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Andersons Oldfield mouse


Bharattherium bonapartei


Protonycteris gunnelli


Amphidromus sekincauensis


Gastropods described in 2007


Cnemaspis amith


Cnemaspis gemunu


Cnemaspis kallima


Cnemaspis kumarasinghei

Cnemaspis kumarasinghei, commonly known as Kumarasinghes day gecko, is a species of diurnal gecko in the family Gekkonidae. The species is endemic to the island of Sri Lanka.


Cnemaspis latha


Cnemaspis pava


Cnemaspis phillipsi


Cnemaspis pulchra


Cnemaspis punctata


Cnemaspis retigalensis


Cnemaspis samanalensis


Cnemaspis silvula


Cryptoblepharus yulensis


Cyrtodactylus chauquangensis


Cyrtodactylus cryptus


Hemidactylus aquilonius


Lankascincus greeri


Lankascincus sripadensis


Short-limbed bend-toed gecko

The short-limbed bend-toed gecko is a species of gecko. The gecko is distinguished from others due to its distinctly short limbs, stout body and large head. In appearance the it is similar to Altiphylax stoliczkai and Altiphylax baturensis. The n ...


Africepheia madagascariensis


Agyneta tenuipes



As of June 2019 it contains five species, found only in Africa: Anansus kamwai Huber, 2014 – Cameroon Anansus ewe Huber, 2007 – West Africa Anansus aowin Huber, 2007 type – Ivory Coast Anansus debakkeri Huber, 2007 – Congo Anansus atewa Huber & K ...


Ariamnes makue

Ariamnes makue is a species of spider in the Theridiidae family. They are endemic to the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. Males range in size from 5.3 to 5.7 millimetres and females from 5.8 to 6.3 millimetres. The name derives from the Ha ...


Ariamnes uwepa

Ariamnes uwepa is a species of spider from the family Theridiidae. It is only known to be found on Oahu, in the Hawaiian Islands. The name derives from the Hawaiian word "uwepa," meaning whip.


Ariamnes waikula

Ariamnes waikula is a species of spider from the Theridiidae family. The species is known only from the island of Hawaii, in the state of Hawaii. The type specimen was collected from wet forest habitat at 1.067 meters elevation. The species is na ...


Cenotextricella simoni


Cerbalus aravaensis

Cerbalus aravaensis is a huntsman spider found in the southern Arava Valley of Israel and Jordan. The species was first described by Gorshom Levy of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2007, though news agencies later reported it in 2010 as a n ...



As of May 2019 it contains ten species: Drassodex validior Simon, 1914 – France Drassodex hypocrita Simon, 1878 type – Europe Drassodex granja Herve, Roberts & Murphy, 2009 – Spain Drassodex lesserti Schenkel, 1936 – France, Switzerland Drassodex ...



Enielkenie is a genus of East Asian araneomorph spiders in the Anapidae family, containing the single species, Enielkenie acaroides. It was first described by H. Ono, Y. H. Chang & I. M. Tso in 2007, and has only been found in Taiwan.


Euophrys kawkaban


Evarcha arabica


Evarcha improcera


Evarcha seyun



Gigapassus is a monotypic genus of South American dwarf spiders containing the single species, Gigapassus octarine. It was first described by J. A. Miller in 2007, and has only been found in Argentina.


Habrocestum gibbosum


Habrocestum ignorabile


Habrocestum virginale



As of May 2019 it contains seventeen species, found in Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Middle Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda: Holmelgonia annulata Jocque & Scharff, 1986 – Tanzania Holmelgonia limpida Miller, 1970 – Angola Holmelgonia fal ...


Ipa (spider)

As of May 2019 it contains four species, found in Czech Republic, France, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and Ukraine: Ipa keyserlingi Ausserer, 1867 type – Europe, Caucasus Ipa terrenus L. Koch, 1879 – France, Czech ...



Kagurargus is a monotypic genus of Asian dwarf spiders containing the single species, Kagurargus kikuyai. It was first described by H. Ono in 2007, and has only been found in Japan.



Karita is a monotypic genus of dwarf spiders containing the single species, Karita paludosa. It was first described by A. V. Tanasevitch in 2007, and has only been found in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Russia, and United Kingdom.


Laminacauda baerti



As of May 2019 it contains four species: Leptodrassex memorialis Spassky, 1940 – Greece, Ukraine, Russia Europe to Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Mongolia Leptodrassex simoni Dalmas, 1919 type – Portugal, Spain, France, Lebanon Leptodrassex ...



As of April 2019 it contains seven species, all found in Madagascar: Mahafalytenus fo Silva-Davila, 2007 – Madagascar Mahafalytenus isalo Silva-Davila, 2007 – Madagascar Mahafalytenus tsilo Silva-Davila, 2007 type – Madagascar Mahafalytenus hafa ...


Menemerus patellaris

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