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Twin piston-engined tractor aircraft


Twin-turboprop tractor aircraft


Avro 619 Five


Avro 624 Six


Bach Air Yacht

The Bach Air Yacht was a trimotor airliner produced in the United States in the 1920s. Typical of its day, it was a high-wing braced monoplane, with fixed tailwheel undercarriage. Unusual for airliners of the late 1920s, the Air Yachts were const ...


Caudron C.81


Couzinet 27


Couzinet 101


Couzinet 103


Curtiss NC-1


Dewoitine D.333


Dewoitine D.620


Ford 14-AT


Ford XB-906


Martin P2M


Navarro Chief

The Chief is a conventional landing gear-equipped, strut-braced, high wing aircraft. The wings are upturned. The elevators are hinged at angles in an attempt at developing a spin-resistant aircraft. The ailerons and elevators were interlinked for ...


Northrop N-23 Pioneer


Stinson Model T


Stinson Model U


Handley Page Herald


Linke-Hofmann R.II

The Linke-Hofmann R.I had disappointing performance and handling, as well as structural weakness with both prototypes crashing. Linke-Hofmann took a radically different approach for their second Riesenflugzeug, the Linke-Hofmann R.II. The R.II wa ...



A convertiplane is defined by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale as an aircraft which uses rotor power for vertical takeoff and landing and converts to fixed-wing lift in normal flight. In the US it is further classified as a sub-type of ...


Tiltwing aircraft


Lift fan


Lift jet


Platz glider

The Platz glider was a very simple, though unusual, collapsible canard glider designed and tested in Germany in the early 1920s. The Platz glider predated the well known Rogallo designs by over two decades. But in the same decade of the 1920s was ...


Faradair Aerospace BEHA

The BEHA is a proposed tri-engine forward staggered triplane with a cross-box tail and interconnected winglets. Two main landing gear are mounted in tandem with wingtip outrigger gear. BEHA is an acronym for Bio-Electric-Hybrid-Aircraft. A single ...


Annular-wing aircraft


Boeing 2707-300


Castel-Mauboussin CM.7

The Castel-Mauboussin CM.7 was a high performance sailplane built in France in 1948 and used to establish a large number of altitude and duration records into the early 1950s. Conceived of by designer Robert Castello at his home in 1942, it was n ...



The CAT 28BP was an Italian development of the licence built Dittmar Condor II into a high performance tandem two seat glider. Built in 1938, it anticipated the post-war, two seat Dittmar Condor IV and held the Italian national distance record fo ...


Delanne 20-T

Though sometimes described as a tourer and at others, incorrectly, as a fighter aircraft, the chief purpose of the Delanne 20-T was to explore the characteristics of the tandem wing Arsenal-Delanne 10, which was a fighter, larger than the 20-T an ...


Laville DI-4

Laville DI-4 was a prototype two-seat fighter aircraft developed in the Soviet Union in the 1930s. The chief designer Henri Laville was one of several French aviation specialists invited to work in the Soviet Union and not surprisingly the DI-4 l ...


Ross RS-1 Zanonia

The Ross RS-1 Zanonia is a single seat, gull-winged glider that was designed and built in 1937 by Harland Ross for actor Harvey Stephens. The design has been highly successful and the aircraft won several competitions, as well as setting many rec ...


Spalinger S.15

The Spalinger S.15 is a Swiss, single-seat training glider first flown in 1930. There were several variants, of which only the 1934 S.15K was serially produced. One restored example remains active in 2019.


Teichfuss Borea

The Teichfuss Borea or LT.35 Borea was an Italian high performance glider designed by Luigi Teichfuss. It was completed by 1943 but never flew and the sole example was destroyed during the German occupation of Italy.


Teichfuss Supergrifo

The Supergrifo design began as an attempt to improve upon the Grifo but evolved into a much higher performance aircraft. The two models shared the same fuselage apart from the introduction of an enclosed cockpit but its wing was entirely new and ...


Teichfuss Turbine

On one of his regular visits to German glider builders, Teichfuss watched the construction of high performance aircraft like Hans Jacobs DFS Reiher. The Turbine design, begun in 1938, was a high performance machine which showed Jakobs influence b ...


Inverted gull-wing aircraft


Etrich VII

Data from General characteristics Wingspan: 14.6 m 47 ft 11 in Length: 11.3 m 37 ft 1 in Crew: 1 Powerplant: 1 × Austro-Daimler 6 "V", 89 kW 120 hp Wing area: 35 m 2 380 sq ft


Wing position








NPO Molniya Molniya-1

The Molniya-1 six-seat aircraft is a three surface design with a forward balanced canard surface and a square section fuselage with a Vedeneyev M14P nine cylinder radial engine in the rear. Twin booms carry fins with balanced and trim tabbed rudd ...


Schmeidler SN.2

The Schmeidler SN.2 was a low power, single seat aircraft designed in Germany in the 1930s to test the ability of trailing edge wing extensions to lower minimum flight speeds without a high speed drag penalty.


Variable-incidence-wing aircraft


Variable-sweep-wing aircraft



Shavetail was an experimental American rocket developed during the 1950s. Used to evaluate the rapidly developing technology of rocketry, eleven Shavetail rockets were fired during 1959.


Lockheed X-17

The Lockheed X-17 was a three-stage solid-fuel research rocket to test the effects of high mach atmospheric reentry. The first stage of the X-17 carried the rocket to a height of 17 miles before burning out. The rocket would then coast on momentu ...

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