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Dorymyrmex wolffhuegeli


Dot-winged baskettail

The dot-winged baskettail is a dragonfly of the family Corduliidae. Their flight season extends from January to July, slightly later than the other baskettails. The easiest specimens to identify are those with the characteristic spots on the hind ...


Drunella cornuta


Drunella lata


Drunella tuberculata


Efferia inflata


Epeorus fragilis


Eremochrysa canadensis


Eremochrysa pallida


Gerris buenoi


Glossosoma nigrior


Hylaeus calvus


Ischnomyia spinosa


Keltonia tuckeri


Lasioglossum nigroviride


Lasioglossum semisculptum

Lasioglossum semisculptum, also known as the Lasioglossum semisculptum, is a species of bee in the genus Lasioglossum, of the family Halictidae.


Lygus rugulipennis

This common and widespread species is present in most of Europe and in the Nearctic ecozone. These bugs mainly occur in gardens and in areas with abundant vegetation.


Machiloides banksi


Maoripsocus africanus


Megachile abluta


Megachile abongana


Megachile alborufa


Megachile armipygata


Megachile bougainvillei


Megachile bullata


Megachile caldwelli


Megachile conradsi


Megachile dinura


Megachile disjunctiformis


Megachile fimbriventris


Megachile finschi


Megachile gigantea


Megachile godeffroyi


Megachile hertlei


Megachile igniscopata


Megachile janthopteriana


Megachile katonana


Megachile ladacensis


Megachile lorentzi


Megachile luteiceps


Megachile malimbana


Megachile manguna


Megachile marina


Megachile mastrucatella


Megachile mendanae


Megachile minutula


Megachile montibia


Megachile muansae


Megachile pamirensis


Megachile piurensis

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