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Golden West Homes


Hart Housing


Karsten Company


Luv Homes


Marlette Homes


Norris Homes


Schult Homes


Southern Energy Homes




TruValue Homes


World Book, Inc.






KCBX Terminals

KCBX Terminals is a petcoke, coal, salt, slag, cement, and clinker processing facility and ocean freight docking and loading services facility owned by Koch Industries located in Hegewisch, Chicago.


M1117 Armored Security Vehicle

The M1117 Guardian, also denoted Armored Security Vehicle, is an internal security vehicle based on the V-100 and V-150 Commando series of armored cars. It was developed in the late 1990s for service with the United States Military Police Corps. ...


Stingray light tank

The Stingray, sometimes known as the Commando Stingray, is a light tank produced by Textron Marine & Land Systems division. It was specifically designed to use as many existing components of other American armored fighting vehicles as possible to ...


Textron aircraft



Vinhomes is the largest commercial real estate developer in Vietnam. Founded as a subsidiary of Vingroup, the company was spun off in 2018 and 10% of shares sold in an IPO. After the first day of trading, the company was already the second larges ...


Iga Railway Iga Line

The Iga Line is a railway line in Iga, Mie, Japan, operated by the private railway operator Iga Railway Co., Ltd. The line connects Iga-Ueno Station with Iga-Kambe Station. The track and trains are owned by Kintetsu Railway, although the trains a ...


Kintetsu templates


Helios Techno Holding Co., Ltd.

Helios Techno Holding is a Japanese holding company located in Himeji, Hyogo which is active in four business fields: lamps, manufacturing equipment, inspection equipment, and human resource services. It was formed in 2009 through business acquis ...


Metinvest International

Metinvest International SA is a Swiss-based steel trading company established in 1997. It is located in Geneva, and is the distribution channel of Steel and Rolled Products Division and Iron Ore Division of Metinvest Group.


Anacostia Rail Holdings Company

Anacostia Rail Holdings Company is a transportation development and consulting firm responsible for the operations of several railroads: Pacific Harbor Line Louisville and Indiana Railroad Gulf Coast Switching New York and Atlantic Railway Northe ...


Gulf and Ohio Railways

Gulf & Ohio Railways is a holding company for four different short-line railroads in the Southern United States, as well as a tourist-oriented passenger train, and locomotive leasing and repair service through Knoxville Locomotive Works. Gulf & O ...


Iowa Pacific Holdings

Iowa Pacific Holdings was a holding company that owned railroad properties across North America and the United Kingdom, as well as providing services such as railcar repairs, leasing, management and consulting services to other operators. The com ...


Iron Road Railways

Iron Road Railways Incorporated was a railroad holding company which owned several short line railroads in the U.S. state of Maine, as well as the Canadian provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. IRR was formed in 1994 and headquarter ...


North American RailNet



OmniTRAX, Inc. is a transportation and transportation infrastructure holding company based in Denver, Colorado, in the United States. It primarily owns and operates railroads, with a network of 21 regional and shortline railroads in 12 U.S. state ...


Plant Investment Company


Rail Management Corporation

Durden Enterprises II Inc - Formally Rail Management Corporation, based in Panama City Beach, Florida, was a holding company of short line railroads in the southeastern United States.


Railroad Acquisition Holdings

Railroad Acquisition Holdings, LLC is a railroad holding company which owns several railroads in the U.S. states of Florida, Maine, and Vermont, as well as the Canadian province of Quebec. RAH was formed on December 10, 2013, and is a wholly owne ...



Not to be confused with the Railtex International Exhibition in Birmingham, UK RailTex was a transportation holding company that specialized in owning and operating short line railroads across North America. Based in San Antonio, Texas, the publi ...


Regional Rail, LLC

Regional Rail, LLC is a company operating short-line railroads in Delaware, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania. It operates 6 railroads: East Penn Railroad, Florida Central Railroad, Florida Midland Railroad, Florida Northern Railroad, Middletow ...


Richmond–Washington Company


Transco Railway Products

Transco was founded in October 1936, with its business mainly focused on servicing the railroad industry. In 1984, the company was restructured, with Transco Inc. now serving as the parent company for a number of subsidiary corporations, includin ...


Transtar, Inc.

Transtar, Inc. is a subsidiary of the United States Steel Corporation. It was organized in 1988 to own U.S. Steels railroad and other transportation subsidiaries. Transtar owns or has owned the following companies:


White Pass and Yukon Corporation


Wisconsin Central Transportation Corporation


Genesee & Wyoming


Gulf and Ohio Railways




Patriot Rail Company


Pinsly Railroad Company


Pioneer Railcorp




Watco Companies




Cladoceras subcapitatum

Cladoceras is a monotypic genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae. The genus contains only one species, viz. Cladoceras subcapitatum, which is endemic to eastern Kenya and Tanzania.


Sears "Design the 1988 Wish Book Cover" Contest

The "Design the 1988 Wish Book Cover" contest, sponsored by Sears, was a nationwide challenge for all children ages four to eleven giving them a chance to have their artwork displayed on the cover of the Christmas Wish Book, Sears annual Christma ...


Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS)

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