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Holcostethus limbolarius


Homaemus bijugis


Hoplistoscelis sericans


Hoplitimyia constans


Irbisia brachycera


Irbisia pacifica


Labops hesperius


Lasioglossum texanum


Lasiomerus annulatus


Lejops polygrammus


Lejota aerea


Leptogaster brevicornis


Litaneutria longipennis


Megachile albitarsis


Megachile amica


Megachile arundinacea


Megachile comata


Megachile exilis


Megachile fortis


Megachile frugalis


Megachile gentilis

Megachile gentilis is a solitary, robust, non-metallic bee. The basal section of tergum is concave towards the front and is without ridges. The species is black in colour and its dorsal metathorax metanotum is almost perpendicular with the rear o ...


Megachile inimica


Megachile lapponica


Melanoplus occidentalis


Melissodes rivalis


Melitoma marginella


Metatropiphorus belfragii


Metrioptera saussuriana

Metrioptera saussuriana is a species belonging to the family Tettigoniidae subfamily Tettigoniinae.It is a high meadow species found on many mountains and low mountain ranges in southern Europe. Its range extends in the Iberian Peninsula from Por ...


Microporus obliquus


Microstylum morosum


Myolepta strigilata


Nabis roseipennis


Nabis rufusculus


Neivamyrmex nigrescens

Neivamyrmex nigrescens is a North American species of army ant in the genus Neivamyrmex. The species is found in the United States and Mexico, and is the most widely distributed Neivamyrmex species in the United States. Due to its wide range, it ...


Nemomydas tenuipes


Neodexiopsis calopyga


Neottiglossa cavifrons


Neottiglossa sulcifrons


Nicocles aemulator


Nomada texana

Nomada texana as stated above is a species of bee. With males measuring from 7–10 mm ≈.275-.394 in. and females measuring at around 8–9 mm ≈.314-.354 in. they can only get around a centimeter in length. These bees are colored both yellow and blac ...


Notiphila pulchrifrons


Nysius raphanus

Nysius raphanus is a small North American insect in the order Hemiptera and family Lygaeidae. They are grey to brown in color, with largely transparent wings, and can release an offensive odor similar to stinkbugs. They have no larval stage, inst ...


Ogcodes eugonatus


Oncocephalus geniculatus


Opeia obscura

Opeia obscura, the obscure grasshopper, is a species of slant-faced grasshopper in the family Acrididae. It is found in Central America and North America.


Orthotylus dorsalis


Osmia subfasciata


Osmia texana


Paracosmus edwardsii


Pegomya carduorum

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