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DBAG Class 230 - 234, 241


DBAG Class 362


DBAG Class 363


DBAG Class 403


DBAG Class 406


DBAG Class 426


DBAG Class 642


DBAG Class 650


DBAG Class 760


DBAG Class 152


DBAG Class 210.4


DBAG Class 215


DBAG Class 215.9


DBAG Class 216


DBAG Class 217


DBAG Class 218


DBAG Class 226


DBAG Class 230


DBAG Class 231


DBAG Class 232


DBAG Class 234


DBAG Class 241


DBAG Class 242


DBAG Class 290


DBAG Class 294


DBAG Class 333


DBAG Class 335


DB V 160 family

The DB V 160 locomotive family comprises several classes of closely related 4-axle diesel-hydraulic locomotives built in the 1960s and 1970s for the Deutsche Bundesbahn which take the family name from the earliest built model: the DB Class V 160. ...


DB Class 74.0-3


DB Class 150


DB Class 260


DB Class 261


DB Class 265


DB Class 360


DB Class 361


DB Class 401


DB Class 601


DB Class 602


DB Class 628

The following description is primarily related to the Class 628.4, and is largely valid for the other variants as well Each coach rests on two twin-axle bogies. Only the bogie at the close-coupled end of the coach is driven. Power transmission fr ...


DB Class 724

The Class 724 operated by the German national railway, Deutsche Bundesbahn, was a railway department vehicle used for testing Indusi installations. Only three examples of this class existed.


DB Class 218.9


DB Class 311


DB Class 331


DB Class 332


DB Class 333


DB Class 335


DB Class V 50


DB Class V 51


DB Class V 52



A Kleinlokomotive or Kleinlok is a German locomotive of small size and low power for light shunting duties at railway stations and on industrial railways. Most are powered by diesel engines, but Kleinloks with steam, petrol, or electric engines w ...

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