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Desis marina

Desis marina, the intertidal spider, is a spider species found in New Zealand, New Caledonia, and the Chatham Islands. It was first described by James Hector in 1878.


Dolomedes sulfureus

Dolomedes sulfureus is a species of spiders commonly known as fishing spiders belonging to the genus Dolomedes. They produce a venom that contains a group of neurotoxic peptides. The species is found in Russia, China, Korea, and Japan.


Gnaphosa alpica


Gnaphosa atramentaria


Gnaphosa iberica


Gnaphosa occidentalis


Gnaphosa oceanica


Gnaphosa prosperi


Gnaphosa secreta


Gnaphosa tetrica


Goeldia obscura

Goeldia obscura is a spider species from Colombia and Peru. It is not to be confused with Titanoeca quadriguttata from Europe; both shared the name Titanoeca obscura, but at different times. While G. obscura was never cited as T. obscura since it ...


Hexophthalma hahni

Hexophthalma hahni, known along with other members of the genus as the six-eyed sand spider, is a member of the family Sicariidae, found in deserts and other sandy places in southern Africa. Due to their flattened stance and laterigrade legs, the ...


Iwogumoa insidiosa

Iwogumoa insidiosa, formerly Coelotes insidiosus, is a species of spider in the family Agelenidae, found in Russia, Korea and Japan. It makes a home like a tube in stone walls, and also in paving stones around garden lanterns. The spider is 8-12 ...


Laminacauda montevidensis



As of April 2019 it contains six species: Leptoctenus byrrhus Simon, 1888 – USA, Mexico Leptoctenus daoxianensis Yin, Tang & Gong, 2000 – China Leptoctenus paradoxus F. O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1900 – Panama Leptoctenus gertschi Peck, 1981 – Mexico ...


Metaltella simoni

Females are about 8 to 9 mm long, males about 7 to 8.5 mm long. Most sexes are brown, with some darker parts, such as of the front of the carapace the upper surface of the cephalothorax, the ends of the legs and the chelicerae. The abdomen opisth ...


Misgolas rapax


Mopsus mormon

Mopsus mormon is an Australian spider species of the family Salticidae. It is the sole species in the genus Mopsus. It is found in New Guinea and eastern Australia. It is commonly called the green jumping spider.


Oxyopes elegans


Oxyopes macilentus

Oxyopes macilentus, sometimes known as the lean lynx spider, is a species of lynx spiders from East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and northern Australia. They are active predators, hunting invertebrates among vegetation. They are especially c ...


Pandava laminata

Padava laminata is a species of araneomorph spider in the family Titanoecidae. It is widely distributed from East Africa through China to New Guinea and the Marquesas Islands.


Pholcus quinquenotatus


Spartaeus spinimanus

The spiny-legged jumper, is a species of spider of the genus Spartaeus. It is found from Sri Lanka to Borneo, and Sumbawa. The most preferred prey is moths, where the spider builds large sheet webs on tree trunks to capture them.



Tetragonophthalma is a monotypic genus of Central African nursery web spiders containing the single species, Tetragonophthalma vulpina. It was first described by Ferdinand Anton Franz Karsch in 1878, and is only found in Africa.


St. Josephs Catholic Church (Owensboro, Kentucky)

The St. Joseph Catholic Church in Owensboro, Kentucky was a historic church at 4th and Clay Streets which was built during 1878–80. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. It was deemed "significant as the best example o ...


Curry Colonels football


Sharpes drongo

Sharpes drongo is a species of drongo found in sub-Saharan Africa, where it is distributed from southern South Sudan and western Kenya to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Nigeria east of the Niger River and south of the Benue River. Sharpe ...


Acropora capillaris


Echinopora fruticulosa

Colonies of Echinopora fruticulosa form dome-shaped clumps reaching a maximum diameter of 2 metres 6 ft 7 in and height of 1.5 metres 4 ft 11 in. It is an entirely ramose species, with single tubular corallites of about 5–8 millimetres 0.20–0.31 ...


Achaeus spinosus

The Achaeus spinosus carapace has an oval shape and does not exceed 4 centimetres or 1.6 inches in length. This crab possesses long fine clawless legs, except the front pair which is smaller and bears chelae pincers. The pedunculate eyes are red. ...


