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Timia reitteri


Trichocorixa macroceps


Trichopoda subdivisa


Tropidosteptes commissuralis


Tropidosteptes palmeri


Uranotaenia bicolor

Uranotaenia bicolor is a species of mosquito belonging to the genus Uranotaenia. It is found in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines and Vietnam.


Uranotaenia campestris

Uranotaenia campestris is a species of mosquito belonging to the genus Uranotaenia. It is found in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Timor, and Vietnam.


Uranotaenia nivipleura

Uranotaenia nivipleura is a species of zoophilic mosquito belonging to the genus Uranotaenia. It is found in India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Australia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.


Xanthomelanodes californicus


Beetles described in 1908


Butterflies described in 1908


Moths described in 1908


Sardinian lynx

The Sardinian lynx with the scientific name Lynx sardiniae was proposed by the Italian biologist Pasquale Mola in 1908 for two zoological specimens of a cat from Nuoro in Sardinia that were part of the zoological collection of the University of S ...


Chiroteuthis imperator


Notoplax cuneata


Notoplax mariae


Gastropods described in 1908


Boiga quincunciata


Malayodracon robinsonii


Agyneta birulai


Agyneta brusnewi



Aliatypus is a genus of North American folding trapdoor spiders first described by C. P. Smith in 1908. They resemble members of Ctenizidae in morphology and behavior, but this is due to convergent evolution rather than direct relation. They are ...


Alopecosa mariae


Aptostichus stanfordianus

Aptostichus stanfordianus, the Stanford Hills trapdoor spider, is a species of wafer-lid trapdoor spider endemic to California in the United States.


Diblemma donisthorpei

Diblemma donisthorpei is the only species in the spider genus Diblemma. It is a member of the family Oonopidae. The species is found in the Seychelles and has been introduced in Britain.


Euryopis formosa


Euryopis texana



Frontella is a monotypic genus of Asian dwarf spiders containing the single species, Frontella pallida. It was first described by Wladyslaw Kulczynski in 1908, and has only been found in Russia.



As of June 2019 it contains ten species, found only in Asia and Europe: Hoplopholcus labyrinthi Kulczynski, 1903 – Greece Crete Hoplopholcus minous Senglet, 1971 – Greece Crete Hoplopholcus figulus Brignoli, 1971 – Greece Hoplopholcus trakyaensis ...


Laetesia egregia


Laetesia mollita


Lessertia (spider)

Lessertia is a genus of dwarf spiders that was first described by F. P. Smith in 1908. As of May 2019 it contains only two species, both found in Algeria, Canada, Morocco, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey: L. barbara and L. dentichelis.



As of April 2019 it contains five species: Monodontium malkini Raven, 2008 – New Guinea Monodontium sarawak Raven, 2008 – Borneo Monodontium bukittimah Raven, 2008 – Singapore Monodontium tetrathela Kulczynski, 1908 – New Guinea Monodontium mutab ...


Nanometa gentilis


Philodromus punctiger



Proislandiana is a monotypic genus of sheet weavers containing the single species, Proislandiana pallida. It was first described by A. V. Tanasevitch in 1985, and has only been found in Europe, Russia, and Siberia.


Savignia erythrocephala


Theridion attritum

Theridion attritum is a spider from Western Australia. While it was formerly placed in the families Araneidae and Theridiosomatidae in 1967 it was found to belong to the family Theridiidae, and indeed to the genus Theridion. While all members of ...



As of June 2019 it contains twenty-three species, found in Queensland, South Australia, the Northern Territory, and Western Australia: Trichocyclus arawari Huber, 2001 – Australia Western Australia Trichocyclus kurara Huber, 2001 – Australia West ...


Zodarion reticulatum


Geddes Plan (Tel Aviv)

The Geddes Plan for Tel Aviv was the first master plan for the city of Tel Aviv. It was created by the Scottish town planner Patrick Geddes between the years 1925–1929.


Old Jaffa


Pearl River Wildcats baseball coaches


Praslinia cooperi


Littorophiloscia richardsonae


Palaemon litoreus


Tylos punctatus


Chrysiptera rex

Chrysiptera rex is a species of damselfish known by the common name king demoiselle. It is native to the eastern Indian Ocean and western Pacific, where it lives around reefs. It grows up to 7 centimeters long. It is of commercial importance in t ...


Cynomacrurus piriei

Cynomacrurus piriei, the dogtooth grenadier, is a species of rattail that occurs in the southern oceans, mostly south of the Antarctic Convergence. This fish is found at depths of from 500 to 3.800 metres. This species grows to a length of 50 cen ...


Gasteropelecus levis

The silver hatchetfish is a member of the genus Gasteropelecus in the family Gasteropelecidae. It is a relatively small fish that is often kept in aquariums. It is compressed laterally, with black and gold lines running along its side.

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