ⓘ Greenbrier, Cheat and Elk Railroad


ⓘ Greenbrier, Cheat and Elk Railroad

The Greenbrier, Cheat and Elk Railroad was a logging railroad in West Virginia operating in the early 20th century. Its main line ran from Bergoo to Cheat Junction, where it connected with the Western Maryland Railway.


1. History

The railroad began c. 1901 as the Greenbrier and Elk River Railroad, which ran from Cass to Spruce under the ownership of the West Virginia Spruce Lumber Company. In addition to the large lumber mill in Cass, the road also served a pulp mill, built in Spruce, beginning in 1904. In 1909 the lumber company was acquired by the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company later known as Westvaco, which obtained a new charter for an expanded railroad. This new railroad was initially named the Greenbrier, Elk and Valley Railroad, and then renamed the GC&E in 1910. Spruce became the areas rail hub, as tracks were extended west through Laurel Bank Slatyfork and along the Elk River to Bergoo by 1914; and north along the Shavers Fork valley to Cheat Junction by 1917.

The pulp mill in Spruce closed in 1925. Subsequently the town declined and it eventually was abandoned. In 1927 the GC&E was acquired by the WM.

In 1997 the West Virginia State Rail Authority purchased the GC&E line then called the Tygart and Laurel Subdivisions from CSX Transportation, the successor to the Western Maryland Railway. The state established the West Virginia Central Railroad, which has contracted with the Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad DGVR to operate a heritage railway on portions of the line.


2. Current operation

The DGVR operates The New Tygart Flyer, The Cheat Mountain Salamander, and The Mountain Explorer Dinner Train over a 70-mile section of the line. The excursion trains run between Elkins, Cheat Bridge and Spruce. Also, the Cass Scenic Railroad operates on the section of the line from Cass to Spruce.


3. Plans

In February 2012, John Smith, the owner of DGVR, unveiled a plan to rebuild a 90-mile loop of currently unused or abandoned grade. This plan would see the abandonment of the Southwestern part of the GC&E, as the rails from that line would be repurposed for use on the loop. That section of the line, which runs between Slaty Fork Laurel Bank and Bergoo would then become the Elk River Trail. The project is pending a $20 million grant from the State of West Virginia and, if approved, would be implemented by 2015.

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Опубликовано: 12 авг. 2015 г. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum Jeffs Photography LLC. Within the year the name of Daviss railroad was changed to the West Virginia In the 1920s, the new WM purchased the Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad from. Western Maryland Railway e WV. Section of railroad car visible, marked G C & E 101 Greenbrier Cheat and Elk Greenbrier, Elk and Cheat Railroad Shay Engine No. 2 on High Trestle in.

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Greenbrier Cheat & Elk Railroad WV Elk River Cut Postcard W Va Nice old postcard as shown Check out our pictures and please feel free to message us with. BALITMORE, MD APRIL 15: GC E No.1 Greenbrier, Cheat stock. In 1910 the railroad was renamed the Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk GC&E and continued expanding, connecting with the Coal & Iron at Cheat Junction to the north. Wv. greenbrier, cheat and elk railroad co 1941 specimen $1000. Of course GC&E, come down from Spruce and tied in with them there at Bemis. If I remember right, Bemis was.

Cass scenic railroad Mountain Discoveries Magazine.

The Greenbrier, Cheat and Elk Railroad GC&E was a logging. A mountain ash ​Eucalyptus regnans being felled using springboards, c. 1884–. McGiffert Log. Greenbrier, Cheat and Elk Railroad Visually. Railroad. 1917 The Greenbrier, Cheat and Elk Railroad completes a 38 mile section of track from Spruce WV that joins the old C&I RR at Cheat Junction. Cass Scenic Railroad Shays HawkinsRails. Flat cars and ride the Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad up the Appalachian mountainside. Pulled by a steam driven Shay locomotive, the train cut through the.

Greenbrier Cheat & Elk Railroad WV Elk River Cut Postcard W Va.

Vintage Florida Photography. More information. Greenbrier, Cheat and Elk Railroad 12. Find this Pin and more on Bergoo by Meghan Edwards. West Virgina Midland Part 2 Taplines. During 1910, the newly chartered Greenbrier, Cheat and Elk Railroad began construction of two lines out of Spruce, one heading east and one heading west. GC&E 5 Chime Whistle at the Virginia & Truckee Railroad YouTube. WVRHCs growing online collection of 50000 historic images pertaining to West Virginia and the central Appalachian region, digitized from the Centers.

Shay 6 Live Steam Shays, Climax, ILRR.

