ⓘ Interior Alaska

Interior Alaska

ⓘ Interior Alaska

Interior Alaska is the central region of Alaskas territory, roughly bounded by the Alaska Range to the south and the Brooks Range to the north. It is largely wilderness. Mountains include Denali in the Alaska Range, the Wrangell Mountains, and the Ray Mountains. The native people of the interior are Alaskan Athabaskans. The largest city in the interior is Fairbanks, Alaskas second-largest city, in the Tanana Valley. Other towns include North Pole, just southeast of Fairbanks, Eagle, Tok, Glennallen, Delta Junction, Nenana, Anderson, Healy and Cantwell. The interior region has an estimated population of 113.154.


1. Climate

Interior Alaska experiences extreme seasonal temperature variability. Winter temperatures in Fairbanks average −12 °F −24 °C and summer temperatures average +62 °F +17 °C. Temperatures there have been recorded as low as −65 °F −54 °C in mid-winter, and as high as +99 °F +37 °C in summer. Both the highest and lowest temperature records for the state were set in the Interior, with 100 °F 38 °C in Fort Yukon and −80 °F −64 °C in Prospect Creek. Temperatures within a given winter are highly variable as well; extended cold snaps of forty below zero can be followed by unseasonable warmth with temperatures above freezing due to chinook wind effects.

Summers can be warm and dry for extended periods creating ideal fire weather conditions. Weak thunderstorms produce mostly dry lightning, sparking wildfires that are mostly left to burn themselves out as they are often far from populated areas. The 2004 season set a new record with over 6.600.000 acres 27.000 km 2 burned.

The average annual precipitation in Fairbanks is 11.3 inches 28.7 cm. Most of this comes in the form of snow during the winter. Most storms in the interior of Alaska originate in the Gulf of Alaska, south of the state, though these storms often have limited precipitation due to a rain shadow effect caused by the Alaska Range.

On clear winter nights, the aurora borealis can often be seen dancing in the sky. Like all subarctic regions, the months from May to July in the summer have no night, only a twilight during the night hours. The months of November to January have little daylight. Fairbanks receives an average 21 hours of daylight between May 10 and August 2 each summer, and an average of less than four hours of daylight between November 18 and January 24 each winter.

The interior of Alaska is largely underlined by discontinuous permafrost, which grades to continuous permafrost as the Arctic Circle is approached.

  • Summer 2009 Fires outlined in red

2. Alaska Natives

While the vast majority of indigenous Native people of Interior Alaska are Athabaskan Indians, large Yupik and Iñupiaq populations reside in Fairbanks.

The federally recognized tribes of Interior Alaska:

  • Tanana Chiefs Conference TCC: Allakaket Village, Alatna Village, Village of Anaktuvuk Pass, Chalkyitsik Village, Village of Dot Lake, Native Village of Eagle, Evansville Village also known as Bettles Field, Galena Village also known as Louden Village, Healy Lake Village, Hughes Village, Huslia Village, Village of Kaltag, Koyukuk Native Village, Manley Hot Springs Village, Native Village of Minto, Nenana Native Association, Nikolai Village Edzeno’ Native Council, Northway Village, Nulato Village, Rampart Village, Native Village of Ruby, Native Village of Stevens, Native Village of Tanacross, Telida Village, Native Village of Tetlin.
  • Tanana Tribal Council: Native Village of Tanana.
  • Other places in the Interior Service Area not Federally Recognized as Tribes: Alcan, Anderson, Big Delta, Canyon Village, Central, Chatanika, Chicken, Clear, Delta Junction, Fairbanks, Fox, Indian River, Kokrines, Lake Minchumina, Medfra, North Pole, Salcha, Tok, Toklat, Tolovana, Wiseman, Wood River.
  • Council of Athabascan Tribal Governments CATG: Beaver Village, Birch Creek Tribe, Circle Native Community, Native Village of Fort Yukon, Native Village of Venetie Tribal Government also known as Arctic Village and Village of Venetie.

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Interior Alaska Roofing Fairbanks Residential and Commercial.

Local Fairbanks residents who live and work in the community. We are the largest full service architectural and engineering firm in Interior Alaska. READ MORE. Promoting the arts in Interior Alaska since 1966. Year, Program, Grant Type, Amount. 2018, CoC, AK 501 REN Burch Supportive Housing, $91.918.00. 2018, CoC, AK 501 REN Our House PSH. Interior Alaska Observations National Weather Service. Alaska Native 2006 User Population. INTERIOR ALASKA SERVICE AREA. 12.981. Council of Tribal Athabascan Tribal Governments. 1.157. Tanana Chiefs​.

Fairbanks, Alaska Guide Fodors Travel.

Visit Interior Alaska and destinations like Denali National Park and Fairbanks. See North Americas tallest peak, or cruise on an authentic sternwheeler. Interior Alaska Travel Alaska. Find an Alaska tour to Denail, visit Fairbanks, go bear or wildlife Viewing, flightseeing and tour Kantishna in Alaskas interior region with Alaska Tours. Moss functioning in different taiga ecosystems in interior Alaska I. Interior Alaska is the central region of Alaskas territory, roughly bounded by the Alaska Range to the south and the Brooks Range to the north. It is largely wilderness. Mountains include Denali in the Alaska Range, the Wrangell Mountains, and. Interiorala News. We show that woolly mammoth and horse persisted in interior Alaska until at least 10.500 yr BP, several thousands of years later than indicated.

