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Oued Zitoun (Tunisia)

The Oued Zitoun is a river of Tunisia, North Africa. The Oued Zitoum is a tributary of the Oued Sejenane which flows into the Mediterranean near Bizerte. The river is known for the Cascades of Oued Zitoun, and is near to Ichkeul National Park, an ...


Berdan River

The Berdan, the ancient Cydnus, is a river in Mersin Province, south Turkey. The historical city of Tarsus is by the river and it is sometimes called the Tarsus River.


Gelevara Deresi

Gelevara Deresi is one of two main streams of Espiye, a district of Giresun province in the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. Its two main tributaries arise in the highlands of Espiye district of Giresun and Torul district of Gumushane. In the ...


Efrenk River

Efrenk River is a short river in Mersin Province, Turkey. It was originally called Efrenk River. After a mosque named Muftu Mosque was built by the river in Mersin, it was popularly renamed Muftu River.


Sini Creek

Sini Creek is a creek in Mersin Province, south Turkey. The headwaters are in Toros Mountains to the south of Yarmasu village of Gulnar ilçe district where it is called Kazıklı Dere. In the northern part of Bozyazı ilçe the creek is named Gokdere ...


Tece Creek

Tece Creek is a creek in Mersin Province, Turkey. Its headwaters are around Fındıkpınarı in the Toros Mountains. In upper reaches it is also called Fındık Creek. It flows to Mediterranean Sea at 36°41′54″N 34°27′40″E. Tece town is by the creek.


Tomuk Creek

Tomuk Creek is an irregular-flow creek in Turkey. It is in Erdemli ilçe of Mersin Province. The upper reaches are in Toros Mountains at 1.500 metres altitude. However, after the construction of Karakız Lake now it is fed by the lake Its main cour ...


Lwajjali River

The Lwajjali River is located in Central Uganda. It starts from the swamp, west of the village of Kisweera, in Mukono District, the Central Region of Uganda. It flows in a northwestern direction at first, then turns north and then northeast to em ...


River Kafu

The Kafu River is located in the western part of Uganda. It starts from a swamp approximately 12 kilometres 7.5 mi, northeast of the village of Kitoma, in Kibaale District, Western Uganda. It flows eastwards at first, then it turns north, to empt ...


River Muzizi

The River Muzizi is located in the western part of Uganda. It starts from the hills, northwest of the town of Mubende in Mubende District, Central Uganda. It flows in a northwestern direction to empty into Lake Albert, on the border between Ugand ...


River Muzizi


Rivers of Crimea




List of Louisiana Natural and Scenic Rivers

The Louisiana Natural and Scenic Rivers System was established in 1970, administered by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, and includes approximately 3000 miles of waterways.


Rivers of Yellowstone National Park


Arroyo de las Piedras

Arroyo de las Piedras is a river in Uruguay. Arroyo de las Piedras runs in the departments of Canelones and Montevideo, as the boundary line it serves. According to Orestes Araujo, it rises between the Cuchilla Grande and one of its foothills eas ...


Colorado Creek

The Colorado Creek is a river in Uruguay. It rises in the eastern part of the city Las Piedras. From there it flows, while forming the boundary between Las Piedras and Progreso, initially in a north-westerly direction before its course from the c ...


Caura River (Venezuela)

The Caura, is a tributary of the Orinoco River, located in Bolivar State in Venezuela. Its flow is the second after the Caroni River among the affluents of the Orinoco River, with almost 3.000 cubic metres per second. The river is inhabited by bo ...


Chama River (Venezuela)

The Rio Chama, is one of the main rivers of the state of Merida in Venezuela. The headwaters of the Chama are the Mifafi high lands, in the Andes Range, near the town of Apartaderos. Its outlet is at Lake Maracaibo. From the headwaters to an elev ...


Padamo River


Pasimoni River

The Pasimoni River is a river in the state of Amazonas, Venezuela. It is a tributary of the Casiquiare canal, in turn a tributary of the Rio Negro. The Pasimoni forms on the northern slope of the Cerro de la Neblina and flows northward to Casiqui ...


Luoc River

The river Luoc also known by the formal Sino-Vietnamese name song Phu Nong, is a tributary river to the Hồng River and Thai Bình River. Nguyễn Du wrote about the song Luoc in his chữ Nho poem Feeling on Crossing the Phu Nong giang 渡富農江感作.


Ikwelo River

The name Gweru is a further distortion of the name Gwelo which was a distortion of the name Ikwelo meaning a very steep place where one would usually use a ladder upwards or downwards. Itself a distortion of the original Kalanga name of Gwelu an ...


