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Kevin Daly Architects

ⓘ Kevin Daly Architects

Kevin Daly Architects is Kevin Daly s architecture firm in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 1990 as Daly Genik. Daly has taught architecture and is a fellow at the American Institute of Architects.


1. Kevin Daly

Daly received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design and his Master of Architecture degree from the Rice University School of Architecture. Daly began his career a designer at Hodgetts + Fung and then an associate at Frank O. Gehry and Partners 1986-1989.

Daly was selected as one of eight "Emerging Voices" by the Architectural League of New York 1999 and held distinguished visiting chairs at both the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning 2001 and Berkeley CED 2007-8. Daly currently teaches at UCLA and has taught at USC, SCI-Arc, Arizona State, and other architecture schools. He has lectured at Stanford, Cornell, Rice University and RISD.

Daly was selected a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects in 2012 and serves on AIA awards juries.


2. Exhibitions and recognitions

KDAs work has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art SFMOMA, shown most recently in "A New Sculpturalism: Contemporary Architecture from Southern California" 2013. The SFMOMA acquired original drawings and models of one of the firms earliest projects, The Topanga Canyon House, for their permanent collection. KDA was on the cover of Metropolis in 1999 and was featured in All American: Innovation in American Architecture in 2001. In 2005 the firm was selected as one of five American architectural practices to be included in Phaidons 10x10_2, a book featuring 100 of the worlds most exceptional architects to have emerged internationally over the past five years. Their work has been noted in the New York Times, Dwell, Architectural Record, the Los Angeles Times, The Architectural Review, A+U, Domus, Azure, and others.


3. Work

KDA has designed educational, residential and institutional buildings. The firm designed the Camino Nuevo Charter Academy Schools project - a series of five projects designed over the course of a decade. Architecture critic, Nicolai Ouroussoff, called KDAs the schools design as" one of the most inspiring projects built in Los Angeles in years” and as "a thoughtful, low-cost work of architecture that embodies the kind of civic purpose and progressive ideals that so many public institutions give lip service to but rarely fulfill".

The AIA described Dalys architecture as a combination of" innovation in technology and fabrication, economy and livability, materiality and form” as executed in the characteristics of an affordable housing apartment complex at 2602 Broadway in Santa Monica 2013. The project uses high-performance, sustainable materials and design elements that offer private, interior spaces for residents along with a "community zone" that maximizes every corner of the 1.5 acre site. Transforming infill properties, like 2602 Broadway, into buildings that become community landmarks, is characteristic of the firms public work.

According to Daly, architecture can be "performative on every level: environmentally, structurally, economically, and aesthetically."

The Valley Center House and the Palms Residence are examples of the firms residential work Dalys practice includes pro bono work; most recently he designed UCLA Medical Center Santa Monicas new Stuart House, a program of the Rape Treatment Center, and was on the advisory board of USCs Center for Sustainable Cities. In 2009, Ouroussoff said that Daly belongs to the younger generation of architects contributing to the countrys westward shift from New York to Los Angeles as the center for innovation and creativity in architectural thought. KDA projects in process include expansion of the UCLA Ostin Music Center and the new Edison Language Academy for the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District.