Alpheus deuteropus

Alpheus deuteropus or the petroglyph shrimp is a snapper or pistol shrimp in the family Alpheidae. It lives on coral reefs in tropical parts of the Indian and Pacific Oceans and in the Red Sea, as a commensal of corals such as Porites lobata. Its ...


Amphoroidea falcifer

Amphoroidea falcifer is an isopod of the family Sphaeromatidae, endemic to New Zealand. It grows up to 14 millimetres, and is found on algae such as Durvillea.


Arcitalitrus sylvaticus

Arcitalitrus sylvaticus, known generally as the lawn shrimp or landhopper, is a species of beach hopper in the family Talitridae. It is found in Australia and nearby areas of the Pacific but have been introduced to other places like California, N ...


Bathyal swimming crab

The bathyal swimming crab, Bathynectes longispina, is a species of crab in the family Polybiidae. This species lives on seamounts and knolls, at depths as great as 600 metres 2.000 ft. It appears similar to other members of the portunid family, b ...


Bathynomus giganteus

Bathynomus giganteus is a species of aquatic crustacean, of the order Isopoda. It is a member of the giant isopods, and it is related - albeit distantly - to shrimps and crabs. It is abundant in cold waters and a depth of 310–2.140 m 1.020–7.020 ...


Chaceon quinquedens

Chaceon quinquedens, commonly known as the red deep-sea crab, but sold as Atlantic deep sea red crab, or simply Atlantic red crab or red crab is a crab that lives in the Atlantic Ocean off the East Coast of the United States and Canada, from Nort ...


Echinoecus pentagonus

The "sea urchin crab" Echinoecus pentagonus is a species of crab in the family Pilumnidae found from the Red Sea and East Africa to French Polynesia and the Hawaiian Islands. This crab is a parasite that lives in the rectum of a sea urchin. In Ha ...


Haplophthalmus danicus

Haplophthalmus danicus, the terrestrial cave isopod, is a species of woodlouse in the family Trichoniscidae. It is found in Europe & Northern Asia, North America, Southern Asia, South America, and temperate Asia.


Platyxanthus crenulatus

Platyxanthus crenulatus is a species of crab in the family Platyxanthidae. The species is found along the sublittoral zone of the western Atlantic in the waters of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, associated mostly with hard bottoms. Adults are rob ...


Streptocephalus sealii

Streptocephalus sealii, the spiny-tail fairy shrimp, is a species of branchiopod in the family Streptocephalidae. It is found in Central America and North America.


Apareiodon affinis

Apareiodon affinis, the darter characine, is a species of fresh water ray-finned fish native to the Rio de la Plata Basin in southern Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina.


Atherinosoma elongata

Atherinosoma elongata, the elongate hardyhead, is a species of silverside from the family Atherinidae. This species is found in shallow estuaries, sheltered bays, inlets, lagoons and estuaries in southwestern and southern Australia from the Bowes ...


Balkhash minnow


Chomatodus angustus


Cottus reinii


Crossoloricaria variegata

Crossoloricaria variegata is a species of armored catfish native to Panama where it is found in the Mamoni, Tuira and Yape River basins and Colombia where it is found in the San Juan and Sinu River basins. This species grows to a length of 26.5 c ...


Cyclocheilichthys sinensis

Cyclocheilichthys sinensis is known to be found in a freshwater environment within a benthopelagic range. This species is native to a subtropical climate.


Doederleinia berycoides

The blackthroat seaperch, also known as the rosy seabass, is a species of fish in the family Acropomatidae, the temperate ocean-basses or lanternbellies. It is the only species in the monotypic genus Doederleinia. It is native to the eastern Indi ...


Gasteropelecus maculatus

Gasteropelecus maculatus is a freshwater pelagic fish found in Central and South America from eastern Panama through western Colombia. It growth up to 6.4 cm and feeds on small crustaceans, larvae and mosquitoes.


Gymnocranius euanus

Gymnocranius euanus, the Japanese large-eye bream, is a species of emperor native to the Indo Pacific found at depths of 15 to 50 meters. The average length of this species is 35 cm.

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