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Tetragonoderus jeanneli


Tetragonoderus kaszabi


Tetragonoderus kuntzeni


Tetragonoderus lacordairei


Tetragonoderus laevigatus


Tetragonoderus leleupi


Tetragonoderus lindemannae


Tetragonoderus lindneri


Tetragonoderus linealis


Tetragonoderus lozai


Tetragonoderus luridus


Tetragonoderus matilei


Tetragonoderus microthorax


Tetragonoderus mixtus


Tetragonoderus multiguttatus


Tetragonoderus nagatomii


Tetragonoderus nakaoi


Tetragonoderus notaphioides


Tetragonoderus obscurus


Tetragonoderus omophronides


Tetragonoderus oxyomus


Tetragonoderus perrieri


Tetragonoderus poecilus


Tetragonoderus punctatus


Tetragonoderus quadriguttatus


Tetragonoderus sericatus


Tetragonoderus simplex


Tetragonoderus sivianus


Tetragonoderus spinifer


Tetragonoderus subfasciatus


Tetragonoderus swahilius


Tetragonoderus taeniatus


Tetragonoderus tesselatus


Tetragonoderus tetragrammus


Tetragonoderus toamasinae


Tetragonoderus variegatus


Tetragonoderus variipennis


Tetragonoderus velutinus


Tetragonoderus viridicollis


Tetragonoderus viridis


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Agabus (beetle)

Agabus is a large genus of predatory aquatic beetles in the family Dytiscidae, proposed in 1817 by William Elford Leach and named after Agabus, an early follower of Christianity. The adult beetles are moderate-sized, 5 to 14 mm long. The genus is ...


Agabus abessinicus


Agabus aequabilis

Agabus aequabilis is a species of predatory diving beetle belonging to the family Dytiscidae. This species is found in Central Asia, with records from Xinjiang and Uzbekistan. It is closely related to Agabus aequalis, and may in fact be the same ...


Agabus aequalis

Agabus aequalis is a species of predatory diving beetle belonging to the family Dytiscidae. This species inhabits rivers and bogs. It has been found in Transbaikal, Primorsky Krai, and Sakhalin in the Russian Far East, Jilin and Sichuan provinces ...


Agabus affinis

Agabus affinis is a species of beetle native to the Palearctic and the Near East. In Europe, it is only found in Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Great Britain including Shetland, Orkney, Hebrides and Isle of Man, Croatia, the Czech Republic, mainland ...


Agabus ajax


Agabus ambiguus

Agabus ambiguus is a species of predacious diving beetle belonging to the family Dytiscidae. This species occurs across the United States and Canada. It has been collected from depositional areas of springs, streams, and stream-fed ponds. Adults ...


Agabus antennatus


Agabus anthracinus

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