ⓘ Loch Raven, Baltimore

Loch Raven, Baltimore

ⓘ Loch Raven, Baltimore

Loch Raven is a neighborhood in the Northeastern part of Baltimore, Maryland. It is located in the Upper Northwood Section of Northeast Baltimore east of Loch Raven Boulevard, west of Mount Pleasant Park, and borders the Baltimore City/County Line and served by the Loch Raven Improvement Association.


1. Demographics

Loch Raven is a predominantly residential neighborhood with houses that range from middle class to lower-income. According to the 2000 US Census, 5.930 people live in Loch Raven with 80% African-American and 16.5% White. The median family income is $42.702. 94.3% of the houses are occupied, and 44.1% of them are occupied by the homes owner.


2. Special Interest

Loch Raven is the name of a song on Animal Collectives sixth album, Feels. The band grew up in and around the suburbs of northern Baltimore and the adjacent Baltimore County, specifically Noah Lennox a.k.a. Panda Bear who grew up in the neighbouring suburb of Roland Park.

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