ⓘ Mayfield, Baltimore

Mayfield, Baltimore

ⓘ Mayfield, Baltimore

Mayfield is a small community in northeast Baltimore, Maryland. It is bounded by Erdman Avenue on the south, Chesterfield Avenue on the north, Crossland Avenue on the east and Lake Montebello on the north and west. Homeowners belong to the Mayfield Improvement Association.


1. Demographics

According to the 2000 US Census, 955 people live in Mayfield with 77% White and 18.8% African-American. The median family income is $80.191. 94.9% of the houses are occupied and 85.1% of those are occupied by the homes owner.


2. Schools

Mayfield has two elementary schools: Montebello Elementary Public grade school K-5 and St. Francis of Assisi School Catholic grade school K-8. St. Matthews Christian Pre-School is available for children 3 and 4 years old. Public high school students generally attend nearby Mervo or City highschools.

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