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Neortholomus koreshanus


Oedopa ascriptiva


Orchelimum pulchellum


Osmia botitena


Philonicus fuscatus


Phytocoris antennalis

Phytocoris antennalis is a species in the family Miridae, in the order Hemiptera. It is found in North America.


Phytocoris fenestratus


Phytocoris infuscatus


Pisonopsis birkmanni


Pissonotus nitens


Pissonotus quadripustulatus


Plagiognathus moerens


Polystepha globosa


Porpomiris curtulus


Proctacanthella cacopiloga


Pycnoderes dilatatus


Rhamphomyia bipila


Sphecodes biroi


Sphecodes johnsonii


Stichopogon abdominalis


Stichopogon fragilis


Symphylus caribbeanus


Systropus arizonicus


Tachina tricolor


Taedia deletica


Tarachodes taboranus


Tarachodes usambaricus


Tephritis subpura


Tetyra antillarum

Tetyra antillarum is a species of shield-backed bug in the family Scutelleridae. It is found in the Caribbean Sea, Central America, and North America.


Tipula silvestra


Townsendia nigra


Tropidosteptes amoenus

These six subspecies belong to the species Tropidosteptes amoenus: Tropidosteptes amoenus plagiatus Reuter, 1909 Tropidosteptes amoenus Reuter, 1909 Tropidosteptes amoenus signatus Reuter, 1909 Tropidosteptes amoenus scutellaris Reuter, 1909 Trop ...


Usingerella simplex


Zeridoneus costalis


Beetles described in 1909


Butterflies described in 1909


Moths described in 1909


Ankole African mole-rat

The Ankole mole-rat or Ankole African mole-rat is a species of rodents in the family Spalacidae found in Angola and Uganda. Its natural habitats are moist savanna and arable land. Some taxonomic authorities consider it to be conspecific with the ...


Rudds African mole-rat

Rudds mole-rat is a species of rodents in the family Spalacidae. It is found in Kenya and Uganda. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forest, subtropical or tropical moist montane forest, subtropical or tropical high-al ...


Acanthochitona thileniusi

Acanthochitona thileniusi is a very rare species of chiton in the family Acanthochitonidae. The only specimens have been found in Tauranga Harbour in New Zealand.


Ischnochiton granulifer


Maorichiton schauinslandi


Plaxiphora tricolor

This species was first described by Thiele in 1909 from Sri Lanka. The same species has been collected in southern Kerala, India in 2013. This species is commonly found intertidally.


Gastropods described in 1909


Steinhauss worm snake



As of June 2019 it contains ten species, found only in New Zealand and Australia: Adoxotoma nigroolivacea Simon, 1909 type – Australia Western Australia Adoxotoma bargo Zabka, 2001 – Australia New South Wales Adoxotoma nodosa L. Koch, 1879 – Aust ...


Agelena funerea

Agelena funerea is a species of spider in the family Agelenidae, which contains 1146 species of funnel-web spiders. It was first described by Simon, in 1909. It is primarily found in East Africa.


Agyneta serrata


Amaurobius borealis


Antistea brunnea

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