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What My Mother Taught Me

What My Mother Taught Me is the debut EP by English singer-songwriter Laura White, who finished in eighth place on the fifth series of The X Factor in 2008. The four-track EP was released in the United Kingdom on 10 November 2013.


The B. Team


Blockheads (Arrested Development)


Borderline Personalities


Double Crossers (Arrested Development)


Flight of the Phoenix (Arrested Development)

Flight of the Phoenix is the fifty-fourth episode of the television comedy series Arrested Development and the first episode of the fourth season. The episode was originally released on May 26, 2013 and distributed by Netflix. It was written by t ...


Indian Takers


It Gets Better (Arrested Development)


A New Attitude


A New Start


Off the Hook (Arrested Development)


Queen B. (Arrested Development)


Red Hairing




Smashed (Arrested Development)


2014–15 Northern Ireland Football League

The 2014–15 Northern Ireland Football League was the second season of Northern Irelands national football league running independently as the Northern Ireland Football League, consisting of the top three levels of the national league system, name ...


2014–15 NIFL Championship

The 2014–15 NIFL Championship was the seventh season since its establishment after a major overhaul of the league system in Northern Ireland, and the second season that the league is being operated by the Northern Ireland Football League, which t ...


GFW Global Championship (2014–2017)


GFW Tag Team Championship (2014–2017)


GFW Womens Championship


Choerophryne gracilirostris

Choerophryne gracilirostris is a tiny, little-studied species of frog in the family Microhylidae. It is endemic to the rainforest of the Western and Southern Highlands provinces of Papua New Guinea. Choerophryne gracilirostris can be distinguishe ...


Eurycea subfluvicola

Eurycea subfluvicola, commonly known as the Ouachita streambed salamander, is a species of salamanders found within the Slunger creek valley in Lake Catherine State Park, Arkansas. The species is paedomorphic. The species scientific name derives ...


Indirana chiravasi

Indirana chiravasi is a species of frog endemic to the Western Ghats of India. It is only known from its type locality, the laterite plateaus by the hill-station of Amboli, Maharashtra. It was described in 2014 by a team of three scientists from ...


Lithobates kauffeldi


Agononida madagascerta


Agononida polycerta


Agononida tasmancerta


Agononida vanuacerta


Christmaplax mirabilis


Gecarcinus nobilii

Gecarcinus nobili is a species of land crab closely related to the halloween moon crab. It was described in 2014. It is from the Neotropical Pacific coast of northwestern South America.


Gramastacus lacus


Palaemon yuna


Acropoma profundum

Acropoma profundum, Solomons lanternbelly, is a species of ray-finned fish, a lanternbelly from the family Acropomatidae. It is found in the western South Pacific Ocean in waters near the Solomon Islands. The types were taken from depths of 1.169 ...


Akawaio penak


Arabibarbus hadhrami

Arabibarbus hadhrami is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Arabibarbus. The species is endemic to Yemen, where it is found in the Wadi Hadhramaut / Wadi al Masila drainage basin.


Black crinoid clingfish

Unguitrema nigrum, also known as the Black crinoid clingfish is a species of clingfish endemic to Papua New Guinea. This species occurs Madang Lagoon in Madang District, Madang Province, Papua New Guinea. This species is the only known member of ...


Brevibora exilis


Cedar sculpin

The Cedar sculpin is a small, large-headed species of cottid that is found in the Coeur dAlene and St. Joe rivers in northern Idaho, and in a stretch of the Clark Fork river in western Montana.


Galaxias arcanus

Galaxias arcanus, the riffle galaxias, is a galaxiid of the genus Galaxias, a member of the Mountain Galaxias species complex group of freshwater fish, found in Australia.


Galaxias ornatus

Galaxias ornatus, the ornate galaxias, is a galaxiid of the genus Galaxias, a member of the Mountain Galaxias species complex group of freshwater fish, found in Australia.


Garra khawbungi


Garra nethravathiensis


Garra tyao


Garra waensis


Golden systomus

The golden systomus is a species of cyprinid fish endemic to India. This species can reach a length of 15.2 centimetres SL. It is a gold colour and has pelvic and anal fins that are orange red.


Gymnoxenisthmus tigrellus

Gymnoxenisthmus tigrellus, is a species of family Xenisthmidae, regarded as a synonym of the Eleotridae. This species is endemic to Red Sea occurring near an unnamed island in Farasan Archipelago, Red Sea, Saudi Arabia where it is found on a narr ...


Julidochromis marksmithi

Julidochromis marksmithi is a species of cichlid from the tribe Lamprologini of the subfamily Pseudocrenilabrinae which is endemic to Lake Tanganyika where it occurs on the Tanzanian shore around Kiplipi in Nkasi District. The specific name of th ...


Lemon-striped pygmy hogfish

The lemon-striped pygmy hogfish is a species of ray-finned fish from the family Labridae, the wrasses. This species is found on reefs in the Coral Sea off the coast of Queensland and in French Polynesia.


Macrognathus fasciatus

Macrognathus fasciatus is a species of spiny eel found in the Manimala River and first described in 2014. Macrognathus fasciatus differs from its relative species by the presence of 28–30 dorsal spines, 26–27 vertical lateral lines on the body, 8 ...


Malabar black-backed barb

The Malabar black-backed barb is a species of fish in the family Cyprinidae in the Puntius genus. The species has been discovered in 2012, named and described by Prof. Dr. Mathews Plamoottil, Head of the Department of Zoology, Baby John Memorial ...

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