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ZX Spectrum Contended Memory

Some of the ZX Spectrums 64 KB addressable memory space is referred to as contended memory. With the rest of the memory, the Z80 microprocessor is the exclusive bus master, so it reads and writes operate at its full bus speed but contended memory ...


ZX Spectrum graphic modes

The ZX Spectrum is generally considered to have limited graphical capabilities in comparison to some other home computers of the same era such as the Commodore 64, largely due to its lack of a dedicated graphics chip. Nevertheless, throughout its ...



The +D was a floppy disk and printer interface for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computer, developed as a successor to Miles Gordon Technologys earlier product, the DISCiPLE. It was designed to be smaller, cheaper, simpler and thus more reliable. ...



ToBoS-FP is a floating point compiler for the Sinclair BASIC on ZX Spectrum. The name stands for To run, Jerzy Bo rkowski, Wojciech S kaba, F loating P oint. The compiler was released in Poland in 1986. Source code compilation enables substantial ...



Videoface Digitiser is a video digitiser interface for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computer. It was produced by Data-Skip from The Netherlands and later on by Romantic Robot UK Ltd from UK in 1987. It was originally sold for GBP 69, but the pri ...


IBM 1800 Data Acquisition and Control System

The IBM 1800 Data Acquisition and Control System was a process control variant of the IBM 1130 with two extra instructions, extra I/O capabilities, selector channel like cycle-stealing capability and three hardware index registers. IBM announced ...


IBM 8100

See also: IBM 8000 series, canceled in 1961 The IBM 8100 Information System, announced Oct. 3, 1978, was at one time IBM’s principal distributed processing engine, providing local processing capability under two incompatible operating systems and ...


IBM System/3

The IBM System/3 was an IBM midrange computer introduced in 1969, and marketed until 1985. It was produced by IBM Rochester in Minnesota as a low-end business computer aimed at smaller organizations that still used IBM 1400 series computers or un ...


IBM System/3X

IBM System/3X was a line of general business midrange computers that were developed and marketed by IBM beginning in 1975. The AS/400, a successor system that was introduced in 1988, was based on a combination of the System/36 and System/38 compu ...


IBM System/32

The IBM System/32 introduced in January 1975 was a low-end business computer with builtin display screen, disk drives, printer, and database report software. It was used primarily by small to midsize businesses for accounting applications. RPG II ...


IBM System/36

The IBM System/36 was a small computer system marketed by IBM from 1983 to 2000 - a multi-user, multi-tasking successor to the System/34. Like the System/34 and the older System/32, the System/36 was primarily programmed in the RPG II language. O ...




ICL 2903 series


ICL 2903


ICL 2904


ICL 2905




System Ten


System 25



The ND-500 was a 32-bit superminicomputer delivered in 1981 by Norsk Data. It relied on a ND-100 to do housekeeping tasks and run the OS, SINTRAN III. A configuration could feature up to four ND-500 CPUs in a shared-memory configuration.



Nord-5 was Norsk Datas first 32-bit minicomputer, and is believed to be the first 32-bit minicomputer. The machine used a Nord-1 as its front-end console processor, which ran the majority of the OS.



Nord-10 was a medium-sized general-purpose 16-bit minicomputer designed for multilingual time-sharing applications and for real-time multi-program systems, produced by Norsk Data. It was introduced in 1973. The later follow up model, Nord-10/S, i ...



The Nord-100 was a 16-bit minicomputer series made by Norsk Data, introduced in 1979. It shipped with the Sintran III operating system, and the architecture was based on, and backwards compatible with, the Nord-10 line. The Nord-100 was originall ...



The PDP-11/73 was the third generation of the PDP-11 series of 16-bit minicomputers produced by Digital Equipment Corporation to use LSI processors. Introduced in 1983, this system used the DEC J-11 chip set and the Q-Bus, with a clock speed of 1 ...




Quartz Compositor

Quartz Compositor is the display server in macOS. It is responsible for presenting and maintaining rasterized, rendered graphics from the rest of the Core Graphics framework and other renderers in the Quartz technologies family.





