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Sidney Goodwin (artist)

Paul Sidney Goodwin, commonly known as Sidney Goodwin, was an English/Australian artist who painted primarily in watercolour. When he emigrated to Australia he adopted the pseudonym William Young.


John Duvall (artist)

John Duvall was a nineteenth century English artist who painted landscapes, sporting and rustic subjects. He lived in Ipswich and exhibited work at the Royal Academy, the British Institute and the Royal Society of British Artists. He was part of ...


Esther Borough Johnson

Esther Harriet George was born on 2 April 1866 at Sutton Maddock, Shifnal, Shropshire. Her father was a clergyman, a curate at the time of her birth and later vicar of Pentney, Norfolk. She had a twin sister Lydia. She married the artist Ernest B ...


John Lynn (painter)

John Lynn was an English marine painter, active from 1826 to 1869. He painted small size shipping and coastal scenes. He exhibited at the British Institution from 1828 to 1838 and at the Suffolk Street Gallery.


Louis Latouche

Louis Latouche was a French painter, pigment dealer, framer and art dealer, notable as a defender of Impressionism. He was born in La Ferte-sous-Jouarre and died in hospital at Saint-Die-des-Vosges. He was a friend and supplier to several painter ...


Suzanne Valadon


Alois Hauser the Elder

He was born in Burladingen then part of the small principality of Hohenzollern-Hechingen in 1831 as a potters son. Aged fourteen he studied under the decorative painter Kaspar Lieb 1803–1864 in Hettingen. Thanks to help from the businessman Anton ...


Branko Radulovic

Branko Radulovic was a Serbian painter. At the turn of the 20th century there emerged on the Belgrade art scene the first group of modern-day, academically-trained painters in Bosnia and Hercegovina -- Branko Radulovic, Djordje Mihajlovic,Gabriel ...


Camille Claudel


3-9 High Street, Millers Point

3-9 High Street, Millers Point are heritage-listed terrace houses located at 3, 5, 7, 9 High Street, in the inner city Sydney suburb of Millers Point in the City of Sydney local government area of New South Wales, Australia. The property was adde ...


15-25 Dalgety Road, Millers Point

15-25 Dalgety Road, Millers Point are heritage-listed terrace houses located at 15-25 Dalgety Terrace, in the inner city Sydney suburb of Millers Point in the City of Sydney local government area of New South Wales, Australia. The property is als ...


18-20a Munn Street, Millers Point

18-20a Munn Street is a heritage-listed row of terrace houses located at 18, 18a, 20, 20a Munn Street, in the inner city Sydney suburb of Millers Point in the City of Sydney local government area of New South Wales, Australia. It was added to the ...


20th-century churches in the United Kingdom by denomination


20th-century Baptist churches in the United States


20th-century Episcopal church buildings


Shafique Uddin

Shafique Uddin is an English outsider artist known for his paintings. Uddin was born in Borobari, Bangladesh and moved to the United Kingdom in 1976. Uffiqs first exhibition, at the age of seventeen, was at Londons Whitechapel Gallery. He was a p ...


Emma Hauck

Emma Hauck was born in Ellwangen, Germany on 14 August 1878. In February 1909, she was admitted to the psychiatric hospital at the University of Heidelberg, diagnosed with dementia praecox. While institutionalized, Hauck wrote a series of letters ...


Tsuruko Yamazaki

Tsuruko Yamazaki was a Japanese visual artist, known for an abstract, experimental style and her use of non-traditional materials. She was a founding member of the Gutai group, an avant-garde artists collective.


Vera Chapman (New Zealand artist)

Clara Vera Eichelbaum was a New Zealand artist who exhibited as Vera Chapman and Vera Eichelbaum. Her portrait of her father, Sir Frederick Chapman, is in the Supreme Court of New Zealand in Wellington, and other artworks are in the Hocken Collec ...


Louise Arnstein Freedman

Freedman was born in 1915 in St. Louis, Missouri. She graduated from Vassar College in 1937 where she learned the technique of lithography from Harry Sternberg. and went on to study at the Art Students League of New York. She also studied at The ...


Marion Huse

Huse was born in 1896 in Lynn, Massachusetts. She studied at the New School of Design in Boston and the Carnegie Institute of Art and Technology. Huse ran the Springfield Art School in Massachusetts from 1925 through 1940. In the 1930s she worked ...


Gladys M. Lux

Lux was born in 1899 in Chapman, Nebraska. She studied to be at teacher at Kearney State College and taught in Nebraska schools for two years before return to study at University of Nebraska in Lincoln. In 1927 Lux began teaching art at Nebraska ...


Averil Burleigh

Averil Mary Burleigh born Averil Mary Dell was a British painter based in Sussex. She was known for painting in egg tempera with the subject usually involving a central figure. Her husband and daughter also painted but she is the best regarded.


Emily Grace Creswell

Creswell was born at Ravenstone in Leicestershire and attended University College, Reading before studying at a succession of art schools in Leicester, Harrogate and Leamington Spa. She also took lessions from the miniature painter Arthur Lindsay ...


Helen Margaret George

George was born in Blandford in Dorset and was educated at Talbot Heath School in Bournemouth and then studied sculpture in Paris under Antoine Bourdelle. She exhibited sculptures and group compositions, often on the theme of motherhood, at the R ...


