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Ambrysus circumcinctus


Amegilla cingulifera


Amegilla subinsularis


Amnestus pallidus


Anthidium chubuti


Anthidium cuzcoense


Anthidium garleppi


Anthidium nigerrimum


Anthidium peruvianum


Anthidium philorum


Bothriomyrmex syrius

Bothriomyrmex syrius is a species of ant in the genus Bothriomyrmex. Described by Forel in 1910, the species is endemic to Greece, Israel, Lebanon and Montenegro.


Camponotus dumetorum


Camponotus modoc

Carpenter ants will damage homes by nesting in them. They will dig out tunnels in wood to expand their living spaces and can lead to structural damage. The infestation in the home usually is a satellite colony, with the main one within a hundred ...


Camponotus prostans


Castolus ferox


Cerobasis canariensis


Conioscinella elegans


Crematogaster censor


Crophius schwarzi


Culex bicornutus

Culex bicornutus is a species of zoophilic mosquito belonging to the genus Culex. It is found in India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Culex jenseni

Culex jenseni is a species of mosquito in the genus Culex. It is endemic to Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. C. jenseni is placed in the subgenus Lophoceraomyia. In its larval stage, C. jenseni develops in the pitchers of Nepenthes species, especially N. ...


Dasineura parthenocissi


Dictyssa obliqua


Drosophila silvestris

Drosophila silvestris is a large species of fly in the family Drosophilidae that are primarily black with yellow spots. As a rare species of fruit fly endemic to Hawaii, the fly often experiences reproductive isolation. Despite barriers in nature ...


Drymus crassus


Ectecephala laticornis


Empis kuntzei


Epeorus pleuralis


Euschistus latimarginatus


Formica montana

Formica montana is an ant in the genus Formica in the family Formicidae. A common name for F. montana is "prairie mound ant".


Fucellia costalis


Henicopsaltria kelsalli

Henicopsaltria kelsalli, commonly known as the Cape York grinder, is a large species of cicada native to the Cape York Peninsula in northeastern Australia.


Heptagenia marginalis


Hilara galactoptera


Homalictus blackburni

Homalictus blackburni is an Australian species of sweat bee found in moist coastal regions of Queensland and the Northern Territory. Like most halictid bees they nest underground where they provision their larvae with pollen. Homalictus blackburn ...


Irbisia solani


Iridomyrmex sanguineus


Laphria champlainii


Leptoglossus clypealis

Leptoglossus clypealis, the western leaf-footed bug, is a species of leaf-footed bug in the family Coreidae. It is found in Central America and North America. In the 1980s, Hasan Bolkan discovered that the leaf-footed bug was a cause of lesions o ...


Lucilia pilosiventris


Maccaffertium modestum


Macrodiplosis castaneae


Megachile aculeata


Megachile adelaidae


Megachile asuncicola


Megachile attenuata


Megachile bernardinensis


Megachile biloba


Megachile catulus


Megachile chrysopogon

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