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Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in Mississippi


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in Missouri


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in Nebraska


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in New Jersey


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in New York (state)


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in North Carolina


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in North Dakota


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in Ohio


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in Oklahoma


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in Oregon


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in Pennsylvania


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in Rhode Island


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in South Carolina


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in Texas


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in Utah


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in Vermont


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in Virginia


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in Washington (state)


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in West Virginia


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in Wisconsin


Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in Wyoming


Al-Shuaibiyah Mosque

Al-Shuaibiyah Mosque also known as al-Omari, al-Tuteh and al-Atras mosque, is the oldest mosque in Aleppo, Syria. Built in 637, it is one of the oldest mosques in the Levant. It is located in the western part of the Ancient City of Aleppo, within ...


Quba Mosque

The Quba Mosque is a mosque located on the outskirts of Medina, Saudi Arabia. Initially, the mosque was built 6 kilometres off Medina in the village of Quba, before Medina expanded to include this village. Depending on whether the Mosque of the C ...


Taiyuan Ancient Mosque

The Taiyuan Ancient Mosque is a mosque in Xinghualing District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, China.


Magok-i-Attari Mosque

Magok-i-Attari Mosque is a historical mosque in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. It forms a part of the historical religious complex of Lyab-i Hauz. The mosque is located in the historical center of Bukhara, about 300 meters southwest of Po-i-Kalyan, 100 met ...


Kaj Mosque

The Kaj mosque is a historical mosque in the Isfahan province, in Iran. The mosque is located 24 km east of Isfahan on the northern bank of Zayandeh Rud. From the mosque, it is remained now only some half-ruined walls and a dome. It dates back to ...


Muchundi Mosque

Muchundi Mosque is a mosque located at Kuttichira, within in the city of Kozhikode in the Indian state of Kerala. Kuttichira is the medieval Muslim quarter in the city of Calicut. It is situated south of Mishkal Mosque, Kuttichira Tank and the Ku ...


Al Bidya Mosque

Al-Bidya Mosque or Al-Badiyah) is a historical mosque in the Emirate of Fujairah, the United Arab Emirates. It was the oldest known mosque in the country, prior to the discovery in September 2018 of the ruins of a 1000-year-old mosque dating back ...


Agha Nour Mosque

The Agha Nour mosque is a mosque located in Isfahan, Iran. It was founded during the Shah Abbas I era and completed during the Shah Safi era, and as such the names of the both kings were mentioned in the inscription above the portal of the mosque ...


Jameh Mosque of Khozan

The Jameh Mosque of Khozan is a historical mosque in the Khomeyni Shahr County of the Isfahan Province. The original building of the mosque dated back to the Timurid era in the 15th century, but its improbable that the current building to be olde ...


Eski Mosque, Komotini

The Eski Mosque is a mosque in the Greek town of Komotini dating back to 1608, or 1677/88, based on an inscription. Despite its name, the Eski Mosque was built after the Yeni Mosque of 1585, but it is likely that an original mosque stood at that ...



Khuthbapalli, is an 18th-century mosque of Pondicherry. Khutbah literally means the Friday sermon given in a mosque. Khuthbapalli means that it is a mosque where Friday Prayers are also held in addition to the regular prayers.


Mesri Mosque

The Mesri mosque is a historical mosque in Isfahan, Iran. The mosque was built in 1650 in the Safavid era. There is an inscription in its mihrab, written by the famous calligrapher Mohammad Reza Emami in Nastaliq script.


Sat Gambuj Mosque

The Sat Gambuj Mosque is near the northwestern outskirts of Dhaka in the Jafarbad area. It is a fine example of the provincial Mughal style of architecture introduced in Bangladesh in the 17th century. The mosques most notable features are its se ...


Safa Mosque

The Safa Mosque is a historical mosque in Isfahan, Iran. The mosque was built by Mohammad Golestaneh in the Qajar era and is located near the Shahshahan mausoleum.


White Mosque, Nazareth

The White Mosque is the oldest mosque in Nazareth, Israel and is located in Harat Alghama or the "Mosque Quarter" in the center of Nazareths Old Market. Its exquisite pencil-shaped minaret, cream-coloured walls, green trim and green dome are just ...


Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Mosque

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Mosque, also known as "Al Ain Grand Mosque", "Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Grand Mosque", or simply Sheikh Khalifa Mosque, is an under-construction mosque in the city of Al Ain in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the Unite ...


Sheikha Salama Mosque

The Sheikha Salama Mosque is a mosque in the city of Al Ain, Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. Currently the largest mosque in use in the city, its status is meant to be replaced by the under-construction Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al ...


Masjid Al-Rahman

Masjid Ebad Al-Rahman - مسجد عباد الرحمن is located at Adli Rabee Street, in Al-Jweideh - Amman - Jordan. It was built in 1993 with donation of Alhaj saadi Al-tpakhi, the founder of the Masjid. Masjid Ebad Al-Rahman Locator


Molla-Mustafa Jami Mosque


Dongsi Mosque

According to local legends, the mosque was built during the Liao dynasty when Beijing was the one of the secondary capitals of the Liao. However, records suggest that the mosque was constructed in 1346 during the Yuan dynasty. The mosque underwen ...


Fayuan Mosque

The Fayuan Mosque, also known as Dewai Mosque or Dewai Guanxiang Mosque, is a mosque in Xicheng District, Beijing, China.


Haidian Mosque

The mosque was originally constructed during the late Ming Dynasty. During the reign of Jiaqing Emperor of Qing Dynasty, the mosque was renovated and expanded to its current state.


Madian Mosque

The mosque was constructed during the reign of Kangxi Emperor of Qing Dynasty due to the shear population of Hui people in the region. During the Cultural Revolution, the mosque was turned into a factory and the prayer room became a workshop. In ...


Nandouya Mosque

The mosque was originally constructed during the Yuan Dynasty. In 2003, the mosque was relocated to its current location which is around 100 meters from its original location due to the development of the city. The new mosque was constructed with ...


Ban Ho Mosque

Hedaytul Islam Mosque, near the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, is one of the biggest mosques in the province, and also one of the seven Chinese mosques in Chiang Mai.


Allakuri Mosque

Allakuri Mosque, located in Mohammadpur Colony area near Sat Masjid Road of Dhaka, is an example of the imperial Mughal architecture in Bangladesh. The mosque was tentatively built in 1680 and is the earliest known square single-domed Mughal styl ...


Azimpur Mosque

Azimpur Mosque is located beside the Azimpur graveyard in Dhaka. A Persian inscription in the mosque indicates that the mosque was built in 1746 AD by one Fayzul Alam. The mosque was built during the reign of Mughal Nawab Alivardi Khan and is the ...


Bait Ur Rouf Mosque

The Bait Ur Rouf Mosque is a distinctive urban mosque located in an economically-challenged area of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Designed by Bangladeshi architect Marina Tabassum and completed in 2012, it has been called a refuge of spirituality in urban D ...


Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque

Khan Mohammad Mirza mosque, an archaeological site located in southern Dhaka, near Lalbagh fort. The mosque rises above its surroundings because the tahkhana or underground rooms of the mosque are above grade. The roof of the tahkhana forms the p ...

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