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Sargus harderseni


Technomyrmex gorgona


Beetles described in 2008


Butterflies described in 2008


Moths described in 2008


Cerradomys langguthi

Cerradomys langguthi is a species of rodent from South America in the genus Cerradomys. It occurs only in northeastern Brazil and was formerly included in C. subflavus.


Cerradomys vivoi

Cerradomys vivoi is a species of rodent from South America in the genus Cerradomys. It occurs only in eastern Brazil, in the states of Bahia, Goias, and Sergipe, and was formerly included in C. subflavus.


Dolinasorex glyphodon


Grammomys brevirostris


Leptomys arfakensis


Praomys coetzeei


Setirostris eleryi


Walter Verheyens mouse

Walter Verheyens mouse is a species of rodent of the genus Hylomyscus that is found in the Central African lowland and mountain forests.


Bathypolypus rubrostictus


Tridacna costata

Tridacna costata is a species of giant clam. It lives in the shallow waters of the Red Sea. Fossil evidence suggests the stocks of these giant clams began crashing some 125.000 years ago, during the last interval between glacial periods. There ar ...


Gastropods described in 2008


Besar Island bent-toed gecko


Biak whitelip python


Cnemaspis bayuensis

Cnemaspis bayuensis, also known as Kampung Bayu rock gecko, Gua Bayu rock gecko, or Bayu Cave rock gecko, is a species of gecko endemic to western Malaysia.


Cnemaspis biocellata


Cnemaspis flavigaster


Cnemaspis karsticola


Cnemaspis mcguirei

Cnemaspis mcguirei, also known commonly as McGuires rock gecko, is a species of gecko, a lizard in the family Gekkonidae. The species is endemic to western Malaysia.


Cnemaspis perhentianensis


Cyrtodactylus macrotuberculatus

Cyrtodactylus macrotuberculatus, also known as the tuberculate bent-toed gecko or the large tubercled bent-toed gecko, is a species of gecko that is endemic to western Malaysia.


Cyrtodactylus pseudoquadrivirgatus


Cyrtodactylus spinosus


Cyrtodactylus wallacei


Cyrtodactylus ziegleri


Cyrtopodion baigii


Eutropis tammanna

The snout is short. It lacks transparent disks on the lower eyelids. Post-nasala are absent. There are 15 lamellae under the fourth toe. Dorsal scales have 4–5 keels. The dorsum is medium brown, and the lips are bright orange in males and yellow ...


Grismers bent-toed gecko


Huon Peninsula whitelip python


Karimui Basin whitelip python


Kolekanos plumicaudus


Microauris aurantolabium

Microauris aurantolabium, also known as the small-eared dragon or orange-lipped forest lizard is an agamid lizard found in the forests of the southern Western Ghats and is currently known from the Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve. The species ...


Nactus soniae

Nactus soniae is a species of lizard in the family Gekkonidae. It is endemic to Reunion. It is probably extinct as this species has been described based on subfossil remains and DNA data.


Pseudocalotes khaonanensis

Pseudocalotes khaonanensis is the largest agamid lizard in the genus Pseudocalotes. Endemic to Thailand, it is found only in the Khao Nan mountain range in, located in the Nakhon Si Thammarat Province of Southern Thailand. Found at high elevation ...



Acorigone is a genus of dwarf spiders that was first described by P. A. V. Borges & J. Wunderlich in 2008. As of May 2019 it contains only two species: A. acoreensis and A. zebraneus.



Adenodictyna is a monotypic genus of Asian cribellate araneomorph spiders in the family Dictynidae containing the single species, Adenodictyna kudoae. It was first described by H. Ono in 2008, and has only been found in Japan.


Annandaliella ernakulamensis

Annandaliella ermakulamensis is a species of tarantula in the subfamily Selenogyrinae. It is one of three species in the genus Annandaliella and the first to be described in 73 years. It is native to Ermakulam, Kerala State, India.



Aruattus is a monotypic genus of Indonesian jumping spiders containing the single species, Aruattus agostii. It was first described by D. V. Logunov & G. N. Azarkina in 2008, and is only found in Indonesia. The name is a combination of the Aru Is ...


Brachypelma kahlenbergi

Tliltocatl kahlenbergi is a relatively small member of the genus. Three males had total body lengths of between 32 mm and 34 mm; the female is larger, one having a body length of 41 mm. The fourth leg is longest, up to 58 mm in males and about 49 ...


Canalidion montanum


Cubanana cristinae


Dolichognatha deelemanae


Ephebopus foliatus


Eresus moravicus

Eresus moravicus is a spider species in the family Eresidae found in Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece and Slovakia. E. moravicus is one of the three species into which Eresus cinnaberinus or Eresus niger has been divided.


Evarcha pinguis


Evarcha prosimilis

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