ⓘ Munch (motorcycles)

Munch (motorcycles)

ⓘ Munch (motorcycles)

Munch was a German motorcycle manufacturer which, during the 1960s, produced the Mammoth, a four-cylinder motorcycle using an NSU car engine.

Hugo Wilson wrote of the founder Friedel Munch:

Munch produced many prototype and racing machines, but the Mammoth his most famous motorcycle – it was simply the fastest, most powerful, most expensive bike of its time.

Limited production began in 1966. The Mammoth name was later dropped due to copyright reasons.


1. Early history

Friedel Munch began his career as a mechanic and engine tuner in the late 1940s, working especially with Horex motorcycles. The Horex factory noted the success of his home-tuned racers, and offered Munch a job in their competition department.

When Horex ceased motorcycle manufacture in 1956, Friedel Munch purchased the remaining stocks of motorcycles and spares, and sold his own race-tuned Horex cafe racers from his workshop in Altenstadt, Germany.


2. Early Mammoths

Machines were hand-built to order from Munchs workshop in Nieder-Florstadt, Friedberg, West Germany.

Friedl Munch was given a commission to build in 1966 a special for Jean Murit, a famous French former sidecar road-racer, who was then-President of the BMW Club of France and organiser of the Chamois Rally, a summertime motorcyclists gathering at high altitude in the Alps.

Munch used a 996 cc air-cooled NSU Motorenwerke engine having a chain-driven single overhead camshaft housed in a specially-built, brazed-up steel tube frame based on Norton Featherbed principles. Customers could choose from one, two or four carburetors, with options for 43 or 52 bhp. A four-speed gearbox connected to a gear primary-drive and enclosed-chain final drive, and the front brake was one of Munchs famous 10 in 250 mm units.

In July 1966, Murit rode his new bike at the head of a procession from the Val d’Isere up to Col de lIseran, Europes second-highest mountain pass.


3. Production

In 1966 he created the Mammoth, installing an NSU 996 cc overhead camshaft, 4 cylinder automobile engine with 55 hp into a tubular loop frame of his own construction. The machine weighed a reasonable 480 lbs, with a maximum speed of 115 mph – good for the era. The front brake was a massive 10 in 250 mm magnesium casting.

In 1968, Munch used the new 1177 cc NSU TTS car motor for a revised machine, which he called the Munch4 1200TTS. The new motor gave 88 hp, and the machine was prone to break the heavy-duty spokes on the rear wheel, so Munch developed a unique and much stronger cast magnesium rear wheel, while retaining a spoked wire wheel up front. The fuel tank and side panels were made of hand-hammered aluminum, while the seat, headlamp binnacle, wheels and brakes were magnesium. Despite the extensive use of lightweight materials, the Mammoth weighed 650 lbs. American motorcycle entrepreneur Floyd Clymer invested in the Munch brand from 1968, marketing the bike in US as Clymer-Munch Mammoth IV with the slogan Built up to a standard, not down to a price ". Clymer died before serious production could commence.

The Munch, being a hand-built machine, was always expensive, and in 1969 sold for $3.995, while the BMW R69S sold for $1.695. Built to order after a $1.000 initial payment, the total price included duty, excise tax and air freight to any location in the United States.

The 1200TTS model was originally fitted with a pair of Weber 40DCOE carburetors, but by 1973 Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection was available designated Model 1200 TTS-E – Einspritzer – the German word for injection, which gave 100 hp.

It is estimated less than 500 machines were produced.

Notable Munch owners in the USA include Jay Leno and the late Malcolm Forbes two, one of which he gave to Elizabeth Taylor. The 2010 French film Mammuth follows Gerard Depardieus character Serge Pilardosse on a journey through his past, riding a Munch "Mammoth" 1200 TTS. George Barber owns a 1972 Munch Mammoth TTS and is on display at Barber Motorsports Museum in Leeds, Alabama.

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MUNCH MAMUTH 2000 specs 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005. Earlier Munch motorcycles were powered by an air cooled, 1000cc four cylinder car engine. By the 1990s Friedel had built over five hundred of. Munch mammut for sale. Most interesting photos from Munch Motorcycles pool Flickriver. Munch Motorcycles constructed 478 such bikes in various capacities up until 1980, before the actions of others brought Friedels firm to its.

Nsu 250 motorcycle.

Munch 1200TTS For Sale Matchless Classic Vintage Motorcycles. Опубликовано: 28 янв. 2019 г. Munch mammut 2000 for sale. Munch motorcycles pedia. Freidl Munch grew up the son of a garage owner and went to work for German motorcycle manufacturer Horex in the 1950s. He was unsuccessful as a racer, but.

Munch mammut 2000 price.

A decade of contemporary bikes – The Egli Vincent. Опубликовано: 4 мая 2020 г.

Munch mammut 2000.

