ⓘ Homeland, Baltimore

Homeland, Baltimore

ⓘ Homeland, Baltimore

Homeland is a neighborhood in the northern part of Baltimore, Maryland, United States. It is bounded roughly by Melrose Avenue on the north, Bellona Avenue on the east, Homeland Avenue on the south, and Charles Street on the west.

The Greater Homeland Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001 with 1.616 contributing buildings.


1. Demographics

97.8% of the houses in Homeland are occupied and 88.5% of that number are owner occupied. According to the last census, 88% of the residents are white, 8.6% are black, 1.8% Asian and 1.5% are Hispanic. 20% of the white residents are reported as Irish, another 20% English, 17% German and 10% Polish. The median family income is $136.383 with 1.2% of those in the workforce unemployed. 90.7% are high school graduates and 41% report having a graduate or professional degree.

Notable residents

  • Michael Middleton- Tennessee grad., professional lacrosse player
  • Ann Marie Doory- member, Maryland House of Delegates
  • Dr. John Marciari, Yale, author, curator, Morgan Library and Museum
  • Alec Ross author Democratic candidate for Maryland Governor
  • Martin OMalley- Maryland governor
  • Tom Marechek- Syracuse grad., professional lacrosse player
  • Denise Dory- news anchor, ABC2 News
  • Julia Marciari-Alexander, Yale, Executive Director, Walters Art Museum

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