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Xysticus fervidus


1954 Colorado gubernatorial election

The 1954 Colorado gubernatorial election was held on November 2, 1954. Democratic nominee Edwin C. Johnson defeated Republican nominee Donald G. Brotzman with 53.56% of the vote.


1954 North Dakota gubernatorial election

The 1954 North Dakota gubernatorial election was held on November 2, 1954. Incumbent Republican Norman Brunsdale defeated Democratic nominee Cornelius Bymers with 64.21% of the vote.


Santa Maria goldcrest

The Santa Maria goldcrest, regulus sanctaemariae, Estrelinha-de-poupa in Portuguese, is a very small passerine bird in the kinglet family. It is endemic to Santa Maria Island in the Azores archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean where it is a non ...


Platyarthrus aiasensis

Platyarthrus aiasensis is a species of woodlouse in the family Platyarthridae. It is found in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe & Northern Asia, North America, and temperate Asia.


Callechelys leucoptera

Callechelys leucoptera is an eel in the family Ophichthidae. It was described by Jean Cadenat in 1954. It is a tropical, marine eel which is known from the eastern Atlantic Ocean, including Senegal to Cote dIvoire. It is known to dwell at a depth ...


Gymnothorax serratidens


Helcogramma ishigakiensis

Helcogramma ishigakiensis is a species of triplefin which is endemic to the Ryukyu Islands of southern Japan. It was described by Aoyagi in 1954 as Lepidoblennius marmoratus ishigakiensis. It was synonymised with Helcogramma inclinata by Ronald F ...


Naso fageni

Naso fageni is a tropical fish found in the west Pacific and Indian Oceans. It is known commonly as the horseface unicornfish or the horseface unicorn. It is of value in commercial fisheries.


Pseudanthias evansi

Pseudanthias evansi, also called the Yellowback Anthias, is a salt water fish. It is a tropical fish found in the Indian Ocean. It is sometimes used as an aquarium fish.


Rhynchocypris dementjevi


Salmo abanticus

The Abant trout, is a salmonid fish native to Lake Abant in northern Anatolia. It was initially described as a subspecies of the brown trout Salmo trutta, but later considered a full species. On the basis of crossing experiments and mtDNA sequenc ...


Sandy ridgefin eel

The Sandy ridgefin eel is an eel in the family Ophichthidae. It was described by James Erwin Bohlke and John Carmon Briggs in 1954. It is a marine, tropical eel which is known from the eastern central Pacific Ocean, including Mexico and Panama. I ...


Threadtail conger

The threadtail conger is an eel in the family Congridae. It was described by Isaac Ginsburg in 1954. It is a marine, subtropical eel which is known from the eastern and western Atlantic Ocean, including the Gulf of Guinea, the Gulf of Mexico and ...


Acrida willemsei

Acrida willemsei is an Asian species of grasshopper in the subfamily Acridinae. The recorded distribution of this species includes southern China, Taiwan, Indo-China, India and Malesia. It was first described in 1954.


Agallidwipa pauliana


Allomethus rotundicornis


Anthidium bischoffi


Anthomyia oculifera


Aonidomytilus crookiae

Aonidomytilus crookiae is a species of scale insect in the family Diaspididae which are often referred to as "armored scale insects." It is commonly known as "St. Johns Wort Scale." Originally named Nelaspis crookiae by Gordon Floyd Ferris in 195 ...


Apiocera mexicana


Baetis alius


Camponotus quercicola

Camponotus quercicola is a species of ant in the family Formicidae that is endemic to California and commonly nests in oak trees, as they usually inhabit oak forests.


Colletes longifacies

Colletes longifacies, the long-faced cellophane bee, is a species of hymenopteran in the family Colletidae. It is found in North America. The species is one of five from the family Colletidae that are endemic to the state of Florida. The species ...


Colobaea americana


Culoptila aluca


Culoptila amberia


Culoptila rusia


Culoptila saltena


Desmona bethula


Dictya atlantica


Dysmicohermes ingens


Elipsocus annulatus


Eremiaphila pierrei


Hoplocorypha hamulifera


Hoplocorypha wittei


Hylaeus panamensis


Lepidostoma reosum


Linnaemya rossica


Macrotera echinocacti


Macrotera portalis

Macrotera portalis is a species of communal, ground nesting, partially bivoltine bees found in arid grasslands and desert regions of North America. An oligolectic bee, M. portalis gathers pollen only from plants in the genus Sphaeralcea and has p ...


Megachile cestifera


Minitingis minusculus


Nycteribia kolenatii


Periscelis occidentalis


Phytomyza persicae


Pintomyia nuneztovari

Pintomyia nuneztovari is a phlebotomous sand fly in the subgenus Pifanomyia native to South America. It was named by the entomologist who first described the species in the scientific literature, Venezuelan entomologist Ignacio Ortiz, to honor th ...


Prosenoides assimilis


Protagophleps masoala


Protochauliodes aridus

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