Munch Mammut Road Test YouTube. Motormeister Friedel Munch was born in 1927 and was riding motorcycles at age six. He served apprenticeships in automotive and electrical. Motorcycles With Car Engines: A Brief History of Two Wheeled. Опубликовано: 22 сент. 2017 г. The 1967 Munch Mammoth is one of Jay Lenos favorite motorcycles. Download this stock image: Munch 4 TTS CY06KJ from Alamys library of millions of high resolution Engine of the motorcycle Munch Mammoth 1200 TTS. Munch Classic Motorcycles Motorcycle Collector. It has an enclosed chain, dual headlamp, NSU 4 cylinder 1200cc car motor ​found in the NSU Prinz with 88 HP. It has twin Weber carbs. The Munch motorcycle. Historic Vincent Black Lightning stars at Bonhams Vegas auction. In Beyond My Wildest Dreams, Munch motorcycle lover David Manthey of Wisconsin tells of learning mechanics the old fashioned way.

1970 Munch Mammoth 1200 TTS 2 Wheels Miklos.

Продолжительность: 0:58. 1980 2020 Munch Mammoth Raider Moto. Buy one of these Munch Mammoth replica models from, one of the worlds most trusted suppliers of rare, custom, vintage, & unique motorcycles. 1966 Munch Mammouth Jay Lenos Garage motorcycles Reddit. Enter your MUNCHs 17 digit VIN above to check your motorcycle VIN. We will show your vehicle specification and full vehicle history report, which includes.


In fact, except the Munch 1200 TTS, which massive power came also standard with massive weight, only two 750 cc were available on the market: the Norton 750. The Munch Mammut Was the Bugatti Veyron of 1960s Bikes. Seldom has a motorcycle been more aptly named than the two wheeled behemoth known as the Munch Mammut…. 2000 Munch Mammut concept, prototype, spy shots Total Motorcycle. Founder of Cycle magazine and publisher of the eponymous motorcycle manuals​, American entrepreneur Floyd Clymer 1895 1970 invested in Munch,.

Remarkable Bikes At Greenwich Concours dElegance Ride CT.

Media in category Munch motorcycles. The following 22 files are in this category​, out of 22 total. 003 2015 04 23 Triebwerke und. Munch – Bikes and Motorcycles For Sale Specifications, Price. Munch Mammoth An original Munch Mammoth! These bikes are really incredible to see in an Gales. The Quail Motorcycle Show is one of my.

Munch Mammut Replicas by Mike Kron The Kneeslider.

In 1967, the Munch Mammoth was the fastest motorcycle money could buy. Its top speed was 130 mph. 7 11. GC5TTJ4 Classic Motorcycles Munch Mammoth Traditional. Discover Munch motorcycles: on this page you can find list of models, pics and specs of all Munch models by year only. 1969 Munch Mammoth TTS 1200 Classic Motorcycles. R motorcycles: 2 wheel enthusiasts who can agree on nothing except for entry level SV650s and lane splitting.

2009 Munch Mammut Motorcycles YouTube.

One of the fastest motorcycles of the 70s, the Munch 4 1200 TTS was a quirky machine some might consider as the first superbike from. Was the Munch Mammoth the most advanced motorcycle of its time. Опубликовано: 13 дек. 2017 г. The Munch Mammoth: 45 Years With Germanys Motorcycle Daily. Not content with the twin cylinder motors powering most bikes of the day, Friedl Munch went to the automotive arena and plucked the engine.

These Insane Bikes Run On Car Engines HotCars.

Friedl Munch made several road and racing machines from 1966 but the NSU engined Mammoth his most famous construction. Production of this enormous​. You Cant Get There Challenge. 10 Boss Hoss 9 Millyard Viper V10 8 Aurora V8 Hellfire OZ26 7 Alfa Romeo V6 6 Dodge Tomahawk Viper V10 5 Munch Mammut 4 EVA Track. HD wallpaper: motorcycle, germany, speyer, technik museum. Продолжительность: 2:10.

Memoirs of Mammoth: Munch 4 1200 TTS Column M.

Munch was a German motorcycle manufacturer which, during the 1960s, produced the Mammut, a four cylinder motorcycle using an NSU car engine. Starting a Munch Mammoth YouTube. Born in 1927, Munch was an engineering prodigy, developing his skills in his fathers gas station workshop and Horex dealership in Nieder Florstadt, Germany​.

The Munch Mammut was the ultimate 70s superbike Classic Driver.

Munch is one of those motorcycle brands that only really dedicated fans of two wheeled vehicles will remember. In short, Munch was is a German motorcycle. The Munch Mammoth A Rare 140mph 1200cc Superbike Silodrome. Articles about Munch motorcycles, model overviews, past sales of Munch motorcycles, and bikes for sale. Sale of the Century: The 2019 Las Vegas Motorcycle Auctions. Benelli Motorcycles Benelli Gun Sign in. Sporting Motorcycle Shop Sign Our bikes are reflected in the window Munch Motorcycles A Restaurant Called.

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