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Phytomyza glabricola


Phytomyza vomitoriae


Pinalitus rubrotinctus


Pogonomyrmex anzensis


Pogonomyrmex bicolor


Proba californica


Rhagoletis ochraspis

Rhagoletis ochraspis is a species of tephritid or fruit fly in the genus Rhagoletis of the family Tephritidae. The species was classified as Ortalis ochraspis by Christian Rudolph Wilhelm Wiedemann in 1830. It was reclassified to the current acce ...


Rivetina pulisangini


Rivetina varsobica


Sericophanes fuscicornis


Slaterocoris rubrofemoratus


Beetles described in 1968


Butterflies described in 1968


Moths described in 1968


Gastropods described in 1968


Coastal rock gecko


Crotaphopeltis barotseensis


Honduras leaf-toed gecko



As of May 2019 it contains twenty-nine species: Afroneta praticola Holm, 1968 – Tanzania Afroneta bamilekei Bosmans, 1988 – Cameroon Afroneta blesti Merrett & Russell-Smith, 1996 – Ethiopia Afroneta sarahae Frick & Scharff, 2018 – Kenya Afroneta ...


Agyneta habra


Agyneta merretti


Agyneta prosectes


Argiope savignyi

Argiope savignyi is a species of orb-weaving spider that occurs from Mexico to Bolivia. It was observed to capture and feed on the proboscis bat Rhynchonycteris naso in Costa Rica, totally encasing the bat in silk during the course of a day. A. s ...


Atypoides gertschi



Megaraneus is a genus of African orb-weaver spiders containing the single species, Megaraneus gabonensis. It was first described by R. F. Lawrence in 1968, to contain the single species originally published under the name Epeira gabonensis.



As of May 2019 it contains seventeen species: Metaleptyphantes ovatus Scharff, 1990 – Tanzania Metaleptyphantes carinatus Locket, 1968 – Angola Metaleptyphantes familiaris Jocque, 1984 – South Africa Metaleptyphantes perexiguus Simon & Fage, 1922 ...



Millidgea is a genus of Central African dwarf spiders that was first described by G. H. Locket in 1968. As of May 2019 it contains only three species, found in Angola: M. convoluta, M. navicula, and M. verrucosa.



As of May 2019 it contains five species: Paradonea variegata Purcell, 1904 – Namibia, Botswana, South Africa Paradonea presleyi Miller, Griswold, Scharff, eezac, Szuts & Marhabaie, 2012 – Zimbabwe, South Africa Paradonea parva Tucker, 1920 – Nami ...


Pardosa drenskii



As of May 2019 it contains six species: Sahastata sinuspersica Marusik, Zamani & Mirshamsi, 2014 – Iran Sahastata sabaea Brignoli, 1982 – Yemen Sahastata ashapuriae Patel, 1978 – India Sahastata nigra Simon, 1897 type – Mediterranean to India Sah ...



Simplicistilus is a monotypic genus of African sheet weavers containing the single species, Simplicistilus tanuekes. It was first described by G. H. Locket in 1968, and has only been found in Central Africa.



Trachyneta is a genus of African sheet weavers that was first described by Å. Holm in 1968. As of June 2019 it contains only two species, both found only in Africa: T. extensa and T. jocquei.


ALGOL 68 dialect


ALGOL 68 implementation


Hollies Greatest

Hollies Greatest is the only number one album in the UK by British band the Hollies. It was released shortly before Graham Nashs departure from the Hollies and was intended to include all of their British hit singles with Nash, as well as filling ...


Motlow State Bucks baseball coaches


North Florida Ospreys softball


North Florida Ospreys navigational boxes


Ichthyophis laosensis


Speleomantes flavus


Agononida pilosimanus

Agononida pilosimanus is a species of squat lobster in the family Munididae. The males measure 48.7 millimetres on average and the females 22.9 millimetres on average. It is found off of the coasts of Japan, Taiwan, and Australia, at depths betwe ...


Kallidecthes richardsoni


Nephropides caribaeus


Tiger pistol shrimp

The tiger pistol shrimp can grow to a size up to 4 to 5 cm, not including antennae. The body is stout and opaque. The background color of the body is yellowish white or plain yellow. The patterns drawn on the cephalothorax, abdomen and tail are i ...


Tuleariocaris neglecta

Tuleariocaris neglecta is a species of saltwater shrimp found in the Maldives that was first described in 1969. This species is found in the Caribbean sea, Gulf of Mexico and the Northern Atlantic Ocean.


Urocaridella cyrtorhyncha

Urocaridella cyrtorhyncha is a species of shrimp in the family Palaemonidae. The species is similar to U. urocaridella, U. antonbruunii, and U. pulchella. The species is found in the Red Sea.


Antipodocottus megalops

Antipodocottus megalops is a sculpin of the family Cottidae, found on the continental shelf around New Zealand, at depths of between 400 and 600 m. Its length is up to 5 cm


Atlantic sixgill shark

The Atlantic sixgill shark is a rare species of hexanchid shark found in the Atlantic Ocean. It was formerly described as its own species, but was fused eventually with the bigeye sixgill shark. However, a study published in 2018 resurrected the ...


Dolichosudis fuliginosa

Dolichosudis fuliginosa is a species of barracudina found in the Atlantic Ocean and Western Pacific Ocean at a depths of around 1.200 metres. This species grows to a length of 24.4 centimetres SL. This species is the only known member of its genus.


Homalopteroides nebulosus

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