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Chateau de Chalucet

The Chateau de Chalucet, a ruined castle, is in the commune of Saint-Jean-Ligoure, about 10 km to the south of Limoges, in the departement of Haute-Vienne, and less than 2 km from the Pole de Lanaud. The ruins dominate the confluence of the river ...


Chateau de Chalus-Chabrol

The Chateau de Chalus-Chabrol is a castle in the commune of Chalus in the departement of Haute-Vienne, France. The castle dominates the town of Chalus. It consists today of an isolated circular keep 12th century and a residential building constru ...


Chateau de la Faye (Villexavier)

The Chateau de la Faye is a manor house in Villexavier, in the Charente-Maritime region of France. The Chateau belonged to the Guinanson family in the 15th century but was sold in 1683 to Claude-Louis de Saint-Simon-Montbleru. During the revoluti ...


Dax Cathedral

Dax Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church in the town of Dax in the Landes departement of France. The diocese of Dax was not restored after the French Revolution but with several others, including Aire, was added to the Diocese of Bayonne by the C ...


Eglise Saint-Germain, Royere-de-Vassiviere

The Eglise Saint-Germain de Royere-de-Vassiviere is a Gothic church built in Royere-de-Vassiviere in the department of Creuse and region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The church was included in the inventory of monuments historiques on 9 March 1963. The ...


Chateau de Faye (Flavignac)

The Chateau de Faye is a house located in the commune of Flavignac, in the Haute-Vienne departement of France It has been owned by Philippe Rosier since 1997.


Chateau de Lastours

The Chateau de Lastours is a ruined castle in the commune of Rilhac-Lastours in the Haute-Vienne departement of France. Construction began in the 12th century. Today in ruins, it was the former seat of the seigneurs and later barons of Lastours. ...


Chateau de Mauleon

The Chateau de Mauleon, known as vieux chateau, is a castle in the commune of Mauleon-Licharre, in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques departement of France. It was registered as a monument historique on 4 May 1925.


Chateau de Maytie

Chateau de Maytie, also known as Chateau dAndurain is a castle located at 1 rue du Jeu-de-Paume, Mauleon-Licharre, in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques department, Aquitaine region, southwestern France. It is a Renaissance building of the end of the 16th ...


Monuments historiques of Vienne


Bethlehem Chapel (Saint-Jean-de-Boiseau)

Bethlehem Chapel is a Roman Catholic chapel, located in the French community of Saint-Jean-de-Boiseau in Loire-Atlantique, beside district road 58, between Saint-Jean-de-Boiseau and Le Pellerin. Classified as a historic monument in 1911, restored ...


Chateau de Clisson

The Chateau de Clisson is a castle in the commune of Clisson in the Loire-Atlantique departement of France. It stands on the right bank of the Sevre Nantaise.


Laval Cathedral

Laval Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church and a national monument in Laval, France. The cathedral has been listed since 1840 as a monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture. Since the establishment of the Diocese of Laval in 1855, it ...


Chateau of Moulinvieux

Chateau of Moulinvieux is a chateau built in the 17th century at Asnieres-sur-Vegre in the departement of Sarthe, France. Parts of it are listed as monuments historiques.


Chapelle Sainte-Agathe

The Chapelle Sainte-Agathe is a chapel located in Saint-Maime in the French department of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. It was erected in the 12th-century.


Glandeves Cathedral

Glandeves Cathedral, now the Chapelle de lHopital, is a Roman Catholic church located in the former town of Glandeves, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. It was abandoned in the Middle Ages for the more secure site of the present Entrevaux. Only the chevet ...


Monuments historiques of Alpes-Maritimes


Monuments historiques of Bouches-du-Rhone


Castles in Baden-Wurttemberg


Castles in Bavaria


Castles in Brandenburg


Castles in Hesse


Castles in Lower Saxony


Castles in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


Castles in Rhineland-Palatinate


Castles in Saarland


Castles in Saxony-Anhalt


Castles in Schleswig-Holstein


Castles in Thuringia


Metternich Castle

Metternich Castle is an ancient castle in the Rhineland-Palatinate state of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is also known as the Beilstein Castle, due to its location in Beilstein, Rhineland-Palatinate.


Ramstein Castle (Kordel)

The ruins of Ramstein Castle stand on a 182-metre-high, Bunter sandstone rock on the edge of the Meulenwald forest in the lower Kyll valley near Kordel in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The hill castle was built in the early 14th centu ...


Alte Burg (Aull)

The Alte Burg, formerly Hofgut Aull, is a mediaeval water castle in Aull in the county of Rhein-Lahn-Kreis in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.


Burgau Castle

The earliest findings can be traced back to the year 1100. The building was constructed on a motte. Even today the manor house is situated on an island with a diameter of 50 meters. The keep also dates back to the Middle Ages; after that the sout ...


Calvorde Castle

Calvorde Castle is located in Calvorde in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. Its existence was first recorded in the late 13th century. In the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Period it was frequently fought over due to its location between the ...


Hulsede Water Castle

Hulsede Water Castle is a water castle in the Weser Renaissance style located in Hulsede in the German state of Lower Saxony between the Suntel and Deister ridges.


Inzlingen Castle

Inzlingen Castle, also Reichenstein Castle is a medieval castle surrounded by a moat situated in the village of Inzlingen. Inzlingen is located in the district of Lorrach, Baden-Wurttemberg, in the very south-west of Germany just at the Swiss bor ...


Schloss Kothen

Schloss Kothen is a palace in Kothen, Germany. Begun as a castle, it was protected by a moat. It was the residence of the Princes and Dukes of Anhalt from 1244 to 1847, and now belongs to a foundation for the preservation of sites in Saxony-Anhal ...


Leonrod Castle

Leonrod Castle, also called Lewenrode Castle, is a ruined water castle on a manmade lake in the Bibert valley on the edge of the parish of Leonrod in the market town of Dietenhofen in Ansbach county in the German state of Bavaria.


Nassenfels Castle

Nassenfels Castle stands at the edge of the market village of Nassenfels in the county of Eichstatt in Upper Bavaria. The former water castle is still lived in and may only be viewed from the outside.


Reipoltskirchen Castle

Reipoltskirchen Castle is a water castle in the parish of Reipoltskirchen in the county of Kusel in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is one of the best preserved water castles in the Palatinate region. The castle stands at a height of ...


Water castles in North Rhine-Westphalia


Castles in Dun Laoghaire–Rathdown


Castles in County Monaghan


Lions Gate

Lions Gate is a gate in the walls of the Old City in Jerusalem. It is one of seven open gates in the Old City walls.


Castles in Abruzzo


Castles in Aosta Valley


Castles in Apulia


Castles in Basilicata


Castles in Calabria


Castles in Campania

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