4. Project list

  • UCLA Mo Ostin Basketball Center, Los Angeles, CA 2017 - new basketball practice facility for the mens and womens teams
  • Valley Center House, Valley Center, CA 1998 - A 2800 sf house on a citrus ranch employing a range of fire-resistant building strategies.
  • Pico & Main, Santa Monica, CA 1999 - Renovation of an office building.
  • 34th Street Guest House, Hermosa Beach, CA unbuilt - A guest and entertainment pavilion above a lap pool, adjacent to the Morphosis-designed Lawrence House.
  • Topanga House, Topanga Canyon, CA unbuilt - Fire-resistant design of a house in a rural canyon setting.
  • Mar Vista House, Los Angeles, CA 1998 - A translucent cube housing a library and textile gallery is added to an historic Gregory Ain house.
  • Art Center College of Design Housing Complex, Pasadena, CA 2007 - Proposal for 240 student housing micro-lofts and live/work units.
  • Harvard Art Museum, Allston, MA 2010 - Planning and concept design for a new 100.000 sf museum on the Harvard University campus.
  • Camino Nuevo Charter Academy Middle School, Los Angeles, CA 2003 - Phased renovation combining a warehouse and a boulevard office building for use as a 12 classroom middle school.
  • W Hotel & Residences, Hollywood, CA 2009 - Interior design, planning, and layout of the residences and sales studio.
  • Studio for a Painter, Los Angeles, CA 2006 - A double height painting studio completes a compound of live/work buildings for a noted Los Angeles painter.
  • BMW DesignworksUSA, Newbury Park, CA 2007 - An open, collaborative work space for an industrial design studio.
  • Camino Nuevo Charter Academy Elementary, Los Angeles, CA 2000 - 12.000 sf conversion of an abandoned mini-mall retail center for use as a 12 classroom elementary school.
  • Stuart House, Santa Monica, CA 2013 - Concept design for a new one stop wellness center.
  • Camino Nuevo Charter Academy Early Learning Center, Los Angeles, CA 2007 - Renovation of a warehouse facilities to create classroom and outdoor play areas for a 50 student preschool facility and after school dance program.
  • Artists Studio, Los Angeles, CA 2007 - Upper level clerestory glazing provides natural light and ventilation for an artist’s studio on a steep hillside overlooking Silver Lake.
  • Harvard College Library Media Center, Cambridge, MA 2010 - Archive and media conversion workspace is located in the James Stirling designed Sackler Museum on the Harvard University campus.
  • Camino Nuevo Charter Academy High School, Los Angeles, CA 2006 - National AIA Award winning design for a 30.000 sf high school campus on a linear, island site.
  • Venice/Palms Residence, Venice, CA 2010 - Perforated metal screens surround a single family residence, garden and guest apartment in Venice.
  • UCSB San Joaquin Housing, Santa Barbara, CA 2016 - 50.000 sf low rise student apartments and social space.
  • BIHOME, Los Angeles, CA 2015 - affordable architectural models for infilling Southern Californias single-family residential fabric
  • 100 Rooms/5000 Cells, SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, CA 2007 - Honeycomb cardboard packing material was machined and then expanded to form a labyrinth in the SCI-Arc gallery.
  • Santa Monica Parks, Santa Monica, CA 2005
  • Dulwich College, Saadiyat Island, United Arab of Emirates 2010 - Master plan for an expansion campus of the historic UK college to be located on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi.
  • This Side of Paradise, The Huntington Library, San Marino, CA)2008) - Design and fabrication for an international exhibition of Los Angeles photography.
  • Tahiti Housing, Santa Monica, CA 2009 - A 33-unit affordable housing for families in Santa Monica.
  • Art Center College of Design South Campus, Pasadena, CA 2004 - Renovation of a 100.000 sf World War II-era wind tunnel structure for use as the South Campus of Art Center College of Design.
  • Edison Language Academy, Santa Monica, CA 2014 - New 35.000 sf K-5 Spanish/ English dual language school. Sustainability practices include solar thermal ventilation for classrooms and an extensive storm water storage cistern.
  • Lawrence House, Hermosa Beach, CA 2006 - Renovation of the Morphosis-designed Lawrence House.
  • Beverley House, Santa Monica, CA 2001 - A renovated bungalow was turned into a terraced hillside house in the Ocean Park district of Santa Monica.
  • Galisteo House, Santa Fe, NM 2014 - Studio for a photographer.
  • Slot Box House, Santa Monica, CA 1999 - Custom residence for a family.
  • Winnett House, Los Angeles, CA 2007 - Custom private residence.
  • UCLA Ostin Music Center, Los Angeles, CA 2012 - 30.000 sf recording studio, practice and teaching facilities on the UCLA campus.
  • ASU Campus Cafes, Tempe, AZ 1999 - Planning and concept design for series of cafes on the ASU campus.
  • Broadway Affordable Housing, Santa Monica, CA 2013 - A 33 unit affordable housing project arranged around a courtyard.

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The team led by Los Angeles based Kevin Daly Architects with Mexico City ​based PRODUCTORA, in collaboration with TLS Landscape. The Evelyn and Mo Ostin Music Center Kevin Daly Architects. Taft Architects will soon hold another architectural gem: a new headquarters for the Houston Endowment designed by Kevin Daly Architects. UCSB San Joaquin Housing Kevin Daly Architects Merit Award. Kevin Daly Architects. Kevin Daly Architects is an architectural practice with a focus on craft, construction systems, and material research. Our work interweaves​. International Design Competition Winner Houston Endowment. Kevin Daly, FAIA, is the founder of Kevin Daly Architects, a renowned architectural practice focused on craft, construction systems, and material research. His.

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The Schoenberg Music Building at UCLA is singing a snappy new tune these days thanks to two new pavilions by Kevin Daly Architects. Kevin Daly Architects. Average salaries for Kevin Daly Architects Project Architect: $77289. Kevin Daly Architects salary trends based on salaries posted. Kevin Daly Architects 90401 Houzz. Kevin Daly Architects. Posted on April 20, 2015. Broadway Affordable Housing Broadway Affordable Housing. Kevin Daly Architects More. Tags: Kevin Daly. Kevin Daly Architects @KDA Studio Twitter. I am working at Kevin Daly Architects. KDA has and is in the process of working on a variety of project types. I was attracted to the firms work in affordable housing.

