ⓘ Dêmqog, Ngari Prefecture

Dêmqog, Ngari Prefecture

ⓘ Dêmqog, Ngari Prefecture

Dêmqog is a small Tibetan village in the Chinese-controlled portion of the disputed Demchok sector between China and India and is administered as part of the Tibet Autonomous Region by China.

Dêmqog lies a kilometer southeast from the Indian-controlled Demchok village, across the Demchok River or Charding Nullah that forms the Line of Actual Control between China and India. India also refers to it as the "New Demchok."

The combined Chinese-Indian village has a population of about 150. The village lies 22.7 miles east of Ukdungle India and 16.2 miles south of Lekong Yok.

  • Dêmqog may refer to: Dêmqog Ngari Prefecture Tibet Dêmqog Nyingchi Prefecture Tibet
  • Sênggê Zangbo, a river in Ngari or Shiquanhe Chinese: 狮泉河镇, i.e. Lion Spring River Town is the main town of Ngari Prefecture Tibet, China. Shiquanhe
  • established a new village at the southern location, whose name is spelt Dêmqog Travel writer Romesh Bhattacharji states that it was established as a trading

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Dêmqog traditionally transliterated as Demchok, is a village in the disputed Demchok sector that is administered as part of the Ngari Prefecture, Tibet. Dêmqog, Ngari Prefecture Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias. Dêmqog, Ngari Prefecture map with nearby places of interest pedia articles, food, lodging, parks, etc. What is the meaning of BDE, the hashtag BDE images, BDE means. Oiga, Ngari Prefecture.

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Dêmqog, Ngari Prefecture Visually.

Analysis Why Kashmir Matters The Diplomat Documents and E. What is the meaning of Jiamu, the name Jiamu means, Jiamu stands. Dêmqog data.

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Weather Forecast Dêmqog free 15 day weather forecasts Weather.

What does demqog mean Definition of demqog Word finder. Phajiru, Other. Demchok Facts for Kids Kiddle encyclopedia. Demchok Sector: Chinese soldier who strayed across LAC in.

Ngari Prefecture Forum.

Pedia talk:Project Geography zero. INSIGHTS DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS PIB SUMMARY 21. Charding Nullah: Small river on the border between China and India. Pedia: Geolocated pedia articles, downloaded 2015. Dêmqog, Ngari Prefecture to Lhasa 4 ways to travel via taxi, plane. Demchok, Tibet China Gorkhapedia. Dêmqog, Ngari Prefecture pedia.

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Ngari Prefecture wand Today Coronavirus Outbreak Breaking. Lhasa to Dêmqog, Ngari Prefecture 4 ways to travel via taxi, plane.

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