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Chrysopilus ornatus


Chrysopilus quadratus


Dialysis elongata


Dialysis rufithorax


Diastata fuscula


Diastata nebulosa


Dilophus orbatus


Dilophus spinipes


Discomyza incurva

Discomyza incurva is a species of fly in the family Ephydridae. It is found in the Palearctic. It is 2.5–3 mm.long. Found July-September. The habitat is grasslands. All Europe especially South Europe. Also North Africa. D. incurva is a parasite o ...


Ectemnius decemmaculatus


Epiphragma fasciapenne


Erioptera caliptera

These three subspecies belong to the species Erioptera caliptera: Erioptera caliptera g Erioptera caliptera subevanescens Alexander, 1940 c g Erioptera caliptera femoranigra Alexander, 1913 c g Data sources: i = ITIS, c = Catalogue of Life, g = G ...


Esenbeckia incisuralis


Eucerceris canaliculata


Euodynerus crypticus

These three subspecies belong to the species Euodynerus crypticus: Euodynerus crypticus g Euodynerus crypticus stricklandi Bequaert, 1940 c g Euodynerus crypticus balteatus Say, 1837 c g Data sources: i = ITIS, c = Catalogue of Life, g = GBIF, b ...


Exoprosopa caliptera


Geomyza tripunctata

Geomyza tripunctata is a species of fly in the family Opomyzidae. It is found in the Palearctic. May to November. A herbicole found in grassland and cereal fields.Common throughout Europe. Norway and Lapland Siberia. Algeria.Tunisia. Found up to ...


Hebecnema vespertina


Hellwigia elegans


Hemichroa australis

Hemichroa australis can reach a length of about 7–8 millimetres 0.28–0.31 in. Head and thorax are bright red, while the mesopleuron and the abdomen are shiny black. This sawfly is similar to Hemichroa crocea, which has a bright orange abdomen and ...


Holcocephala abdominalis


Hylemya variata


Laphria sericea


Leiomyza scatophagina


Leucotabanus annulatus


Limnophila macrocera

These two subspecies belong to the species Limnophila macrocera: Limnophila macrocera suffusa Alexander, 1927 Limnophila macrocera Say, 1823


Limonia rostrata


Loxocera cylindrica


Megachile latimanus


Myopa vesiculosa


Nephrotoma macrocera


Ochlerotatus triseriatus

Ochlerotatus triseriatus, also known by the synonym Aedes triseriatus, is a member of the true fly order. It is called the eastern tree hole mosquito due to its predilection towards breeding in stagnant water that is found in natural holding cont ...


Ommatius tibialis


Paragnetina immarginata


Penthetria heteroptera


Peripsocus alboguttatus

Peripsocus alboguttatus is a species of Psocoptera from Peripsocidae family that can be found in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Madeira, Norway, Po ...


Philoliche longirostris

Philoliche longirostris is a fly of the Tabanidae family that is found in India, Nepal specifically the Himalayas. It was first described and given a binomial name by Thomas Hardwicke in 1823. Notable is its proboscis, which is "many times longer ...


Phimodera humeralis

The imago stage measures 5 to 7 millimetres 0.20 to 0.28 in and ranges in color from sandy ochre to pale brown. Phimodera humeralis is found in sparsely vegetated dune terrain on heaths and sandy hills, living on and especially in the sand around ...


Physocephala marginata


Physocephala sagittaria


Phytomyza affinis

Phytomyza affinis is a species of fly in the family Agromyzidae. It is found in the Palearctic. Description of imago-Antennomere III brown black, 1-11 red. Mesonotum matt black lateral parts and notopleural depression yellow. Acrosticals in 2-4 r ...


Platycheirus quadratus


Promachus vertebratus


Psilonyx annulatus


Pteronarcys dorsata


Rhagio punctipennis


Rhingia nasica


Sargus viridis


Scaptomyza flava

Scaptomyza flava is an herbivorous fly species in the family Drosophilidae. The fly is brown in color and approximately 2.5 mm in length. The larvae of the fly is a known pest of plants in the family Brassicaceae, the mustard plants. They are pre ...


Scathophaga furcata

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