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Governors of Huambo


Governors of Huila


Governors of Luanda


Governors of Malanje


Moxico (municipality)

Moxico is a municipality in Moxico Province, Angola. Its seat is in the city of Luena. The municipality occupies 38.999 square kilometres and has about 177.000 inhabitants. It is bordered to the north by the municipalities of Caocolo, Dala, Caman ...


Governors of Moxico


Governors of Namibe


Governors of Uige


Governors of Zaire


Avellaneda Partido

Avellaneda is a partido in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. It has an area of 55.17 km² and a population of 663.953 in 2001. Its administrative seat is the city of Avellaneda. The partido is located in the Greater Buenos Aires urban area, separa ...


Hipolito Yrigoyen Partido

Hipolito Yrigoyen Partido is a county in Buenos Aires Province, it is located near the centre of the province in central Argentina at coordinates 36°17′S 61°43′W. The provincial subdivision has a population of 8.819 inhabitants in an area of 1.66 ...


Adolfo Alsina Partido


Almirante Brown Partido


Avellaneda Partido


Bahia Blanca Partido


Berazategui Partido


Berisso Partido


Campana Partido


Coronel Suarez Partido


Escobar Partido


Esteban Echeverria Partido


Ezeiza Partido


Florencio Varela Partido


General Pueyrredon Partido


General Rodriguez Partido


General San Martin Partido


Hurlingham Partido


Jose C. Paz Partido


Junin Partido


La Matanza Partido


La Plata Partido


Lanus Partido


Lomas de Zamora Partido


Malvinas Argentinas Partido


Marcos Paz Partido


Mercedes Partido


Merlo Partido


Moreno Partido


Moron Partido


Pilar Partido


Presidente Peron Partido


Quilmes Partido


Salto Partido


San Fernando Partido


San Isidro Partido


San Miguel Partido


San Nicolas Partido


San Vicente Partido


Tandil Partido


Tigre Partido

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