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Active missile boats of Croatia


Active missile boats of Egypt


Active missile boats of Greece


Active missile boats of Iran


Active missile boats of Israel


Active missile boats of Mexico


Active missile boats of Russia


Active missile boats of Sri Lanka


Active missile boats of Ukraine


Active patrol vessels of Argentina


Active patrol vessels of Brazil


Active patrol vessels of Colombia


Active patrol vessels of Denmark


Active patrol vessels of the Dominican Republic


Active patrol vessels of Germany


Active patrol vessels of Greece


Active patrol vessels of Iceland


Active patrol vessels of Indonesia


Active patrol vessels of Lithuania


Active patrol vessels of Malaysia


Active patrol vessels of Mexico


Active patrol vessels of Myanmar


Active patrol vessels of New Zealand


Active patrol vessels of Norway


Active patrol vessels of Oman


Active patrol vessels of Peru


Active patrol vessels of the Philippines


Active patrol vessels of Sweden


Active patrol vessels of the United Arab Emirates


Active patrol vessels of the United Kingdom


Active patrol vessels of the United States


Besat-class submarine

The Besat class submarine previously known as Qaaem, Qaem, or Ghaaem is an Iranian designed class of submarines currently under construction. On 25 August 2008, Iranian defence minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar announced Iran had started building ...


Ghadir-class submarine

Ghadir is a class of midget submarines built by Iran specifically for cruising within the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf. It has a surface displacement estimated at about 115 long tons. The Ghadir class is probably better described as a coast ...


Nahang-class submarine

Being one of Irans largest defense expenditures, the Nahang submarine is Irans second attempt at designing and manufacturing submarines. According to Iranian news footage from the IRINN, the Nahang 1 has at least been in service since March 2006 ...


Dolphin-class submarine

The Dolphin class is a diesel-electric submarine developed and constructed by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG in Kiel, Germany, for the Israeli Navy. The first boats of the class were based on the export-only German 209-class submarines, but modi ...


Harushio-class submarine

The Harushio class is a diesel-electric submarine class operated by the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force. The design is an evolution from the Yūshio class being slightly larger and with better noise reduction. Asashio, has been modified to te ...


Oyashio-class submarine

The Oyashio class is a series of Japanese diesel-electric attack submarines operated by the JMSDF. The submarines entered service in the late 1990s. The submarines are larger than the earlier Harushio class, to provide space for a flank sonar array.


Sōryū-class submarine

The Sōryū -class submarines are diesel-electric attack submarines. The first boat in the class entered service with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force in 2009. The design is an evolution of the Oyashio -class submarine, from which it can most ...


Ula-class submarine

The Ula class is a Norwegian submarine type which was assembled in Germany in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The class, consisting of six vessels, is currently the only submarine type in service with the Royal Norwegian Navy.


Priz-class deep-submergence rescue vehicles


RSS Centurion


Heroine-class submarine

The Heroine class are a variant of the Type 209 diesel-electric attack submarine developed by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft of Germany, currently in service with the South African Navy.


USS Minnesota (SSN-783)

USS Minnesota is a nuclear powered fast attack submarine, the 10th of the planned 48-boat Virginia -class. She is the third United States Navy vessel to bear the name and the second of two named for the state, while the other was named for the Mi ...


LCVP (Australia)

Since 1993, the Royal Australian Navy has operated four Australian-designed and built Landing Craft, Vehicle and Personnel from the landing ship, heavy ex-HMAS Tobruk, replenishment oiler HMAS Success and LSD HMAS Choules. These aluminum craft we ...


INS Charag (K97)


INS Pratap (K92)


INS Vijeta (K84)


Fast attack craft of the Indonesian Navy


Handalan-class missile boat

The Handalan -class vessels are domestically modified Spica-M fast attack craft, a heavier variant of the Swedish Spica II class. Built by Kalskrona Varvet and ordered in 1976, this class replaced the Perkasa-class squadron on a 1:1 basis, includ ...


Jerung-class gunboat

The Jerung -class gunboat is a class of gunboats in service with the Royal Malaysian Navy. This class is based on the same design as the Intrepida -class fast attack craft in service with Argentine Navy, the Lurssen FPB/TNC-45 fast attack craft a ...

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