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Populated places in Buzim


Populated places in Cazin


Populated places in Kljuc


Populated places in Sanski Most


Populated places in Velika Kladusa


Populated places in Grude


Populated places in Ljubuski


Populated places in Posusje


Populated places in Siroki Brijeg


Populated places in Breza, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Populated places in Doboj Jug


Populated places in Kakanj


Populated places in Maglaj


Populated places in Tesanj


Populated places in Usora


Populated places in Visoko


Populated places in Zavidovici


Populated places in Zenica


Populated places in Zepce



Ahmici is a village in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the municipality of Vitez in the Lasva river valley. In April 1993 during the Lasva Valley ethnic cleansing, the Croatian Defence Council forces attacked the village and mass ...


Bivolje Brdo

Total: 841 Croats - 256 30.43% Muslims - 562 66.82% others and unknown - 13 1.54% Serbs - 4 0.47% Yugoslavs - 6 0.71% Total: 1026 2013 Muslims - 506 49.06% Croats - 509 49.09% Others - 6



Borovica is a small village in the middle of Bosnia and Herzegovina near todays Vares, and is situated near the old medieval castle Bobovac, the residence of the Bosnian kings. The village became famous in the Middle Ages for its mining industry, ...


Crnici, Čapljina

Crnici is a village in the Municipality of Čapljina in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Dindo, Konjic

Dindo is a village in the municipality of Konjic, in the Bosnian Federation entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Latitude 43.5127778 - Longitude 18.3025 Elevation: 700 m / 2297 ft Dindo is located in a mountainous rural area in the south-eastern par ...




Donja Vogosca


Dracevo (Čapljina)








Gora (Vogosca)


Gorica, Čapljina







During the 1992-1995 war, it was the front line between Serb forces and Bosnian Army, so it suffered destruction mainly from Light weapons. After the war it became integral part of Federation, so most of Serbs moved out, and housing has been boug ...


Kamenica (Vogosca)


Kobilja Glava

total: 2.866 Bosniaks - 2.750 95.95% others and unknown - 29 1.01% Serbs - 46 1.60% Croats - 4 0.13% "Yugoslavs" - 37 1.29% Mjesna zajednica Kobilja Glava The local community Kobilja Glava is part of the municipality Vogosca which includes: Stree ...






Ljubina – Poturovici


Lokve, Čapljina


Lukavica Rijeka






Perca (Vogosca)





Prusac is a village in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Central Bosnia Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is one of the oldest villages in the Skopaljska valley located in the upstream area of the Vrbas river. It is located a few ...



Semizovac is a village in the Vogosca municipality, near Sarajevo, Sarajevo Canton, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is made up of multiple business complexes centred on the infamous Semizovac intersection.


Sevas Njive



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