CompleteFTP began as edtFTPD, which was released in 2004. It was a repackaged version of ProFTPD Cygwin version with a graphical front-end running on the.NET Framework. In November 2007, the name was changed to CompleteFTP version 0.5 and the bac ...


CrushFTP Server

CrushFTP is a proprietary multi-protocol, multi-platform file transfer server originally developed in 1999. CrushFTP is shareware with a tiered pricing model. It is targeted at home users on up to enterprise users.



glFTPd is a freely available FTP server which runs on Unix, Linux, and BSD operating systems. It has number of features, like logins restricted by a particular set of IP addresses, transfer quotas per-user and per-group basis, and user/groups not ...



NcFTPd is the FTP server written by NcFTP Software Inc. Unlike the client application from the same company, NcFTP, NcFTPd is distributed under a proprietary license. Having been released in 1991 with continuing releases through 2012, it is one o ...


Robo-FTP Server

Robo-FTP Server is a commercial FTP Server originally released in 2002 that runs on x86-based computers running Windows. Robo-FTP Server supports serving files to clients running Windows, Linux, Mac OS X as well as others. Remote users can intera ...


Sysax Multi Server

Sysax Multi Server is a Secure FTP Server and a SSH2 Secure Shell Server for the Windows operating system. Web browser-based secure HTTPS file transfers and Telnet access is also supported. The software is certified for Windows Vista, and tested ...


Compaq SystemPro

The SystemPro from Compaq, released in November 1989, was arguably the first true PC based server. It supported Intels 486 chip, a 32-bit bus, RAID disk and dual-processor support well before its main rivals.



The ES7000 is Unisyss x86/Windows, Linux and Solaris-based server product line. The "ES7000" brand has been used since 1999, although variants and models within the family support various processor and bus architectures. The server is marketed an ...


Integrated Facility for Linux

The Integrated Facility for Linux is an IBM mainframe and Power Systems processor dedicated to running the Linux operating system. On IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE machines, IFLs can be used with or without hypervisors such as z/VM and KVM. IFLs are one ...


Enterprise Search


IBM server computers


Ultra-dense servers



Serviio is a freeware media server designed to let users stream music, video or image files to DLNA compliant televisions, game consoles, Blu-ray players, games console and Android or Windows Mobile devices on a home network.



Younity is a mobile application that enables users to remotely access all their personal digital media files on their computer from their mobile devices. The application can be used from any Internet-enabled device, including desktops, laptops sm ...


FTP client



Clound mounter is an application for macOS developed by Eltima Software, released on July 12, 2016. It has both standalone and Mac App Store editions, with several technical differences between the two.



FlashFXP is a proprietary FTP client with a simple Windows-based GUI. FlashFXP supports both client-to-server and server-to-server transfers, in addition to SCP/SFTP.


FTP Voyager

FTP Voyager is an FTP/FTPS/SFTP client for Microsoft Windows with support for the following features: Native 64-bit system support Use of multiple file transfer threads Automatic name conversion during transfers "Live" file editing Directory sync ...


Secure FTP (software)

Secure FTP is a Java-based FTP client developed by Glub Tech. Some of its features include: FTPS, bookmarks, compression, proxy and firewall support, multiple connections, chmod, drag-and-drop, command-line scripting, and localization for 8 langu ...


Sysax FTP Automation

Sysax FTP Automation is a Secure file transfer automation program for the Windows operating system. It consists of a script generation wizard, script editor and debugger, and a task scheduler. It also contains a secure command line FTP Client pro ...



WISE-FTP is an FTP client for Microsoft Windows that is developed and distributed by the German company AceBIT, located in Darmstadt. Apart from using the normal FTP protocol, Wise-FTP supports the SSH and FTPS protocols, as well as the SSL and T ...



WinSock File Transfer Protocol, or WS_FTP, is a secure file transfer software package produced by Ipswitch, Inc. Ipswitch is a Massachusetts-based software producer established in 1991 that focuses on networking and file sharing. WS_FTP consists ...


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