take the material and convert it to digital image files and return with it to him and he would then help him to put together a book ready for printing. Once having found a suitable printer in Malaysia for the project, the project went ahead.

After the Little Nemo in Slumberland book was accomplished by Maresca, he had no further plans for Sunday Press as a publisher, his set goal had been met. He had succeeded producing a fully restored, full-size edition of the Winsor McCay classic - Litte Nemo, and was after this heading back to his regular job in digital entertainment. However, his Nemo book became a widespread success, including winning two Harvey Awards. Just a few months after its publication Maresca reconsidered his plans for Sunday Press and began thinking about what it should do next. At this time, Maresca was approached by Chris Ware, a well-known artist in the comics industry, wanting to work with Maresca on a volume of the same high standard and large format as the just-released Nemo book, but now this treatment would be applied to Gasoline Alley. Maresca accepted the offer and he and Ware put together the second Sunday Press title; Sundays with Walt and Skeezix. After this Maresca continued on his own with the publishing companys third volume, an edition of Little Sammy Sneeze, after these first three titles published he considered himself as an actual publisher and decided to keep the enterprise going.

In 2007 Sunday Press Books became a family business, when Marescas wife Linnea Wickstrom joined the company to edit articles for the books and also managing the company. At the same time their son got also employed to take care of scanning, shipping and convention work.

Eight year after the companys launch, Maresca did in an interview in October 2013 express that even though he is very passionate about Sunday Press work, he stated "I hope to work with other publishers on strip-related material and partner with artists and writers to bring their favorite commercially unviable projects to print", since the selling and marketing tasks are a demanding task just by itself for a micropublisher like Sunday Press Books.

In July, 2019 it was announced that IDW Publishing had acquired Sunday Press Books. It was stated that Peter Maresca would be continuing to "oversee the publishing program" of the company while IDW would manage parts such as marketing and distribution, for print as well as for digital publication. This way the publisher SP could focus the major work to recover comic strips which otherwise could be at risk to disappear for eternity, while IDW would manage the business aspects of the publishing company. For IDW the acquisition fits their portfolio well since their imprint The Library of American Comics and their Artists Editions line of books already are in the same kind of archival territory. Later Maresca himself stated that the joint between Sunday Press and IDW Publishing was not an acquisition on IDWs part but a publishing agreement between the two companies. A strictly marketing and distribution agreement, with Sunday Press Books keeping its whole independency. But in the future, the partnership between the two companies would come to include some joint projects, some done by just IDW and other solely done by Sunday Press.


2. Publication information

Being a smaller publisher in the hardcover comic market, Sunday Press Books print run for each title typically varies from 1.500 to 3.000 copies per printing, with the bestselling titles often going into several printings, the two Little Nemo in Slumberland books have for example had over 12.000 copies sold by October 2013. A typical volume of a Sunday Press book takes on average close to a year to produce, the material assembly process is the longest task taking in between six and nine months to finish and get ready for printing, then the binding process takes around six weeks of time due to the publications often are handbound, after this the shipping from the printer in Asia to the U.S. takes another month.


2.1. Publication information Format

All book titles by Sunday Press are hardcover, have handsewn binding and are printed in large formats spanning from 10 × 10 inches 254 × 254 mm to 16 × 21 inches 406 × 533 mm. The largest format resembles and recreates the feel of an original broadsheet page size, on which comic strips where to be found in newspapers during the early 1900s.


2.2. Publication information Restoration

Maresca is diligent of reproducing the old comic strips in such a way in the Sunday Press books to allow the reader to as such a close experience to the original as possible. Therefore, Maresca goes great lengths to recreate the original look and feel of the strips, printing the books with a matte paper quality, similar to newsprint look and size-wise. Maresca usually takes between five and twenty hours to fully restore a full page of comics. All color of the source material is corrected for accuracy prior to being reproduced, a process necessary due to the old newspaper medium which the strips originally were printed on, do fade and deteriorate with time. Maresca himself describes his reproduced look as "a hybrid between a brand new newsprint and a comic strip that looks kind of faded.". Some of the source material for the publishers reprint books comes from Marescas own collections, others are often sourced from other comic strip collectors.


3. Recognition

Many of Sunday Press published titles have been well received in the comic culture, titles have been featured and reviewed in newspapers and periodicals such as The Atlantic, The Comics Journal, The New York Review of Books, The New York Times, Print and The Wall Street Journal. They have also received recognition such as nominations and prices for both the Eisner Award and Harvey Award.

