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Gail A. Bishop

Gail A. Bishop is an American professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Iowa and Director of the Center for Immunology & Immune-Based Diseases at the Carver College of Medicine.


Mary Edmonds

Mary P. Edmonds was a biochemist who made key discoveries regarding the processing of mRNA. She spent most of her career at the University of Pittsburgh. Edmonds was born May 7, 1922 in Racine, Wisconsin. She received a Bachelors degree from Milw ...


Cheryl Bartlett

Cheryl M. Bartlett is a Canadian biologist. She is a Professor Emerita of Biology and former Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Integrative Science at the Department of Biology at Cape Breton University.


Physicists from Anhui


Physicists from Fujian


Physicists from Gansu


Physicists from Guangdong


Physicists from Guangxi


Physicists from Hebei


Physicists from Heilongjiang


Physicists from Henan


Physicists from Hubei


Physicists from Hunan


Physicists from Jiangsu


Physicists from Jiangxi


Physicists from Jilin


Physicists from Liaoning


Physicists from Shaanxi


Physicists from Shandong


Physicists from Shanxi


Physicists from Sichuan


Physicists from Zhejiang


List of modern scientists from Zhejiang

Zhejiang Province is one of the smallest provinces in China but quite well known for its academic prosperity and scholars. The province has produced a large number of distinguished scientists. In ancient time, such as Wang Chong of Han Dynasty, S ...


Roger Mead

Roger Mead was an English statistician and Emeritus Professor of Applied Statistics at the University of Reading. He is known for his paper with John Nelder on the widely-used Nelder-Mead method and for his work on statistical methods for agricul ...


Goans in science and technology


M Jagadesh Kumar

Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar is an academician, administrator and author who is currently the Vice-Chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru University and a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Delhi. M Jagadesh Kumar took over as VC of ...


Indranil Manna


Holland 602 type submarine

The Holland 602 type submarine, also known as the H-class submarine, was one of the most numerous submarines of World War I. The type was designed by the Electric Boat Co. of the United States, but most of the boats were built abroad: in Canada b ...


American Holland-class submarines


British H-class submarines


CH-class submarines


United States H-class submarines


HMS Holland 6

Holland 6 was originally a Holland -class submarine. But Holland 6 had many improvements made to her, and she was classed as the first of a class of 13 boats called the British A-class submarine. See HMS A1 for details of her career in the Royal ...


K VIII-class submarine

The K VIII -class submarine was a three boat class of submarines of the Koninklijke Marine. The class varied from K V -class submarine due to the removal of two external torpedo tubes, which were removed to reduce the boats vulnerability to depth ...


U-1-class submarine (Austria-Hungary)

The U-1 class was a class of two submarines or U-boats built for and operated by the Austro-Hungarian Navy. The class comprised U-1 and U-2. The boats were built to an American design at the Pola Navy Yard after domestic design proposals failed t ...


U-5-class submarine (Austria-Hungary)

The U-5 class was a class of three submarines or U-boats that were operated by the Austro-Hungarian Navy before and during World War I. The class was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Navys efforts to competitively evaluate three foreign submarine d ...


Bond stretch isomer

In chemistry, bond stretch isomerism is a concept of isomerism based on variations of bond length. The concept was proposed in the 1970s but was refuted in the 1990s. The phenomenon was first invoked to explain the observation of blue and green i ...



Electromerism is a type of isomerism between a pair of molecules differing in the way electrons are distributed among the atoms and the connecting chemical bonds. In some literature electromerism is equated to valence tautomerism, a term usually ...


Structural isomer

A structural isomer, or constitutional isomer, is a type of isomer in which molecules with the same molecular formula have different bonding patterns and atomic organization, as opposed to stereoisomers, in which molecular bonds are always in the ...



Tautomers are structural isomers of chemical compounds that readily interconvert. This reaction commonly results in the relocation of a proton. Tautomerism is for example relevant to the behavior of amino acids and nucleic acids, two of the funda ...


Valence isomer

There are many valence isomers one can draw for the C 6 H 6 formula benzene. Some were originally proposed for benzene itself before the actual structure of benzene was known. Others were later synthesized in lab. Some have been observed to isome ...


Cold classical Kuiper belt objects



In astronomy, the plutinos are a dynamical group of trans-Neptunian objects that orbit in 2:3 mean-motion resonance with Neptune. This means that for every two orbits a plutino makes, Neptune orbits three times. The dwarf planet Pluto is the larg ...




Robert Service (naturalist)

Robert Service was born 23 May 1854 in Netherplace, near Mauchline, Ayrshire. His father was a gardener there. For a short time the family lived near Carlisle, and when Robert was at the age of three, his father settled in Dumfries and founded a ...


Helen Glaves

Helen Glaves is the Senior Data Scientist at the British Geological Survey. She serves as Editor for the American Geophysical Union Earth and Space Science journal and was awarded the European Geosciences Union Ian McHarg medal. Glaves will serve ...


Guillaume Besse (historian)

Guillaume Besse was a French historian. Little is known of his life. He was a native of Carcassonne. By 1635 he was a lawyer, but there is no mention of him later than 1668. According to Besse, in 1652 he received scrap of parchment from a preben ...


Roland C. McConnell

McConnell attended Riverside School in Elkin, West Virginia, Garnet-Patterson Middle School in Washington, and graduated from Dunbar High School in 1927. At Dunbar, he was classmates with historian Sadie I. Daniels and Dr. Robert C. Weaver. In 19 ...


Michael D. Gordin

Michael Dan Gordin is an American science historian and Slavist. Born in New Jersey, Gordin studied at Harvard University with a bachelors degree in 1996 and a doctorate in 2001. From 2003 he was at Princeton University, where he is now a profess ...


Jerrold Seigel

Jerrold Seigel is a prominent American historian. He is Professor Emeritus at New York University. He taught for twenty-five years at Princeton University. His book Modernity and Bourgeois Life: Society, Politics and Culture in England, France, a ...

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