Esther Grainger

Grainger was born in Cardiff and attended the Cardiff School of Art from 1928 to 1934. As a student she gave craft lessions to women in the local mining communities and, from 1934 to 1946, worked as a tutor for the National Council for Social Ser ...


Cheryl Ruddock

Cheryl Ruddock is a Canadian-American painter from Guelph, Canada, who has been exhibiting widely for over 20 years. Her most recent solo exhibition, Harmonics, was exhibited at Gallery Stratford, in 2016. A career survey of her work, entitled Sl ...


Ursula Schultze-Bluhm

Ursula Schultze-Bluhm, also known as Ursula, was a German painter. In 1979 she was part of the Sydney Biennial. Her work is included in the collections of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, the Museum Ludwig, Cologne and the Museum Fur Moder ...


20th-century English bass guitarists


Eugen Papst

Papst was born in Oberammergau the son of the pedagogue and head teacher of the same name, Eugen Papst 1855-1923, after whom the Eugen-Papst-Forderschule in Germering was later named. He then attended the teacher training seminar in Freising and ...


George Young (saxophonist)

George Ernest Young is an American jazz saxophonist. After leading his own band in the late 1950s, Young became a New York City session and studio musician in the 1960s and joined several line-ups including Mike Mainieris jazz-rock big band White ...


Vlastimil Hala

Vlastimil Hala was a Czech jazz trumpeter, composer, and arranger. During the period of 1947-1964 he worked as arranger for Karel Vlachs orchestra. Hala’s textbook on instrumentation has not lost its significance even in our day.


Eliot OHara

Eliot OHara was an American artist and educator known for his masterful watercolors, especially his impressionistic landscapes. The Ogunquit Museum of American Art in Maine has over 120 of his watercolors representing all aspects of his work. His ...


Yuhua Shouzhi Wang

Yuhua Shouzhi Wang, is a contemporary Chinese American artist. In 2000, she worked as a professor in the College of Liberal Arts at Auburn University. Currently, she is the Lifetime Chairwoman of the International Art Museum of America. Dr. Yuhua ...


Martha Burchfield


Elizabeth Burger Monath

Elizabeth Burger Monath was born in Vienna, Austria. She studied at the Academy of Fine Art, Vienna and the Graphische Lehr und Versuchsantalt in Vienna. She studied with Moses Sayer in New York City and also with Amadee Ozentant and Fernand Lege ...


Louis Buisseret

Louis Buisseret was a Belgian painter, draftsman and engraver. His style of art mainly focused on realistic portraits, nudes, and still life. Works by Buisseret can be found in museums in Belgium, Barcelona, Madrid, Riga, and Indianapolis.


Philippe Roman

Roman was born in Saint-Sauveur, Alsace, into a Protestant family. His mother died shortly after his birth. Physically abused by his stepmother, ignored by his father, Roman later described his childhood as" a hell,” one ended only by the German ...


Shmuel Raayoni

Shmuel Raayoni was an Israeli painter, member of New Horizons, teacher and educator and founding member of Ein-Hod Artist Village.


Guido Prayer


Matsumoto Ichiyō

Matsumoto Ichiyō was a Japanese painter active during the Taishō and Shōwa eras. He was born in Kyoto into a family of yūzen fabric dyers. He graduated from the Kyoto Municipal Special School of Painting in 1915, and then continued his studies wi ...


Victor Martinez Malaga

Victor Manuel Martinez Malaga was a Peruvian figurative painter, most well-known for his portraits and Andean landscapes of Southern Peru. He was the Director of the Escuela Regional de Bellas Artes "Carlos Bacaflor" in Arequipa, Peru.



Halmstadgruppen was a group of avant-garde artists at Halmstad in Halland County, Sweden. They created a permanent showroom in Mjellby, now Mjellby Art Museum in Halmstad. Here an extensive collection of Halmstad group works are exhibited.


Charlie Lucas

Charlie Lucas is a contemporary sculptor born in Prattville, Alabama, in the area known as Pink Lily, who now lives and works in Selma, Alabama. He is owner and operator of the Tin Man Studio, part gallery and part studio, in Selma.


Barbara Cooper (artist)

Barbara Cooper is an American artist whose practice encompasses abstract sculpture, public and installation art, drawing and set design. She is most known for her sculpture, which emphasizes process, handcraft, and its basis in natural forms and ...


Jimilu Mason

Jimilu "Mimi" Mason was an American sculptor. Mason is known for her busts of notable American figures of the 1960s, including Lyndon B. Johnson, who sat for Mason many times.


Mark Renn

Mark Dennis Tate Renn was a British sculptor who created several works of public art, mainly in the English Midlands. Renn was born in 1952 and trained in Birmingham. Although primarily known for his sculpture, his first commission, in 1978, was ...


List of works by Jean Boucher

This is a listing of the main works of Jean Boucher, who was a French sculptor born in Cesson-Sevigne on 20 November 1870. He died in Paris in 1939 and is buried in Rennes alongside his son.


List of works by Rene Quillivic

In 1907, Quillivic won the Gold Medal at the Salon des Beaux-Arts for the composition "Le Groupe des sonneurs bretons" depicting two Breton Pipers. This is shown here.


List of works by Francis Renaud

This is a listing of the main works of Francis Renaud who was a French sculptor born in Saint-Brieuc on 26 November 1887 and who died there in 1973. Strongly influenced by Breton tradition he was an active member of Seiz Breur along with the Bret ...

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