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Union Refrigerator Transit Line

The Union Refrigerator Transit Line was a St. Louis, Missouri- and Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based private refrigerator car line established in 1895 by the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company. In 1929, the General American Tank Car Corporation acquired the ...


Georgiana (steamboat)

Georgiana was a propeller-driven steamboat that operated on the Columbia River from 1914 to 1940. Georgiana was built of wood, and specially designed for the Harkins Transportation Company, a steamboat line in which the wealthy Henry L. Pittock w ...


No Wonder (sternwheeler)

No Wonder was a stern-wheel driven steamboat that operated on the Willamette, Columbia and Cowlitz rivers from 1889 to 1930. No Wonder was originally built in 1877 as Wonder, which was dismantled in 1888, with components being shifted over to a n ...


National New York Central Railroad Museum

The National New York Central Railroad Museum is a railroad museum located in Elkhart, Indiana dedicated to the preservation of the New York Central Railroad. The museum includes several outdoor equipment displays, indoor model railroads, artifac ...


Foundry Square

Foundry Square is a complex of four architecturally-linked, 10-story mid-rise buildings located at Howard and First Streets near the Transbay Transit Center in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco, California. Each of the four buildi ...



LUMINA, also known as 201 Folsom Street, is a 655-unit residential condominium project in the Rincon Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. Developed by Tishman Speyer, it is located one block to the southwest of its sister project, The Infinity.


Mission Bay, San Francisco

Mission Bay is a 303-acre neighborhood on the east side of San Francisco, California. It is bordered by China Basin to the north, Dogpatch to the south, and San Francisco Bay to the east. Originally an industrial district, it underwent developmen ...


Park Tower at Transbay

Park Tower at Transbay is a 43-story, 605-foot office skyscraper under construction in San Francisco, California. The tower will be located on Block 5 of the San Francisco Transbay development plan at the corner of Beale and Howard Streets, near ...


Clarksdale Freight Depot


Great Northern Railway Passenger and Freight Depot and Division Office


Hartford & New Haven Railroad-Freight Depot

The Hartford & New Haven Railroad Freight Depot is a historic building at 40 Mechanic Street in downtown Windsor, Connecticut, across the street from the equally historic Hartford & New Haven Railroad Depot. Built about 1870, it is a well-preserv ...


Jacksonville, Pensacola and Mobile Railroad Company Freight Depot


Longworth Hall

Longworth Hall is a registered historic building in Cincinnati, Ohio, listed in the National Register on December 29, 1986. Constructed by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in 1904 as the B & O Freight Terminal, the building was reported to be the ...


Port Orange station

Port Orange Florida East Coast Railway Freight Depot is a historic Florida East Coast Railway passenger depot in Port Orange, Florida, United States. It is located at 415C Herbert Street, off U.S. 1. The depot was originally constructed in 1894 a ...


Railway freight houses on the National Register of Historic Places in Iowa


Railway freight houses on the National Register of Historic Places in New York (state)



CoolSPICE is a computer aided design tool for electronic circuit development. It is a version of the SPICE simulation tool with focuses on design and simulation for circuit operation at cryogenic temperatures, circuits operating with Wide-bandgap ...



CPU Sim is a software development environment for the simulation of simple computers. It was developed by Dale Skrien to help students understand computer architectures. With this application the user is able to simulate new or existing simple CP ...


NL5 Circuit Simulator

The first generation of NL "non-linear" analog simulator was developed in the late 1980s for different types of computers and operating systems. In early 1990s, NL migrated to MS-DOS and Windows based personal computers. For many years it was a p ...


PSIM Software

PSIM is an Electronic circuit simulation software package, designed specifically for use in power electronics and motor drive simulations but can be used to simulate any electronic circuit. Developed by Powersim, PSIM uses nodal analysis and the ...



SpectreRF is an option to the Spectre Circuit Simulator from Cadence Design Systems. It adds a series of analyses that are particularly useful for RF circuits to the basic capabilities of Spectre. SpectreRF was first released in 1996 and was nota ...


AnyKode Marilou

anyKode Marilou is a modeling and simulation environment for mobile robots, humanoids, articulated arms and parallels robots operating in real-world conditions that respect the laws of physics. This robotics suite is used in research centers as w ...


Topological router

In electronic design, wire routing, commonly called simply routing, is a step in the design of printed circuit boards and integrated circuits. It builds on a preceding step, called placement, which determines the location of each active element o ...




Clean-up router


Flood router


FreeStyle Router




Grid-based autorouter


Gridless router


Hightower router


Interactive router


Lee router


Maze router


Mikami-Tahuchi router


Mirror router


Pattern router


Push-and-shove router


Rip-up router


River router


Shape-based autorouter


Shape-based router


Shove-aside router


Topological router



TopoR is an EDA program developed and maintained by the Russian company Eremex. It is dedicated to laying out a printed circuit board. The current version is 6.3.17875 as of 2017-09-20. It features a powerful autorouter and a set of tools intende ...






Drosophila cardini species group

The Drosophila cardini species group belongs to the subgenus Drosophila of vinegar flies in the Immigrans-tripunctata radiation of the subgenus Drosophila. The closest relatives of Cardini species include Drosophila bizonata, Drosophila quinaria, ...


Drosophila elegans species subgroup

The Drosophila elegans species subgroup contains 3 species. The subgroup belongs to the Drosophila melanogaster species group within the subgenus Sophophora.


Drosophila melanogaster species group

The Drosophila melanogaster species group belongs to the subgenus Sophophora and contains 10 subgroups. The phylogeny in this species group is poorly known despite many studies covering many of the species subgroups. The most likely explanation i ...

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