Award winners

  • "Special Award Excellence in Presentation" - Little Nemo in Slumberland: So Many Splendid Sundays
  • "Best Domestic Reprint Project" - Little Nemo in Slumberland: So Many Splendid Sundays
  • 2006

4. Publications


Sunday Press Books has except from their main line of reprint books also produced some comic related calendars with comic art of the same kind as featured in their books.

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Sunday Press Books founder Maresca will continue to oversee the publishing program while IDW will handle and expand the presss distribution. Forgotten Fantasy: Sunday Comics 1900 1915 Bookshop. SIGN IN YOUR ACCOUNT TO HAVE ACCESS TO DIFFERENT FEATURES. USERNAME. PASSWORD. Remember Me. CREATE AN ACCOUNT FORGOT.

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I was fortunate to read Thursdays and Every Other Sunday Off when it was first published and to know its author, Vertamae Smart Grosvenor, well. The book. Books Ottawa Press and Publishing. Save 40% on UNC Press books during our Annual Holiday SALE! See details. University of North Carolina. SEARCH: Books. Gross Prophets: Pete Maresca on Milt Gross and Sunday Press. Its been a small time operation to sell big books. If a Sunday Press book breaks even, break out the champagne. Success in Marescas work is.

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Every Sunday night a young girl and her grandmother go on an imaginary shopping trip using play money and the advertisements in the newspaper as a guide. Read all over – An Irishmans Diary on the Sunday Press. American publisher that specializes in very early comic strips, some of which originally ran on Sundays.

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Since its founding in 2005, Sunday Press Books has brought 17 classic comics back to life, including the pre Popeye comics Thimble Theatre,. Sunday Press Books Overview, News & Competitors. Listen to CCL 307 Peter Maresca, Sunday Press Books by Collected Comics Library for free. Follow Collected Comics Library to never miss another show. CBS Sunday Morning Books CBS News. PREVIEWSWORLD EXCLUSIVE: Sunday Press Books An Interview With Peter Maresca PM For the first book it was an ad hoc staff. Forgotten Fantasy Sunday Comics 1900 1915 Hc. What is Sunday Press Bookss tech stack? The technologies that are used by Sunday Press Books are: Adobe Typekit, Microsoft Word, Apache HTTP Server,. Sunday Press Turns Comics World Upside Down with New Book. Lets talk about the latest, Forgotten Fantasy: Sunday Comics 1900 1915. After the presses it takes about six weeks to bind the books they.

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Per Maresca Mountain View, California Assistant at Sunday Press Books 14 connections See Pers complete profile on Linkedin and connect. Sunday Dinner Bridgette A. Lacy University of North Carolina Press. Sunday Press Books is an American publisher of comic strip reprint collections founded in 2005 by Peter Maresca. The company is known as a respected. The Sunday Brunch Cookbook Book by Cider Mill Press Official. Stephen Schleicher began his career writing for the Digital Media Online community of sites, including Digital Producer and Creative Mac covering all aspects of. Light of Sunday Sophia Institute Press. Sunday Press Books is an American publisher of comic strip reprint collections founded in 2005 by Peter Maresca. The company is known as a respected reprinter of comic strips and has to date won three Eisner Awards and two Harvey Awards. Sunday Press Books Now Under the IDW Umbrella ICv2. Visit CBS Sunday Morning Books on. Book excerpt: Eleanor, the life of Mrs. Roosevelt no rules penguin press cover 660.jpg.

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Stuart Dunn takes a journey to Oz and beyond, sharing books that are truly wonderful and worth sharing with the children in your life. The New York Times Supersized Book of Sunday Crosswords The. This book draws on a study of the Sunday Assembly a. Routledge & CRC Press Logo Taylor & Francis Group. Sign in Create an account. Sunday Press Books Comic Book Publisher Comic Book Realm. When Sunday Comes is the book weve been waiting for - a thoughtful and thought provoking analysis of the impact contemporary singers, songwriters, and​. Sunday Press Books. Contact My Account Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Digital Comics FAQ Job Opportunities Library of American Comics Yoe Books. fbpx. Queer Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz Sunday Press Books. People also search for.

