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Dorymyrmex steigeri


Elliptera astigmatica


Erioptera distincta


Eustictus venatorius


Exechia cincinnata


Forelius albiventris


Forelius grandis


Forelius nigriventris


Formica argentea


Haematopota rara


Hoplocorypha boviformis


Hoplocorypha perplexa


Lejops willingii


Leptomantispa pulchella


Leuronotina ritensis


Malloewia abdominalis


Megachile africanibia


Megachile aurantipennis


Megachile battorensis


Megachile cetera


Megachile cincturata


Megachile fuscitarsis


Megachile guineae


Megachile habropodoides


Megachile hoffmanseggiae


Megachile holmbergi


Megachile huascari


Megachile karooensis


Megachile meadewaldoi


Megachile melancholica


Megachile microsoma


Megachile mutala


Megachile obscurior


Megachile permunda


Megachile philinca


Megachile tosticauda


Megachile virescens


Megachile zexmeniae


Melanoliarus placitus


Miarotagmata penetrata


Myrmecocystus yuma

Myrmecocystus yuma is a species of ant native to the southwestern United States and a small part of Northern Mexico. This species, like most in the genus of Myrmecocystus, create worker repletes.


Mystacides alafimbriatus


Nemotelus bonnarius


Nomia lyonsiae


Oeciacus vicarius

Oeciacus vicarius, known generally as the American swallow bug or cliff swallow bug, is a species of bed bug in the family Cimicidae. It is found in North America. The bug is a blood-feeding ectoparasite of the colonially nesting American cliff s ...


Oscinisoma alienum


Paraproba capitata


Paraproba hamata


Paratettix curtipennis

Paratettix curtipennis is a species of groundhopper which belongs to the subfamily Tetriginae and tribe Tetrigini. Its distribution includes: India, southern China, including Tawan, Indo-China and peninsular Malaysia; no subspecies are listed in ...


Phytocoris vanduzeei

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