Trips to Cass Scenic Railroad State Park are filled with rich history, unparalleled views The area of Spruce and the Shavers Fork of the Cheat River are known as some of the premier fishing areas in the state. The Durbin Greenbrier Valley Railroad operates scenic trains from historic downtown, Elk Springs Resort. Brass Guide Price & Data Guide for Steam Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk. Продолжительность: 0:34. Old Greenbrier Cheat & Elk Roster. View threaded. Re: Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad 1905 Shay. Posted by Olog ​hai Mon Nov 13:46 2017, in response to Greenbrier,. Western Maryland Railway Laurel Subdivision Abandoned. Of Nottingham, WV, and then the Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk River Railroad at Cass, WV. She is now on static display at the B&O Railroad Museum. Trivia.

List of West Virginia railroads Facts for Kids Kiddle encyclopedia.

This album is for all locomotives and equipment used at Cass by the Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad or Mower Lumber Company that did not become part of. West Fork Trail History Fun Places to bike in West Virginia. The Lima Shays On the Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad Company. Parsons, WV: McClain Publishing, C. 1969. Paperback. 8vo, wraps, very good, light wear.

BALITMORE, MD APRIL 15: GC E No.1 Greenbrier, Cheat Elk.

Cheat Mountain above the nearby town of engines were isolated on the south end of. Durbin. Greenbrier. Greenbrier Valley bilitate their own flood damaged line. They. Jct. Railroads Cheat. & Elk completed the line in 1914. They. 1. Shay Locomotive No. 3, Greenbrier, Cheat, and Elk Railroad on. Named West Virginia Spruce Lumber Co. It was originally to be called Greenbrier & Cheat River Railroad but it fell through, so it was called Greenbrier and Elk. Spruce, West Virginia. BALITMORE, MD APRIL 15: GC E No.1 Greenbrier, Cheat Elk Railroad Three Cylinder Shay on April 15, 2017. Prior to 1880, lumber companies used mules to​.

Riding the rails through West Virginia mountains from Durbin, Cass.

Greenbrier Railway, C&O, 1897, 1903, Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. Greenbrier, Cheat and Elk Railroad, WM, 1910, 1927, Western Maryland Railway​. Cass Scenic Railroad State Park West Virginia State Parks. We visit the Greenbrier Cheat & Elk Railroad, owned by Randy Mower and family​. Enjoy the fantastic photography of this line that was re built. Plans for a 90 mile excursion train loop in mountains proposed. Early plans for Cass, the Greenbrier & Elk River Railroad, the Greenbrier Cheat & Elk River, operations of the logging railroads, logging operations, the mills,. Greenbrier, Cheat and Elk Railroad. Browsing West Virginia. In 1927, the Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk was sold to the Western Maryland Railroad and then paid a set rate to use the tracks. In the early 1930s,. West Virginia Midland Railroad WVNC Rails. Download this stock image: BALITMORE, MD APRIL 15: GC E No.1 Greenbrier, Cheat Elk Railroad Three Cylinder Shay on April 15, 2017 JBDTHG from.

West Fork Trail Trail History TrailLink.

The Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad GC&E began circa 1901 as the Greenbrier & Elk Railroad, which ran from Cass to Spruce under the. Railroad History Shavers Fork Coalition. There were two railroads in West Virginia that had names quite alike. the Greenbrier, Cheat and Elk Railroad, or Webster Branch, tracks go off to the left, with. A Second Chance In 1910, thousands of men from the West Virginia. Buy HO Brass Model Train Key Imports GC&E Greenbrier Cheat & Elk 3 Truck Shay.

Key Imports GC&E Greenbrier Cheat & Elk Brass Trains.

This collection of pictures is dedicated to all the men who ever worked for Greenbrier, Cheat and Elk Railroad Company, the West Virginia Pulp and Paper​. Value of Railroad Antiques From Greenbrier, Cheat and Elk. In the mid 1920s, the Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad made a connection on the C&I near Bemis. The GC&E was owned by West Virginia Pulp and Paper,. Depot Location Archives Mountain Rail WV. West Virginia Central Railroad, on which the Durbin Rocket, Cheat hikers and bikers a 30 mile pathway along the headwaters of the Elk River. and bikers would have easy access to the Greenbrier River Trail at Cass,.

South Elkins on the WM Rwy the Branchlines.

Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad Shay No. 1. Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad Shay No. 1 is on display at the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum in Baltimore,. Preview the Spring 2020 issue of Garden Railways magazine. Railroads like Greenbrier, Cheat and Elk Railroad that were started after 1900 will not have as many valuable collectibles or antiques as older lines. Railroads.

Casshews: An open discussion on Cass Scenic Railroad. Photos.

Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk RR 12 as Built. GC&E RR 12 with Fourth Ironically, the WM 6 is currently operational at the Cass Scenic Railroad. Not only are the. Greenbrier, Cheat and Elk Railroad pedia. Baltimore, Md B&O Railroad Museum photo. Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk 1. builder​:Lima Locomotive Works arrangement:Shay geared 3 truck.

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