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Peter Maresca is the founder of Sunday Press Books, a publisher of comic strip reprint collections that has won multiple Eisner and Harvery Awards since its. Selmas Bloody Sunday Johns Hopkins University Press Books. Find book reviews, essays, best seller lists and news from The New York Times Book Review. CreditDaniel Ebersole Nobel Prize Outreach, via Associated Press Readers respond to recent issues of the Sunday Book Review. Dec. Our Sunday Visitor. IDW Publishing has announced the acquisition of Sunday Press Books, a publishing company specializing in high quality, archival editions of. Pepin Press – Hello Sunday. The Sunday Brunch Cookbook by Cider Mill Press Fifty two unique brunch menus for your entertaining needs, featuring over 250 sweet and savory recipes.

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Sunday Press Books is a specialty publishing house best known for its restoration of classic American comic strips, reprinted as gorgeous. Forgotten Fantasy: Sunday Comics, 1900 1915 by Peter Maresca. Forgiveness Sunday Vespers. OCPC OCA. $3.00. You save. SKU: PB ​FOSULA. Shipping: Calculated at Details. Service book for Forgiveness Sunday. The Sunday Assembly and Theologies of Suffering 1st Edition Katie. Titles Tracking, 8, No Logo Provided Yet. Comics Tracking, 8. Most Valuable, Society is Nix: Gleeful Anarchy at the Dawn of the American Comic Strip. Sundays with Walt and Skeezix Hardcover Book Sunday Press. I consumed my share of comic books and Sunday newspaper strips of Peter Maresca, the founder in 2005 and publisher of Sunday Press,.

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Sunday press books Pete Maresca spoke with CBR about teaming up with Titan Books to produce a new restoration of Alex Raymonds Flash Gordon. Sunday Press Books Posts Facebook. ALL OF OUR PRINT BOOKS WILL BE ON SALE FOR $14.95 ON SATURDAY DEC. 12 AND SUNDAY DEC. 13 AND JOIN US ON TWITTER ON SUNDAY DEC. IDW Publishing acquires comic strip publisher Sunday Press Books. Pepin Press Gift and Creative Papers Book Op Art. $29.99 AUD QUICKLOOK. Pepin Press Label and Sticker Book Art Forms In Nature. $27.50 AUD. Sunday Press Books Comic Book Values Comics Price Guide. E.C. Segar Sunday Press Books. Under IDWs control, Sunday Press will rerelease out of print titles and launch a digital publishing program. Byzantine Coloring Book Sunday Gospels Byzantine Seminary. Our Sunday Visitor is a Catholic publisher serving millions of Catholics globally through its publishing, offertory, and communication services.

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Sunday Press Books is a specialty publishing house best known for its restoration of classic American comic strips, reprinted as hardcover. Sunday Football Book 10: East London Photo Hoxton Mini Press. Up to 50% off pre order, mail order comics, trade paperbacks and collectibles from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, Boom! and more. Flat rate US shipping. CCL 307 Peter Maresca, Sunday Press Books by Collected. FORGOTTEN FANTASY SUNDAY COMICS 1900 1915. 2011 Volume 1 266 Searches. SOCIETY IS NIX, GLEEFUL ANARCHY AT THE DAWN OF THE. Sunday Book Review The New York Times. Sunday Press Books presents a masterpiece in comic art by Frank King. Collected for the first time, here are the best Gasoline Alley Sunday comics, starting from.

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Sunday Press Books, Palo Alto, California. 2.6K likes. The finest collections of classic American comic strips presented in their original size and colors. Per Maresca Assistant Sunday Press Books LinkedIn. Headquarters location. Sunday Press IDW Publishing. They state that Sunday Press Books founder Peter Maresca will continue to oversee the publishing program while IDW will handle and expand.

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Sunday Press Books announces the latest in its highly acclaimed series of comic strip reprints. The 5th Annual Books N Brunch Big Sunday. PUBLISHER SUNDAY PRESS BOOKS WRITER Ed Peter Maresca ARTIST VARIOUS RELEASE DATE JUNE 22, 2011 From 1900 to 1915, American. PREVIEWSWORLD EXCLUSIVE: Sunday Press Books An. The more that you learn, the more places youll go! Receiving a book is an invaluable gift that keeps on giving. It empowers individuals to uplift their lives and. The King of the Sunday Funnies The Atlantic. San Diego Comic Con News: IDW Publishing has announced the inclusion of Peter Marescas Sunday Press Books into its publishing family.

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