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Jr Designer @ Kevin Daly Architects. Education. MA, Architecture @ University of California, Los Angeles. BA, Architectural Studies @ University of California,. Kevin Daly Architects Company Profile Los Angeles, CA. Our complete coverage of real estate development from Kevin Daly Architects.

GENERATIONS A Vacation House Transforms Itself and a Family.

2269 Followers, 196 Following, 153 Posts See Instagram photos and videos from Kevin Daly Architects @kda studio. Kevin Daly Architects Archinect. Kevin Daly Architects has filed 1 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 0 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2017 to 2019. Kevin Daly. In House Graphic Designer Kevin Daly Architects in Los Angeles. Morphosis Architects took home the highest the highest honor of the evening for the Emerson College project in Los Angeles. More.

Kevin Daly Architects LinkedIn.

The site is one of the few remaining through block lots in the Ocean Park section of Santa Monica. Kevin Daly Architectss Beverly House design collection on. PCAD Kevin Daly the Pacific Coast Architecture Database. Read about the life and work of the Architect Kevin Daly - historical significance, biography, works designed, and related information. Gallery of Broadway Housing Kevin Daly Architects 8 Pinterest. Kilograph created a suite of renderings for Kevin Daly Architects, for their design proposal for the Center of Science and Technology Museum in Suzhou,.

Kevin Daly Architects 3617 Exposition Blvd Los Angeles, CA.

Kevin Daly Architects. Posted on April 20, 2015. Broadway Affordable Housing Broadway Affordable Housing. Kevin Daly Architects More. Tags: Kevin Daly Следующая Войти Настройки. Little Berkeley by Kevin Daly Architects Architizer. Kevin Daly Architects with Productora win Houston Endowment Headquarters International Design Competition. 7 November 2019. Leading philanthropy. PRP Now! Patrick Klimaszewski Kevin Daly Architects Texas. Article source: KEVIN DALY ARCHITECTS The objective of this housing project is to provide low income families that work on the Westside of. BERNARD ZIMMERMAN LECTURE SERIES: Kevin Daly, Kevin. Get directions, reviews and information for Kevin Daly Architects in Los Angeles, CA.

First look: Kevin Daly Architects PRODUCTORAs winning Bustler.

Kevin Daly Architects. 288 likes 2 talking about this. Kevin Daly Architects is an architecture firm based in Los Angeles, California. Kevin Daly Architects @kda studio Instagram photos and videos. The latest Tweets from Kevin Daly Architects @KDA Studio. An architecture practice with a focus on craft, construction systems, and material research. Kevin Daly, architect for Houston Endowment HQ, on Houston and. Kevin Daly Architects KDA is Kevin Dalys architecture firm in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 1990 as Daly Genik. Daly has taught architecture and.

Kevin Daly Architects Mili, The Best pedia Reader.

First look: Kevin Daly Architects PRODUCTORAs winning Houston Endowment HQ proposal, three runner up designs also unveiled. Broadway Housing in Santa Monica, CA by KEVIN DALY AECCafe. Kevin Daly, architect for Houston Endowment HQ, on Houston and competitions. By Nancy Sarnoff. Updated 9:30 am CST, Monday, November. Center for Science & Technology in Suzhou Kilograph A. Daly, F.A.I.A., is the founder of Kevin Daly Architects, an internationally recognized architectural practice focused on craft, construction and material systems, and. Kevin Daly Architects Design Futures Council. Kevin Daly Principal Jared Ward Senior Associate, Architect Alexandra Lippman Operations Manager View more for Kevin Daly Architects.

Kevin Daly Architects Project Architect Salaries Glassdoor.

Architect Kevin Daly shares his takes on how Houston has changed and how history helped inform the design that won a competition to create. A reception, lecture, and discussion with Kevin Daly, FAIA, of Kevin. English: Winnett House Exterior Kevin Daly Architects. Date, 18 March 2014 ​original upload date. Source, Sent to me. Author, Meara Daly. Permission. Kevin Daly Architects wins Houston Endowment Headquarters. Text description provided by the architects. The new Evelyn and Mo Ostin Music Center at UCLA, designed by Kevin Daly Architects, provides a. Kevin daly architects Salary. Find company research, competitor information, contact details & financial data for Kevin Daly Architects of Los Angeles, CA. Get the latest business insights.

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