Climate and Clothing Guides Alaskas Interior Travel Alaska.

Fairbanks, Alaska, news, sports and weather. The Voice of the Interior. Interior Alaska travel. Muskoxen, reindeer, beavers, foxes, birds, guided tours and informal walks. Interior Alaska has abundant wildlife, with several viewing opportunities Fairbanks. Interior Region Alaska Centers. Продолжительность: 3:42. Interior Fairbanks Denali National Park Alaska Tours. Discover the latest resources, maps and information about the coronavirus ​COVID 19 outbreak in Interior Alaska.

Potential for Forest Products in Interior Alaska Forest Service.

For the benefit of our community. The Interior Alaska Land Trust IALT is a private, non profit, tax exempt organization, started in 1995. We work with. Fairbanks, Alaska, news, sports and weather The voice of Interior. Geologic Map of Central Interior Alaska. Open File Report 98 133 A. Prepared in cooperation with the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Oil.

Doyon Limited Doyon, Limited, the Native regional corporation for.

But Fairbanks high rate recently caught the attention of Alaskas top recently reported outbreaks putting most of Interior Alaska under the. Interior Alaska pedia. For several years the University of Alaska and the Institute of Northern Forestry ​USDA Forest Service have conducted a multidisciplinary study of interior Alaska​.

Design Alaska: Home.

Fairbanks is Alaskas second largest city, but only has around 40.000 people. You can easily bike around town if you have a bike with you, and there are lots of​. Interior Alaska Land Trust American Trails. Interior Alaska Roofing, Inc. 3790 Schacht St., Fairbanks, AK, 99701.

Denali and Interior Alaska YouTube.

Radar estimates of aboveground biomass in boreal forests of interior Alaska. Abstract: Airborne SAR data gathered by the NASA JPL three frequency,. Interior Alaska COVID 19 HUB. Information on Alaskas Interior region, including cities, parks, things to do, package tours, lodging and more.

Interior Alaska Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in Fairbanks, AK.

Wildfires are changing forest communities in interior Alaska. New patterns of post​ fire recovery are emerging. forest. Recent boreal wildfires are. Climatic Characteristics of the Taiga in Interior Alaska SpringerLink. Promoting the arts in Interior Alaska since 1966. Следующая Войти Настройки. Ancient DNA reveals late survival of mammoth and horse in interior. The studies described in this volume were conducted in the boreal forest zone of central Alaska. This high latitude setting has a continental climate.

High positive test numbers and village outbreaks signal COVID.

Interior Alaska Yukon lowland taiga. This large ecoregion covers much of the interior Alaskan and Yukon forested area, extending from the Bering Sea on the. PNW FIA Interior Alaska Inventory Pacific Northwest Research. Interior Alaska is in the center of the state. RegionsEdit. media. Mapnik. Relief map. Traffic line network. Boundaries. Hill shading. Cycling. Hiking. Geologic Map of Central Interior Alaska. 1st Alaska Outdoor School specializes in Fairbanks Alaska Visitor Center Toursto the Northern Lights, as well as Alaska Sight Seeing Tours. Things to Do in Alaskan Interior Frommers. Interior Alaska Orthopedics & Sports Medicine provides a sports medicine doctor in Fairbanks, Alaska. Visit us here to learn more about us and our services.

Interior Alaska Land Trust Conserving land north of the Alaska.

The Interior Alaska Land Trust IALT is a private, non profit, tax exempt organization, started in 1995. Our mission is to conserve land north of the Alaska Range. Interior Alaska Bus Line. A top tier Alaska Native regional corporation with more than 12.5 million acres of shareholders, Doyon is a powerful economic driver in the Alaskan Interior. Interior Alaska Denal Park, Fairbanks Al. Interior Alaska Bus Line 1 800 770 6652. Our Routes. We travel from Anchorage to Tok on the Glenn Highway, from Fairbanks to Tok on the Richardson. Explore Interior Alaska in One Week Moon Travel Guides. Interior alaska covid19 hub.

About the City of Fairbanks Fairbanks, Alaska.

See world class exhibits of Alaskas seasons, experience Alaska Native art, music, stories & dance, and gather travel ideas for Interior and Arctic Alaska. 10 TOP Things to Do in Interior Alaska, AK 2021 Attraction & Activity. The City of Fairbanks is located in the heart of Alaskas interior on the banks of the Chena River in the Tanana Valley. The City has a population of 31.142. Smoke in Fairbanks and Interior Alaska NASA Earth Observatory. Moss functioning in different taiga ecosystems in interior Alaska I. Seasonal, phenotypic, and drought effects on photosynthesis and response patterns. Denali National Park & Alaska Interior Vacations, Trips & Tours. More than 100 new fires started over the weekend of June 20 to June 21, 2015, according to a report from Alaska Wildland Fire Information. The growing number​. IAC Home Interior Alaska Campus University of Alaska Fairbanks. Опубликовано: 4 янв. 2017 г.

Interior Alaska – Travel guide at voyage.

The citys location in Alaskas interior makes it a gateway to the arctic, and in summer tourist boats run cruises along the Chena and Tanana rivers. Fairbanks is a. Interior Alaska Transportation Plan. The Interior Alaska Campus IAC is one of five campuses serving rural Alaskan students through the College of Rural and Community Development Visit CRCD​.

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