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Uranoscopus brunneus

Uranoscopus brunneus, the dark-finned stargazer, is a newly discovered member of the group Uranoscopidae, the benthic living fishes distributed worldwide in tropical and temperate oceans.


Andixius longispinus

Andixius longispinus, is a species of planthoppers belonging to the family Cixiidae. It is endemic to China. Body length of male is 6.2–6.5mm and female is 7.2 mm. Body and antennae yellowish brown. Eyes brown with faint yellow ocelli. Forewing s ...


Andixius trifurcus

Andixius trifurcus, is a species of planthoppers belonging to the family Cixiidae. It is endemic to China. Body length of male is 6.4–6.8mm and female is 7.9–8.2mm. Body yellowish brown. Antennae blackish brown. Eyes brown with faint yellow ocell ...


Cotesia nuellorum

Cotesia nuellorum is a species of wasp in the genus Cotesia first described by Whitfield in 2018. It is found in the US state of Texas. The body of the female is mostly dark except for the palps. Antennae scape is black. Pedicel dark brown and fl ...


Diolcogaster ichiroi

Diolcogaster ichiroi is a species of parasitoid wasps within the family Braconidae. The species name was chosen in reference to Ichiro Suzuki, a professional baseball player. The species has only been collected at the Archbold Biological Station ...


Gonatopus jacki


Habroteleia mutabilis

Female is slightly larger than male. Body length of female is about 3.60–3.74 mm, whereas male is 3.36–3.72 mm. Mesosoma blackish to orange in color. Metasoma are blackish to eorange with dark brown to black patches. Antennae scrobe foveate. Cent ...


Habroteleia salebra

Female is slightly larger than male. Body length of female is about 4.28–4.90 mm, whereas male is 4.30–4.73 mm. Mesosoma and metasoma are black. Antennae scrobe smooth. Central keel absent.


Habroteleia soa

Habroteleia soa, is a species of wasp belonging to the family Platygastridae. It is the most geographically disjunct member of the genus, which is separated by other members by the Indian Ocean. It is found in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.


Habroteleia spinosa

Male is larger than female. Body length of female is about 3.51–3.52 mm, whereas male is 3.37–3.81 mm. Mesosoma and metasoma are black. Antennae scrobe is punctate rugose. Central keel present.


Ivondrovia grangeri

Body length of female is 7.3–7.9 mm. Head smooth, high and transverse. Occiput distinctly concave. Ocelli arranged in slightly obtuse triangle. Frons slightly concave. Eyes glabrous. Clypeus almost flat laterally. No malar suture. Blackish antenn ...



Paramonovius nightking is a species of bee fly in the family Bombyliidae that is endemic to a restricted area of western Australia. It is the only member of the monotypic genus Paramonovius. Based on morphology, it is the sister genus to Sisyromy ...


Beetles described in 2018


Butterflies described in 2018


Moths described in 2018


Palawan moss shrew

The Palawan moss shrew is a species of shrew found on Mount Mantalingajan in the Philippines. The shrew is one of two other unique species only found on Mount Mantalingajan.


Wallaces large spiny rat

The Wallaces large spiny rat is a rodent found on the Obi Islands of Bisa and Obi in the Molucca archipelago of Indonesia. The genus Halmaheramys was originally thought to include only one species, endemic to Halmahera, giving the genus its scien ...


Gastropods described in 2018


Attenboroughs fan-throated lizard

Attenboroughs fan-throated lizard is a species of fan-throated lizards in the genus Sitana found in coastal Kerala in southern India. This species was described in 2018 and is morphologically close to Sitana visiri, but has a higher numbers of ve ...


Burrup Peninsula rock gehyra


Crescent-marked Pilbara gehyra


Cyrtodactylus tahuna


Gekko popaense


Hamersley Range spotted gehyra


Hemidactylus sahgali


Kimberley granular-toed gecko


Large Pilbara rock gehyra


Large spotted midwest rock gehyra


Litchfield spotted gecko


Lophocalotes achlios


Medium Pilbara spotted rock gehyra


Mesalina austroarabica


North West Cape gehyra


Northern Kimberley gecko


Northern Pilbara cryptic gehyra


Nui Chua bent-toed gecko

The Nui Chua bent-toed gecko is a species of gecko of the genus Cyrtodactylus. It is endemic of southern Vietnam. The specific epithet sangi honors Nguyen Ngoc Sang, who has helped the herpetological community with their work in the taxonomy and ...


Paroedura fasciata


Paroedura kloki


Paroedura spelaea


Pilbara island gehyra


Small Pilbara spotted rock gehyra


Small-spotted midwest rock gehyra


Southern Kimberley spotted gecko


Trigonodactylus persicus


Tropiocolotes confusus


Western cryptic gehyra



Diminutella is a genus of spiders in the family Sparassidae. It was first described in 2018 by Rheims and Alayon. It is a monotypic genus with one described species, Diminutella cortina. It is endemic to Pinar del Rio, Cuba.


Dolomedes briangreenei


Maratus unicup

Maratus unicup is a species of jumping spider of the genus Maratus. The species was identified in 2018 while biologist Jurgen Otto and associate David Hill were looking for the peacock spider species Maratus tortus in southern Western Australia i ...


Uroballus kinabalu

Uroballus kinabalu is a species of spider of the genus Uroballus. It is endemic to the Malaysian part of Borneo. This species is closest to Uroballus koponeni. U. koponeni has different spermathecal chambers, longer spinnerets, and long abdominal ...

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