Sebakwe River

Sebakwe River or Zibagwe River is a river in Zimbabwe. Sebakwe River is located in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe. It has a length 150 kilometres 93 mi straight line from source to mouth, and is a tributary of Munyati River which it joins in Z ...


Sounds of Western Australia


Ballenero Channel

The Ballenero Channel runs between the Tierra del Fuego and Cook, Londonderry and the Stewart Islands and joints the Pomar Channel and OBrien Channel to the Desolada Bay and to the Pacific ocean. It is part of the official route between Puerto Wi ...


Trinidad Channel

Trinidad Channel is a channel in Chile that leads to seaward from the northern end of Concepcion Channel, is exceedingly useful to pass out to the Pacific ocean from the Patagonian Channels in case it is desirable to avoid the possible delay occa ...


Bohai Strait


Ōshima Strait

The Ōshima Strait is a strait between the islands of Amami Ōshima and Kakeromajima in Japan. It is part of the Amami Guntō National Park.


Tsushima Strait

Tsushima Strait or Eastern Channel is a channel of the Korea Strait, which lies between Korea and Japan, connecting the Sea of Japan, the Yellow Sea, and the East China Sea. The strait is the channel to the east and southeast of Tsushima Island, ...



Aubosund or Audbosund is a small strait between the islands of Aubo and Bjergoy in the Sjernaroyane archipelago in Finnoy municipality, Rogaland county, Norway. The strait was the site of an old trading place and transportation hub, and today the ...


Dampier Strait (Papua New Guinea)

Dampier Strait in Papua New Guinea separates Umboi Island and New Britain, linking the Bismarck Sea to the north with the deeper Solomon Sea to the south.


Babuyan Channel


Maramasike Passage

The Maramasike Passage is a narrow passage which separates the two main islands of Malaita Province in the Solomon Islands, the larger Malaita and the smaller South Malaita Island, also known as Maramasike. A similar passage is found between the ...



The Rigolets is a 12.9 kilometer long deepwater strait in Louisiana. "Rigolets" comes from the word rigole, French for "trench" or "gutter." The name is now locally pronounced "RIG-uh-leez." The strait begins at 30°10′40″N 89°44′40″W and follows ...


Yapunyah waterhole

Yapunyah Waterhole lies in the Mulga Lands bioregion of western Queensland. The waterhole is about two kilometres long and covers approximately 22 hectares when full. It is defined as a permanent waterhole in a region where permanent waterholes a ...


Bottle Cove

Bottle Cove is located on the west coast of Newfoundland. It opens directly onto the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, although it is typically included in the regional descriptor, "Bay of Islands," which lies at the mouth of the Humber Arm. Bottle Cove is ...


Grebe Cove


Poison Cove


Thors Cove


Gulf of Zula

The Gulf lies 15 km 9 mi to the east of Massawa, near the midpoint of the Eritrean coast. It is located between the Foro Subregion and the Buri Peninsula of the Ghelaelo Subregion, both in the countrys Northern Red Sea region. On the west side of ...


Rivers of the Falkland Islands

Due its geography and geology, the Falkland Islands has no particularly large rivers. Those of some length tend to be sluggish, often ending in one of the frequent fjords or large inlets surrounding the Islands as creeks. However, as the Islands ...


Falkland Sound

The Falkland Sound is a sea strait in the Falkland Islands. Running southwest-northeast, it separates West and East Falkland.


Toulon Roads


Bodies of water of Saxon Switzerland


List of waterbodies in Schleswig-Holstein

Wielener See Wardersee bei Bad Segeberg Wittensee Westensee Wellsee Wardersee Kreis Rendsburg-Eckernforde Windebyer Noor


Stordalen Havn

Stordalen Havn is a small, sheltered natural harbour at the northern end of Torsukattak Fjord in the district of Nanortalik, in Greenland. Nearby Alleruusakasiit and Angiartarfik mountains have a good reputation among alpinists.


Umivik Bay

Umivik Bay, also known as Umiivik and Umerik, is a bay in King Frederick VI Coast, southeastern Greenland. It is part of the Sermersooq municipality. Unlike the jagged and forbidding appearance of most fjord systems in East Greenland, the Umivik ...


Ikaasaartik Strait

The strait separates Kulusuk Island in the southwest from Apusiaajik Island in the northeast. The strait waterway connects the Torsuut Tunoq sound in the northwest with the North Atlantic in the southeast. Air Iceland STOL aircraft approach Kulus ...


Prince Christian Sound

The Prince Christian Sound is a waterway in Southern Greenland. It separates the mainland from Sammisoq and other islands of the Cape Farewell Archipelago near the southernmost tip of Greenland. The name was given in honour of the prince, later k ...

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