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Passenger trains running at least at 300 km/h in commercial operations


Passenger trains running at least at 350 km/h in commercial operations


ETR 610


ETR 610

The New Pendolino is a class of high-speed tilting trains built by Alstom Ferroviaria for Trenitalia, SBB, Renfe, and PKP, known as the ETR 600 / 610, RABe 503, Avant S-114 and ED250 respectively. They represent a further development of the earli ...


SZ series 310

SZ series 310 is a high-speed tilting EMU used on the InterCitySlovenija premium train service in Slovenia, operated by Slovenske zeleznice since September 24, 2000. It is based on the Italian ETR 460 commonly known as Pendolino. The train is cap ...


Rail transport in New South Wales

The Australian state of New South Wales has an extensive network of railways, which were integral to the growth and development of the state. The vast majority of railway lines were government built and operated, but there were also several priva ...


Rail transport in Queensland

The rail network in Queensland, Australia, was the first in the world to adopt 1.067 mm narrow gauge for a main line, and now the second largest narrow gauge network in the world, consists of: the North Coast Line NCL extending 1.680 kilometres 1 ...


Rail transport in South Australia

The first railway in colonial South Australia was a horse-drawn tramway from the port of Goolwa on the Murray River to an ocean harbour at Port Elliot in 1854. Today the state has 1.600 mm broad gauge suburban railways in Adelaide, a number of co ...


Rail transport in Victoria

Rail transport in Victoria, Australia, is provided by a number of railway operators who operate over the government-owned railway lines. The network consists of Victorian broad gauge) lines, and an increasing number of standard gauge) freight and ...


Rack railways in Australia


Rail transport in Brunei

Brooketon Colliery in the sub-district Serasa operated a 2.5 km long narrow gauge railway with the unusual gauge of 711 mm 2 ft 4 in from the colliery to the deep water harbour near Muara. Wooden rails were used, until steel rails were laid, so t ...


Rail transport in Sri Lanka

Rail transport in Sri Lanka was conceived in the 1850s to develop and unify Sri Lanka. Service began in 1864, with the construction of the Main Line from Colombo to Ambepussa 54 kilometres to the east. During the first half of the 20th century a ...


Rail transport navigational boxes of Sri Lanka


600 mm gauge railway locomotives


2 ft gauge locomotives


610 mm gauge locomotives


750 mm gauge locomotives


760 mm gauge locomotives


2 ft 6 in gauge locomotives


785 mm gauge locomotives


900 mm gauge locomotives


3 ft gauge locomotives


Metre gauge locomotives


3 ft 6 in gauge locomotives


4 ft 8½ in gauge locomotives


5 ft gauge locomotives


5 ft 3 in gauge locomotives


Broad gauge locomotives in Australia


5 ft 6 in gauge locomotives


7 ft ¼ in gauge locomotives


Narrow gauge locomotives







A Bo+Bo is a locomotive with two four-wheeled bogies with articulated connection between them and with all axles powered by individual traction motors. Typical Bo+Bo locomotives include the South African Class 1E and South African Class 2E.




AAR arrangement


Commonwealth classification


UIC classification


Whyte notation


2+C-C+2 locomotives


A1A-A1A locomotives


B-1 Locomotives


B-A1A locomotives


B-B-B locomotives


B-D+D-B Locomotives


C-B locomotives


2-C1+2-C1-B locomotives


2-C+C-2 locomotives


C-C+C-C locomotives


Co-Co+Co-Co locomotives

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