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Kaashidhoo Bodu Kandu

A channel in the Maldives. Since the island of Kaashidhoo is located in the midst of the Kaashidhoo Kandu, or Kardiva Channel it is often referred to as having two parts. Kaashidhoo Bodu Kandu is the part between of Lhaviyani Atoll Aligau and Gaa ...


Kaashidhoo Kuda Kandu

Kaashidhoo Kuda Kandu is a channel in the Maldives. Since the island of Kaashidhoo is located in the midst of the Kaashidhoo Kandu, or Kardiva Channel it is often referred to as having two parts with Kuda Kaashidhoo Kandu as the channel south of ...


Kardiva Channel

Kardiva Channel is a broad channel running from southwest to northeast and cutting across the Maldive atoll chain. This channel divides the Northern from the Central atolls of the Maldives. This channel was important for ancient mariners plying a ...


Mulah Kandu

Mulah Kandu, Dv. for "Mulah Channel", is the channel between Fuvahmulah and Addu Atoll. Addu Kandu and Mulah Kandu are geographically one channel. But because Fuvahmulah lies north-east of Addu Atoll, the part of the channel in between Fuvahmulah ...


Channels of England


Aransas Pass

Aransas Pass is a navigable salt water channel connecting the Gulf of Mexico with Aransas Bay on the Texas Gulf coast in the United States. The pass separates Mustang Island to the south from San Jose Island to the north, and is protected by jett ...


Cedar Bayou

Cedar Bayou is a salt water channel on the Texas coast that separates San Jose Island from Matagorda Island. The pass serves as a water exchange between the Gulf of Mexico and the San Antonio, Matagorda and Aransas Bay systems.


Chincoteague Channel

Chincoteague Channel is a channel on the Eastern Shore of Virginia between marshlands to the northwest and Chincoteague Island to the southeast. The Chincoteague Channel connects to Chincoteague Bay to the northeast and Chincoteague Inlet to the ...


Salem Channel

The Salem Channel is a channel in the Salem Sound that stretches from Winter Island in the city of Salem to Misery Shoal in the city limits of Beverly.


Channels of New York (state)


Estuaries of New South Wales


Estuaries of Queensland


Estuaries of South Australia


Estuaries of the Northern Territory


Estuaries of Victoria (Australia)


Estuaries of Western Australia


Albany River Estuary


Miramichi Bay

Miramichi Bay is an estuary located on the west coast of the Gulf of St. Lawrence in New Brunswick, at the mouth of the Miramichi River. Miramichi Bay is separated into the "inner bay" and the "outer bay", with the division being a line of uninha ...


Moose River Estuary


Polletts Cove

Polletts Cove is a wilderness estuary on the northwest coast of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. It is accessible only by boat or on foot via an arduous 10 km hike along the coastline from Pleasant Bay, heading north, or an even longer, more diff ...


Winisk River Estuary


Shijing River

The Shijing River is a small river in Fujian Province of China. The tidal estuary it forms when entering the Weitou Bay of the Taiwan Strait is known as the Anhai Bay. Most of the Shijing Rivers basin is within the Prefecture-level city of Quanzhou.


Estuaries of Paravur

The Paravur Estuaries are a group of estuaries in Paravur, India, near the South-Western coast of Kollam district, Kerala. Paravur is one among the 4 municipal towns in Kollam district, Kerala state. The place is known for its natural beauties, b ...



Thekkumbhagam or Thekkumbhagom is the southern border town of Paravur municipality in the Kollam district of Kerala, India. It is located at the Southern tip of Kollams coastal area. It is in the Arabian Sea coast. Thekkumbhagam-Kappil estuary po ...


Estuaries of England


Estuaries of Scotland


Fjords of British Columbia


Fjords of Newfoundland and Labrador


Kolding Fjord

Kolding Fjord is about 10 km long fjord between Kolding and Little Belt. Fjord has a 7 meters deep ship channel linking it to Kolding port. In 1943 a shipwreck later known as Kolding cog was found in the fjord.



Berufjordur is a fjord in Eastern Iceland. It is about 20 kilometres long and 2 to 5 kilometres wide. The village Djupivogur is located on its western shores. Mt. Bulandstindur which is 1.069 metres above sea level is located west of the fjord. R ...



Borgarfjordur is a fjord in the west of Iceland near the town of Borgarnes. Although the waters of Borgarfjordur appear calm, the fjord has significant undercurrents and shallows. The many flat islands lying in the fjord are for the most part uni ...



Breidafjordur is a large shallow bay, about 50 km wide and 125 km long, in the west of Iceland. It separates the region of the Westfjords from the Snæfellsnes peninsula to the south. Breidafjordur is encircled by mountains, including Kirkjufell a ...





Oxarfjordur is encircled by mountain ranges to the west and east, and the Gjastykki lava fields and an area with sand deposited by the glacial river Jokulsa a Fjollum in the south. The only village in the area is Kopasker with about 130 inhabitan ...



Skagafjordur is about 40 km long and 15 km wide, situated between Trollaskagi to the east and the Skagi Peninsula to the west. There are two municipalities in the area, Skagafjordur Municipality approx. 4140 inhabitants and Akrahreppur Municipali ...


Killary Harbour

Killary Harbour is a fjord located in the west of Ireland, in northern Connemara, and the border between counties Galway and Mayo runs down its centre.


Kola Bay

Kola Bay or Murmansk Fjord is a 57-km-long fjord of the Barents Sea that cuts into the northern part of the Kola Peninsula. It is up to 7 km wide and has a depth of 200 to 300 metres. The Tuloma and Kola Rivers discharge into the bay. The eastern ...


Voryema Bay

Voryema Bay is a fjord on the northwestern coast of the Kola Peninsula, on the border between Murmansk Oblast and Norway. The Jakobselva river has its mouth in the bay.


Fjords of Severnaya Zemlya


Fjords of Scotland


Cambridge Gulf

Cambridge Gulf is a gulf on the north coast of Western Australia. Many rivers flow into the gulf including the Ord River, Pentecost River, Durack River, King River and the Forrest River, making the environment an estuarine one. The gulf experienc ...


Cambridge Gulf


Gulf St Vincent


Spencer Gulf


Gulfs of the Northwest Territories


Gulfs of Nunavut


Gulf of Morrosquillo

The Gulf of Morrosquillo is a gulf of the Caribbean Sea bounded by the Colombian Departments of Sucre and Cordoba. From West to East it runs approximately 80 kilometres from Boca de Tinajones, mouth of Sinu River, in Cordoba, to Punta San Bernard ...


Gulf of Castellammare

The gulf of Castellammare is a large and deep natural inlet going from Capo Rama and Capo San Vito near San Vito Lo Capo, in the province of Trapani. It is located on the western coast of Sicily and it faces the Tyrrhenian Sea.


Mosquito Gulf


Anabar Bay

Anabar Bay is a gulf in the Laptev Sea. Lat 74° 30 and long 113° 15. It stretches between the eastern cape off the mouth of the Anabar River and the Nordvik Peninsula. Nordvik Bay lies further west of it, beyond Cape Paksa at the tip of the penin ...

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