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2010s French civil utility aircraft


2010s German civil utility aircraft


2010s Hungarian civil utility aircraft


2010s international civil utility aircraft


2010s Norwegian civil utility aircraft


2010s Swiss civil utility aircraft


2010s United States civil utility aircraft


2010s Cypriot helicopters


2010s Czech sailplanes


2010s French helicopters


2010s German helicopters


2010s German sailplanes


2010s Hungarian helicopters


2010s Indian helicopters


2010s international helicopters


2010s Italian helicopters


2010s Italian sailplanes


Aviatik Alliance Aleks-251

The Aviatik Alliance Aleks-251 is a twin engine, parasol wing amphibious aircraft designed and built in Russia in the early 2010s. It can carry up to six passengers.



The OSKBES MAI-208 is a single-engine, two-seat autogyro, designed and built in Russia, which utilises the fuselage of the MAI-223 ultralight. It had been completed but not flown by spring 2010.


2010s Slovenian sailplanes


2010s Slovenian civil utility aircraft


2010s South Korean helicopters


2010s Swiss helicopters


2010s Ukrainian helicopters


2010s United States helicopters


2010s United States special-purpose aircraft


Bertoni-Altinger BA-1 Superalbatros

The Bertoni Altinger AB-1 Superalbatros, is a high-performance sailplane designed and built in Argentina in the 1950s and 1960s.


Mantelli AM-6


1940s Brazilian experimental aircraft


Project Fresson

Project Fresson is the development by Cranfield Aerospace of an electric propulsion system for the over 700 BN-2 Islanders currently operated, supported by Britten-Norman.


Manuel gliders


Rabouyt D2

The Rabouyt D2 was a two-seat autogyro, with an engine driven rotor for vertical take-offs. In level flight the aircraft was powered by the same engine driving a shrouded, pusher configuration propeller. It was designed and built in France in the ...


1900s French experimental aircraft


1910s French experimental aircraft


1920s French experimental aircraft


1930s French experimental aircraft


1950s French experimental aircraft


1960s French experimental aircraft


1990s French experimental aircraft


2000s French experimental aircraft


1940s French experimental aircraft


1910s German experimental aircraft


2010s German experimental aircraft


Akaflieg Berlin B1

The Akaflieg Berlin B1 Charlotte, was a glider built in Germany in the 1920s. It featured a high-wing, tailless sailplane configuration of all-wood construction, which had a pair of skids for landing.


Akaflieg Hannover AFH-24

Data from General characteristics Wing area: 10.27 m 2 110.5 sq ft Crew: 1 Aspect ratio: 21.91 Airfoil: HQ Gross weight: 500 kg 1.102 lb Wing loading: 46.7 kg/m 2 9.6 lb/sq ft Wingspan: 15.00 m 49 ft 3 in Empty weight: 245 kg 540 lb


Akaflieg Stuttgart fs33

Development of the fs33 began in 1990 in response to the redefinition of the FAI two-seater Competition Class in 1989. Additionally, the aircraft should be of high performance, while also possessing pleasant handling characteristics and being via ...


Schempp-Hirth TG-15

Schempp-Hirth TG-15 is a designation used by the United States military. It has two variants: TG-15B: Standard Class glider, the Schempp-Hirth Discus-2 TG-15A: high performance two seat glider, Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus


1910s Italian experimental aircraft


1920s Italian experimental aircraft


1930s Italian experimental aircraft

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